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  1. Upload the safety program?

    Does the OP know to uncheck the transfer slave terminal operation settings box during synchronization? I recall not getting the safety PLC program/settings if I don't uncheck this.

    Warnings don't prevent you from compiling and running your program. As much as I want to fix all the warnings in my programs, I can never do it because Omron says SET and RESET for one bit is also a duplicate output.
  3. IO Table

    This is one of the computers out on the plant floor. For this reason, I don't have any access to it for applying auto updates (or even registering it). I have to track my own licenses in case IT does an audit. Incredibly frustrating. For now I am going to give up and use the DM areas to see what settings are made and what I have to change.
  4. IO Table

    Windows 10 Enterprise (10.0.17763) on the computer.  CX-Programmer is version 9.70. CX-Server is version 5.0.
  5. IO Table

    I tried it. Changed to Program mode and selected Create. The outcome is still the same.  Still says I have to install CPS files. 
  6. IO Table

    I will have to go try. Should I say Yes or No for Initialise CPU Bus settings?
  7. IO Table

    I am having a problem with an existing PLC. The type is CJ2H-CPU66-EIP. Whenever I click on the IO Table and Unit Setup, I get this pop-up dialog box telling me to install the CPS file for the PLC. I can open the IO table but something is not right. The built-in EIP port isn't showing and the serial card at slot 00 doesn't show the settings when I click on it. It only asks me which unit type it is. This seems to have started when we added a serial communication card to slot 00. This was done around August 2021 but we haven't had to use the needed ports until now. The problem is we can't set the parameters using the IO table. How did it get like this and how do I fix it?  
  8. I talked to some other guys in our plant and we have one machine with three NA HMIs and one soft-NA connected. So there are 4(?) HMIs connected to one controller. So far I heard there hasn't been any problems with this setup. My guess is that this issue is more application specific then. 
  9. One of the posts in the last thread mentioned that Omron stated that only two HMIs should be connected to one controller. Is this still a problem? Or Omron was just making this up? I have a project coming up that would require three NA HMIs. This would be good to know if it's going to be a problem.
  10. Here's the Siemens link: https://cert-portal.siemens.com/productcert/html/ssa-568427.html
  11. So we got this notice from our IT group this morning regarding an issue with a malicious program execution vulnerability with Omron (and Siemens) PLCs. https://www.ia.omron.com/product/vulnerability/index.html I read the notice and it basically recommends updating the controller firmware for the PLC. Is this something that we can do ourselves or do we need Omron to do it?
  12. There is a column in the Task Settings tab that is titled 'Detailed Execution Conditions'. Any idea what this column is used for and how to use it? The Omron NJ/NX-series CPU Unit Software User’s Manual (W501) doesn't show this. Section 4-2-3 explains all the other items but doesn't have a description. Has this always been here and I just never noticed it? Or is this something new that came as a result of a version update?
  13. NX-ECC203 vs. NX-ECC202

    Thanks for the feedback. This is our first Sysmac application so at the time we were quite sure how to assign tasks, etc. Our vendor just ended up putting all the programs into the primary task. This is one big dial table with 16 substations working independently. Like I mentioned previously, our corporate overlords told us to use a NX7 when a NJ would have worked fine at the time (2018 or so). Previously we used the CJ2H-CPU66 units and our typical scan time for an entire machine was around 10ms. When we went to the NX7 and say execution times around 500 us, we were quite speechless. We never went back to adjust the primary task assignment. It looked like the NX7 can run the space station all by itself without issues. It's always good to have a place like this forum to keep my sanity. I will let the vendor know that we should be able to use the ECC202 coupler without issues. The incoming machine is a copy of the existing dial table. Thanks.
  14. NX-ECC203 vs. NX-ECC202

    So we are forced by our corporate overlords to use the NX7 PLC. Another story for another time. I checked our current NX7 PLC set task period and it's set to 1ms. I checked our task execution time monitor and the minimum is at 275 us. Does this mean that we will never scan/execute faster than 275 us? Meaning that the ECC202 will be fine and the ECC203 at 125 us is overkill?
  15. What is the difference between the NX-ECC203 and the NX-ECC202 couplers? The one major difference is the 'Task period prioritized refreshing'. What is this and why should I care?  Omron is saying there is no way to get any ECC203 couplers before the end of the year but there is a chance to get some ECC202's.