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  1. Upload problem at the HMI project OMRON NB

    Dear Roman... Its happen becoz of Fonts in the first developing of machine is diffrent from the current softeware...
  2. Cp1h starting problem

    hi azad... Hope that you are using one HMI... Is it omron or any other third part? which communication  you bare establishing for plc to hmi....?   these are very neceesary qns for ans ?
  3. Dea guys... what is the reason behind to Charging cables having the stud in the end of the cable... what is the type of protection is this? is it surge fuse ?/ or something else.... plese chech the image   Thanks in advance ...
  4. Ethernet

    Hello Mr.adwo... You can communicate both of mentioned plc by using Omron Ethernet FINS Protocol. It is inbulits omron protocol... its very simple for omron model PLCS Set the IP address in the column of setting portions.. and dont forget put the fins ID As 0 for master PLC CP1H,And also set the home group IP addressfor the slave plc also....for slave FINS id is 1.. THATS ALL, Now you can Use SEND And Receive commands to Read write the PLC values via Ethernet..   for REFERENCE ,PLEASE VISIT THE MANUAL.......   HAVE A GOOD DAY......... cp1w-eip61_manual.pdf