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  1. Test Mode

    It doesn't look like I can share the program. Unfortunately. I tried uploading a fresh project and then downloading it again to the HMI. Still no luck. Also tried different PC and laptop and still no luck. Really not sure anymore.
  2. NX safety slice alternatives

    We have only been using FSoE for our 1S drives. It has been this way since we first started with Sysmac Studio and NX PLCs. So probably since around 2018 or so. Every machine that has come into the plant has been this way. No more hard wiring for safety.
  3. NX7 PLC Fatal Error

    I would think the battery should be good. This is a new PLC that has only been in use for over a year or so. The vendor came back to the plant to do some additional retrofit work and clean up over the weekend while production was down. I really don't think anything abnormal happened during this time. They have been doing this on/off for some time (last couple of months).  Also not quite sure what exactly is battery backed up memory other than the date, time, and retained memory variables. There isn't anything really on this machine that is different than others in our plant. Just a dial table with a bunch of 1S servo axes, 2 or three SCARA robots, and a couple of ABB 6-axis robots. It's really a mystery. Omron hasn't responded as of yet but it's only been a few days. For now we swapped out the PLC with one that we have as a spare. So far nothing bad has happened yet. Of course management wants to know what exactly happened but we really don't have an answer. Lost production for like 1.5 days.
  4. We have had two fatal PLC errors in the last two days. Both times nobody was interacting with the PLC and the machine was idle. First instance: Machine was left in an E-Stop state. Work was being done over the weekend and the guys didn't want anyone attempting to run the machine. Arrived the next morning and was able to connect to the PLC Not 3 minutes after connecting, all safeties were dropped and we lost connection to the PLC PLC Error LED was solid red, signifying MAJOR FAULT Upon power cycle, we were able to connect to PLC to see Major PLC fault code (100A0000 hex). This means 'Data not saved to battery backup memory'. Upon viewing data on plc, we noted none of our RETAINED variables were present ALL RECIPE INFORMATION WAS LOST (Servo positions, camera job ID’s, etc.) The only way to clear the fault was to download the existing offline program to the PLC and performing a power cycle All retained data had to be restored from backups and some had to be typed in manually. Some servo positions had to be retaught. Overall it took a day of work. Second instance: Another fatal error. This time error code 40030000 hex. This means 'PLC system processing error'. Nobody was working online with the PLC.  Not sure if anyone has had these happen before? So far we have swapped out the PLC with our spare unit. Also trying to get some feedback from Omron to find out what happened. They have stated that they need to reach out to Japan to get more details. Overall a terrible experience. The PLC is a NX701-1620 with version 1.21. The Sysmac Studio version we are using is version 1.45.
  5. NX safety slice alternatives

    In this case it will not work for us. Unfortunately. We have machines with 16 - 20 axes. Any other suggestions? This supply chain issue is really making life difficult. 
  6. NX safety slice alternatives

    We also have 1S series servos. Can the NX-SL5xx handle these with Safety over EtherCAT as well? I think the only way to do both is to couple the NX-SL5xx with the NX102 PLC. In this case you are limited to 8 servo axes. Is this right?
  7. The lead times are extremely long for NX series safety slices. Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative? We can get the NX safety PLC but not enough slices. Are there third party external safety I/O boxes that will work with Sysmac Studio and the NX safety PLC?
  8. Test Mode

    I will have to see if I can share the program.
  9. Test Mode

    I already restarted the PC a few times. The other weird part is that this is the only project file that it's happening to. We have three HMI's on this machine and the other two HMIs and projects are working OK.  I also tried it on my own laptop and it's the same issue. Can't use Test Mode for this one project and HMI.  I actually don't even know what CX-Server is supposed to do. Never had an issue with it before.
  10. Test Mode

    Trying to connect to the PLC. Is this what you mean?  
  11. Reading this thread again. What's the reason to use the Beckhoff coupler instead of the Omron ECC coupler? Is this a supply issue? or cost issue? Just curious.
  12. Test Mode

    For some reason I am not able to use Test Mode for one of my HMI projects. It's giving me this CX-Server error. Does anyone know why this is? It's only on one of my projects. Other ones seem to work without issues.  
  13. Was this changed recently? I remember we had to use Sysmac Gateway for PC communications because the NX7 that we ended up using couldn't use FINS. This was back in 2017 or so.
  14. I don't think NX PLC can work with FINS. Only the NJ PLCs can talk FINS. We found this out when switching over from CJ2 PLCs and had to rewrite some PC software.
  15. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Is this a fix with the latest update? Version 1.49?