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  1. PC send data to PLC

    First of all, the reception completed flag is A392.06.  Secondly, post a picture of the settings for the comm port.  Or just go ahead and post your project (.cxp file).
  2. CQM1 and CQM1H

    I would think that would be fine.  You will be limited to memory areas only available in the CQM1 PLC however.  
  3. CQM1 and CQM1H

    The CQM1H is an upgraded version of the CQM1, faster, more memory, etc.  However, both are obsolete.  There is a detailed explanation of the differences in section 1-5 of this manual: http://www.edata.omron.com.au/eData/PLCs/CQM/W363-E1-07.pdf  
  4. OPC Server for CJ1M-CPU23

    What do you see in the list?
  5. CX-programer Math function

    Do the ST FB, this is y=x6:
  6. UDTs from a Library Project

    Or start them all with AngryRobot_, then you just start typing AngryRobot and they will show up..... Obviously, you might choose to use something other than AngryRobot.....   
  7. UDTs from a Library Project

    Once you add the library reference to your project, the UDT is there, you just go ahead and use it.  It does not however show up in the Data Types.  See below: Here I created only a data type in my library project: Then I added the library file to a new project: Notice that the structure is in the list above.  Then I used the UDT to create a variable: Again, it does not show up in the Data Types window, but can be used.
  8. Value to corresponding bit instruction??

    Is it a CS1H, or a CS1H-H? If it is a CS1H-H (or any of our newer PLCs) then this would be simple solution: Divide the value in D100.  The answer is stored in D500 (in this example) with the remainder stored in D501.  Clear out all the words for the range that you want to use.  I left room for values from 0 - 159 (10 words), using D0-D9.  Then use the SETB instruction to point at the word with an indirect address (D500) and use D501 (the remainder) as the bit within the word.  As you can see, 17/16 = 1 with a remainder of 1.  Therefore the SETB instruction would set word D1, bit 1 to a 1 as shown in the table below: If you set D100 to 37, then the answer is 2 with a remainder of 5 (D2 bit 5 set to on) and you get this: You could then use the XFER instruction like this: to move the data from D0 to channel 0.  So, a total of 4 instructions.   Unfortunately, if your CPU is just a CS1H, then none of this matters as it does not support the SETB instruction.
  9. Encoder Pulses

    @Hartech Done.
  10. Errors that appears when i connect via serial port

    Wow, I am surprised.....must not really be getting those errors on the processor, just an incorrect notification.
  11. Errors that appears when i connect via serial port

    My first thought is some kind of grounding / potential issue on the computer's comm port. or there could be some kind of ground issues with the PLC.  That is what I would check.  Settings and dip switch settings would not cause the errors that you are seeing.  
  12. Aritmética cx-programmer

    Using Google Translate:  He asked: "Good evening. Could you help me, what better way to run the following account: Cp1l omron Y = a. 1.06 - 150 a = analogue input signal channel a643" I responded: "Hello.  I would use the function block example here:"
  13. Aritmética cx-programmer

    Olá. Eu usaria o exemplo de bloco de função aqui: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/996-analog-scaling-function-block/  
  14. Hypens have been replaced with ASCII boxes

    Mine looks like this: Is there anyway your default language was changed or something?  Seems like it may be referencing an odd FONT.
  15. Output not on

    Can you post your code for us to look at it? If you don't want to post it, you could message it to me and I will look.