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  1. Recipes using NB HMI + CP1

    @LD_M I fixed the link.
  2. TXD & RXD with CQM1H SCB41 W/232 ASCII

    @Tamara - please post your question in only one place.  Thank you.
  3. Axis Synchronization (Rotary and Linear )

    What you are proposing sounds like linear interpolation to me.  You do have to have the 1040 or 1140 to do interpolation as well.  To do interpolation, you need to create an Axes Group.  Then you can issue the MC_MoveLinear Function Block.   However, gearing would work as well.  You don't have to have a virtual axis to do that if you don't want to do so.  You can just figure out how fast you want one of the axes to move, call it the "master" axis and then gear the other to it.  Standard command to the master.  The gear ratio then becomes important though.  In your example if the linear axis is the master, the gear ratio would be 12/1 (360/30).  I would recommend that you use _mcCommand as the Reference type or _mcLatestCommand (if the master has a lower axis number than the geared axis).  

    The value in Modulo was definitely your issue.

    What do you have for the Modulo setting in the Position Count Settings for the Axis?  It should be set to Maximum: 360.0, Minimum 0.0.  Make sure that it is not set to 359 or something for the maximum.    
  6. OMRON CJ1W-CT021

    The Special I/O Units (Blue letters on part number on front of the card).The memory areas for the modules cannot overlap.  Typically each special I/O module takes the space of one unit number.  However, the CT021 uses 4 slots. If you have a unit #0 CT021 module, it uses the space reserved for unit #0 - 3 and the next module should be at unit #4 and would then use the space reserved for units 4-7.
  7. PIDAT in Sysmac Studio

    It does indeed work in simulation.  I agree start with a non-zero Prop band.  I would start with I and D = 0.  
  8. CQM1H-CPU61 password recovery / Plc Backup Tools V6.0

    We are not allowed to assist you with breaking a password on this site. Omron should be able to bypass it for you if you can prove to them that your customer owns the rights to the program.  Otherwise you will need to contact the company that owns the rights and see if they can provide the password.
  9. CX- Integrator and Network Configurator

    No, it is not a combination.  As you mentioned, it is for Profibus as well as IO Link.  It does show EtherNet/IP, but that is only to get to the IO Link modules that convert from EtherNet/IP to IO Link.
  10. PIDAT in Sysmac Studio

    I know the PID instruction did not work in Simulation in CX-Programmer.  I am not sure if it works in Simulation in Sysmac Studio.  I have not yet found the answer.  I can try it out myself later.
  11. Tunning by Ladder

    There is a function block in the 1S library.  You can get the 1S Library by logging in here:   http://www.ia.omron.com/product/tool/sysmac-library/   Then add the library to your project.  There is a sample program in the link above as well.
  12. CX- Integrator and Network Configurator

    They are not interchangeable.  CX-Integrator is for configuring Omron networks and setting FINS routing tables.  Network Configurator is for setting up DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP.  There is a little overlap when it comes to DeviceNet, but I think that is the extent of the overlap.
  13. Hello

    I am a beginner in FINS TCP communication and I am trying to do a FINS TCP communication between an omron PLC CP1L-E in client mode to communicate with my PC that is in server mode, I am using the SocketTest v3.0.0 software that is in listening mode and still was unable to receive any information from the CLP, can you help me? Thanks for reading





    server (2).bmp



    tcp socket_vms.cxp

  14. firstscan sysmac studio

    P_First_Run contact.
  15. firstscan sysmac studio

    P_First_Run contact.