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  1. Applicom PCI board

    Dears, I've Industrial computer containing  applicom PCI Board 32K  which connecting to S7-300 PLC. The hard disk of the computer has fault and then I replaced it with a new one and then restored the system image of drive (C) to the new one correctly but the applicom PCI Board has lost the communication with the PLC !.. I've executed the applicom application restore correctly but when I try to initialize it, its failed to initialize !.. The attached images are showing the details.. Help me please to resume the communication with PLC !.. Waiting for kind help !...
  2. Programming cable

    Dear friends,I need to build a programming cable for HMI micro panel type (MICRO INNOVATION AG) , the user guide for the panel is showing the programming port (RS232)from the panel side but does not shows the opposite side of the cable(PC side)!..Please, can you deduce the both sides configuration from the attached image?..Help me please...
  3. HMI panel

    Hello friends,I've a MICRO INNOVATION AG HMI panel model:Micro panel which its nameplate is attached.Please, I need the cable configuration to connect to PC and its loader software to download a fresh application copy ..Help me plz...
  4. Hello friend, I'm facing a problem with a servo drives controlled by s7-300 PLC and aSIPRO SIAX 300 panel.. I need to know the meaning the pin assignment of the panel side which controlling the servo drives. The attached image showing the pin symbols(FA1,FB1,Z,.......)  and I need to help me to understand these symbols to try to test it !.. Waiting for kind help
  5. Sipro SIAX 300c cnc panel

    Hello Friends, I've a faulty Sipro Siax300c panel, its software has broken and need to reinstall it . Please advice me to the loader program and cable configuration  to reinstall a fresh copy of the application software . Help me Plz..  
  6. RS flip flop

    Dear Dekor, Thank you very much for kind interest, of course your reply will increase my expert because its a new idea for me. But also, i need to learn how to make RS f.flop to be flashing !.. Thank you..
  7. RS flip flop

    Dear friends, I want to get a flashing output from  S7-200 PLC , I've design a simple ladder to do this but the output doesn't flashing yet!.. The attached image is showing the RS f.flop i designed which doesn't flashing !. Please advice me to make this circuit flashing !.. Waiting for kind help !...
  8. NT11S omrom panel

    Dear Friends, Finally my omron panel communicated with the PC according to your's advice  and now it is functioning successfully. Thank you for kind interest and help.  
  9. NT11S omrom panel

    Dears, This is the rear of the panel, I'm asking if there is a certain setting to the SW2 DIP switch  which might support the INSTALL MODE ?. Also, I don't know the setting of the PC serial port (COM1) which is compatible with panel's port setting!.. Help me please... Thank you
  10. NT11S omrom panel

    Because the panel is new and empty , hence I need to download it with the operating system  to run on  the machine !...Thank you    
  11. NT11S omrom panel

    Dear friends, Thank you for kind replies.. I need to login to the panel configuration and see its serial port setting  to set the (RS232)port of the PC according it .  I've try the method shown in the attachment to login but the panel does not login yet and it says only (INSTALL MODE 1.3)! .. Help me please to login to the system menu..                                                                                 Thank you
  12. NT11S omrom panel

    Thank you very much dear Michael.. But I've a two cable configurations, the 1'st which you post and the 2nd which i got from the machine manufacturer and typed in my post in this page.. Please advice me which one  should I depend?.. Note: I'm using (NT Series Support tool) software.. Thank you
  13. NT11S omrom panel

    Dear Michael, I've made your cable configuration , but the problem remained the same !.. help me plz !..
  14. NT11S omrom panel

    Dear Mr. Michael, Thank you for kind reply. I'd like to tell you that I've got a cable pinout  from the manufacturer of the machine as shown in the attachment which is  differ to that you typed as shown in the attachment !.. Any way, I'll make your cable pinout and tell you the result...                                                       Thank you
  15. NT11S omrom panel

    Hello,  I've a new empty  NT11S  omron HMI panel , i'm trying to download a system program to it via windows xp but when i choose  download option from NT series support tool loader, an error message appear says:(Communication error!....Framing Error) as shown in the attachment. Help me please