Ethernet Communication Between CS1G and RedLion Graphite HMI

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I am attempting to establish ethernet communication between a CS1G PLC with CS1W-ETN21 card and a RedLion Graphite HMI.  I have effortlessly established communication with various other PLCs and Graphite HMIs in the past, but the CS1G is kicking my butt. 

Attached are 5 pictures showing what I have. 

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could take a look and give me a hand getting this to work.

Thank you.






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Change the source unit in the G3 to be 0. Try that, it it doesn’t work you will most likely need a routing table in the PLC


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I agree with @lostcontrol.  You always want the source and destination unit numbers to be set to 0 for this type of communication.  The unit number would only be used if you were trying to communicate directly to a network card or other unit.  Unit # set to 0 is referring to communicating to the CPU, which is the desired result.

One other note with regards to the routing table:

If there is another network card in the PLC, it will have to have a routing table.  A routing table just assigns network numbers to each network. So, Ethernet could be net 1 and some other card could be net 2.

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