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  1. Bit access in Words in CX-Programmer using structured text

    Make your variable an IN/OUT variable.  You can make it a bit array then. The FB above should do the same thing that my sample program above did.  
  2. Socket UDP Send not working

    You need to set up the entire _sSocket variable prior to executing the SktUDPCreate function block.  Notice in the very first post in this thread where the initial value of the Socket variable is set.  
  3. Can you use internal plc bits in function blocks?

    Yes, you can assign the AT (Address Translation, I think) field: When creating the variable: After creating: Then just use Minutes_Seconds in your code.  Of course you may need to strip out minutes and seconds using the MOVD command for it to be useful.
  4. Bit access in Words in CX-Programmer using structured text

    Make bit arrays: The structured text above will make W2.00 be equal to W0.05. Of course if you go over 15, the bits roll into the next word as all addresses are 16 bits starting with bit 0.  For instance Input_Bit_Array[16] is pointing to W1.00.
  5. Crack the Password of Omron PLC

    Omron will crack a password for you if you have the company that is trying to crack the password sign a letter saying that they own the rights to the program inside.  They will not help someone illegally bypass a password.
  6. CP1L-E communication with ethernet / ip slave

    That is correct.  It cannot be an EtherNet/IP slave with the built in Ethernet on the CP1L-E.
  7. CP1L-E communication with ethernet / ip slave

    I can confirm IO_Rack's answer:  No.  It does not support EtherNet/IP.  
  8. Auto online connection failure

    You said you were using a standard 9 pin cable.  Omron does not use a standard 9-pin cable.   If instead you are using the CS1W-CIF31 and the CS1W-CN226, this will work fine with the peripheral port.  Dip sw 4 set to off means the peripheral port will use the default settings for it, which is toolbus, 9600.  Try setting your communications up manually for your project.  Choose the proper serial port, then set toolbus as the option, then set 115,200 baud as the speed and check the Baud Rate Auto Detect option (this will use any baud rate lower than what you set (115,200)).  
  9. Auto online connection failure

    PC  PLC 2 - 2 3 - 3 5 - 9 Jump 4 to 5 on PLC side and Jump 4 to 6 and 7 to 8 on PC side.
  10. cp2e PIDAT

    You did not move all of your settings into the D550 area.  For instance, you move a value into D504, but never move it to D554.  Basically, you need to change your XFER instruction from moving 3 words from D500 to D550 to moving &11 words from D500 to D550.   You set everything up and then did not move it into the area used for the PIDAT instruction.   Also, it is recommended to put zeros in the scratch pad area.  D511 - D540 in your case.  Use a first scan flag to a BSET instruction. Instruction:   BSET #0 D511 D540  
  11. cp2e PIDAT

    There are several posts on this topic,.  Did you read this post that has being going the last few days? https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/38865-tank-level-program-from-pm/
  12. NT-Support Tool V4.8

    Ok, Link is above. Go download it.
  13. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

    Read this:  https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/25148-cj2m-ethernet-ip-error-f3/#comment-121115  
  14. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

    This is correct.  All 3 devices will have a different last octet.  Also, there are settings for node numbers on the HMIs in the software.  Make the node numbers for the HMIs match the last octet as well.  Software node settings for HMIs and rotary hex dial settings for PLC network card.
  15. Auto online connection failure

    Did you purchase the cable from Omron or make it?  It is not a standard 9 pin cable.