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  1. NX102-9000

    My understanding for the NX102-9000 controller is that it can't control servo axes. The controller description says 0 axes but my machine builder is telling me otherwise. I would think the -9000 suffix would indicate something inherently different from the other -1000 series units. What am I missing? I am not sure what it means for number of 'controlled' axes and number of 'used real' axes from the manual.
  2. I had a weird problem with their EtherCAT expansion card on a XG-X vision controller. It would cut off downstream communications when trying to connect using a daisy chain configuration. The only way we got it to work was to put the XG-X with the EtherCAT card at the end of the chain.
  3. NA5 HMI Popup

    Is there a system variable from the HMI that lets me know if a popup is active?
  4. Safety PLC Upload

    I will have to try using the USB option later. I ran out of time and had to leave. The machine is being powered down for shipping and will arrive at our plant in two weeks.  I will try connecting again when the machine arrives. Thanks to all for the help and suggestions. I will give an update in two weeks or so.
  5. Safety PLC Upload

    I unchecked the boxes in the Synchronization dialog box. It tells me there isn't any data to transfer.   I also tried the same with the boxes unchecked for transfer from controller. It then gives me the safety PLC dialog box. I say 'OK" but it then tells me there's a network communication error.
  6. I have a NX-SL3500 safety PLC attached to a NX-ECC203 coupler. How do I upload the safety program from this unit? It says the upload failed but doesn't say why. I attached some screenshots.
  7. NX_SerialBufClear Error

    No, I haven't. I didn't know this function exists.
  8. I am getting an '0C0B' error on the NX_SerialBufClear instruction once every few weeks. I don't know what is causing this and also don't know how to clear it. The serial port is connected to a Zebra handheld barcode scanner and it's used by the operator to scan incoming boxes for traceability. 99% of the time this instruction works and nothing happens. When I get this error, they are no longer able to scan the boxes. The only way I have been able to clear the error is to do a soft restart on the card. I go to the configuration and setup for the bus coupler in Sysmac Studio. Look for the serial card, right click on it and then select restart.
  9. Sometimes I get this dialog box to reflect default values during synchronization. What are default values and why do I get this dialog box? 
  10. Upload the safety program?

    Does the OP know to uncheck the transfer slave terminal operation settings box during synchronization? I recall not getting the safety PLC program/settings if I don't uncheck this.

    Warnings don't prevent you from compiling and running your program. As much as I want to fix all the warnings in my programs, I can never do it because Omron says SET and RESET for one bit is also a duplicate output.
  12. IO Table

    This is one of the computers out on the plant floor. For this reason, I don't have any access to it for applying auto updates (or even registering it). I have to track my own licenses in case IT does an audit. Incredibly frustrating. For now I am going to give up and use the DM areas to see what settings are made and what I have to change.
  13. IO Table

    Windows 10 Enterprise (10.0.17763) on the computer.  CX-Programmer is version 9.70. CX-Server is version 5.0.
  14. IO Table

    I tried it. Changed to Program mode and selected Create. The outcome is still the same.  Still says I have to install CPS files. 
  15. IO Table

    I will have to go try. Should I say Yes or No for Initialise CPU Bus settings?