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  1. Relative Move NX1P2 and 1SN drive

    1. Wouldn't you just setup the ratio as seen in the screenshot? The axis is setup with no "gearing / ratio"... From looking at how you have the axis Unit Conversion Set you are using the gear box. I would not do this if you just want to use pulses. The way you have it set in the project using the gear box your command of  12780522 would actually give 85,768,631,274,700.8 pulses. Pay attention to their formulas there in the setup it tells you what each number is doing and how to calculate how many pulses were generated.   2. I don't have experience with the NA screens. But using Weintek with NX PLC I am doing that conversion all the time. Maybe I am missing something, would be good to know if so...
  2. Another ladder logic question

    I would use a normally closed contact of the Start_motor put ahead of the Motor_Off function...?
  3. What about the GetMyTaskStatus instruction be helpful for what you are trying to do? See the snip
  4. Have any of you run into the Non-volatile Memory Life Exceeded? I have two times now an NX102-9020. Each time we were not able to clear the error so we ended up replacing the PLC. I can connect to it with Sysmac Studio. But it does not seem to run with this fault even though it claims to be in run mode.
  5. NX102 Data logging

    Have you thought about writing your data to the SD card in .csv files and then emailing the file. I can post the Email function block if you want. I am using this method and it works very well!!
  6. Cpu position in rack ?

    In my experience power supply first then CPU then all your other cards. Like I thought the connectors on the rack are different for the CPU and power supply slots as opposed to the rest. But then again its been awhile since I have done a CS1.
  7. NSJ-Holding Bit from HMI on after power cycle

    I am sorry. I am not very familiar with the NSJ and when I saw it in the Sysmac thread I just assumed that it was a NJ/NX.
  8. Input inhibit

    Hi would this solution work for you?
  9. Not real experienced with PMCR I have used it like one time. In CX-Protocol there is an option to configure number of retries. You could play with that. Have tried setting your Peripheral Service time to a value some where in the mid range?
  10. you are absolutely correct it will increase cycle-time overall if it needs those extra ms to process communication on the port.
  11. The other thing you could do is increase the "Peripheral Service" time on the CJ2. This is the setting that allocates the MAX amount of time given to service the communications. Default is 10% of scan time. On some of my projects when I have problems with screens not refreshing variables from a PLC in a timely manner by setting this up I can increase performance.  
  12. Trace Function?

    Yes thats right use your "address reference tool" to see where all it is used. And from there away you need to understand the program well enough to know what code actually will affect that output. My understanding of the "Trace" you referenced(at least for Omron) is a troubleshooting tool to track all the different values that a variable has contained. For example if they are changing so fast you can't see them real time by watching it in the program.  
  13. When will I use CIO and Work bits?

    That is correct D area bits are accessible on the CJ2 CPU's. W area is good for all tasks that don't need to retain their values through a power outage. In that way it is really the same as CIO. I like using them for momentary touch switches(user input) on a touch screen.  
  14. I have a customer that wants me to take over a machine. It is a Omron CP1L-M. Another company wrote the program. I can connect to the PLC but cannot upload the program. It says the UM is password protected. I have not been able to get access to the password. Do any of you know of a way to crack the code or have any other tricks? Like is the password stored in DM that I could go look at it(not a high chance would be a security breach)?
  15. If you are using a CJ2M or greater check out "Indirection". It would look like this 100.00[D100] so if D100=0 then you will be looking at CIO 100.00 if D100=1 then you will be looking at CIO 100.01. If you want a way that works on other PLCs and has even more capacity check out the IR and DR using the MOVR instruction. See the manual I attached. Using IR and DR for Indirect Addressing JH 071703.pdf