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  1. NJ with VB NJCompolet issure

    Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 will have this error. Tested with 2019 it is working
  2. I try to use sysmac gateway and I have issue with the vb code when trying to use the NJcompolet. It say that the CIPCoreWin32.dll could not be found.  
  3. NJ501 SCU32/42 Modbus RTU

    Any function block for using NJ with SCU card for modbus rtu ?
  4. Hi, I would like to know how can I change screen using PLC program for the HMIST6400.
  5. CP2E Modbus TCP Server

    Hi I'm using the omron function block modbus tcp server, I have this error of 220F. I'm think got anyway by using program I can reset the socket I use for the modbus tcp or reset the ethernet port.
  6. CP2E Modbus RTU Slave

    Hi, I would like to know CP2E have any modbus rtu slave function block. CP2E with add on CP1W-CIF12
  7. Can NB HMI do 1:N ?

    Hi I would like to check if I'm able to do 1:N for NB-HMI This is NT HMI, Just thinking if we are able to do the same for NB HMI
  8. NA HMI in Historical Mode

    will need the historical mode for the alarm raised. did the color same as the background but it will have a line spacing.
  9. NA HMI in Historical Mode

    Hi I also did try this. and got the same error so I just use back his code
  10. NA HMI in Historical Mode

      Hi, I got this error, i not sure what i did wrong.  
  11. Hi, would like to know anyway for me to only show in alarm historical only when alarm is trigger and not when alarm is clear? Attached is the picture, the highlighted in yellow in not needed.