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  1. sequences programming in ladder

    I used the same layout as described by panic mode. I typically space out the step numbers into groups by 100's and each minor step by 10. Normally this leaves enough room to insert new intermediate steps if necessary. I have also made sub-sequences that the main sequence can call and wait to finish. This can also give some room to add steps and break up the main sequence into smaller sequences to make the code more manageable. 
  2. Our IT department is on their annual crack down on administrator access and 'unauthorized' software. This year they are demanding to know why I need to run my laptop with administrator access. Besides the Simulator, what other functions will I not be able to use without administrator access? 
  3. I am trying to create a group of data displays to show the contents of an array. The variable is from the NX PLC and the the array is defined as Short(99). In my Create Duplicate Objects window, this variable doesn't show up. I did exactly the same with a local variable inside the NA page only and it worked as expected. Does this feature only work for internal NA variables?