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  1. Temperature Control 2-PID control FB - problem

    From the help file (example) that you attached:   If no PID parameters are stored, the function block shall generate a #0601 error when attempting to enable the 2-PID function. The user can manually start the Auto-Tuning Process causing the status code #0002 to occur. While the Auto-Tuning process in ongoing, the AT_Status bit is turned on and will turn off when the Auto-Tuning process has been completed. You need to put values in for P, I and D.    You can see the acceptable ranges below (also from the file in the .zip file):   If you do not know what to put in for P, I and D, turn on the Autotune (Start_AT) bit and see what OUT_P, OUT_I and OUT_D results you get.  You can then enter them for the P, I and D inputs.  
  2. NA HMI Troubleshooting Screen for NJ COntrollewr

    Choose Events and Actions from the View pulldown as shown below:     Then it shows at the bottom of your toolbox window, or it may be docked next to the toolbox window (you can move it around).  Mine looks like this:
  3. NA HMI Troubleshooting Screen for NJ COntrollewr

    You just create a button, then set an event that opens the troubleshooter and point it at the NJ name as shown below:  
  4. Can't comm Plc and hmi

    First, go to communication settings in the Network pulldown menu as shown: and set up your communications just as you would do for connecting with CX-Programmer.  Then connect to the PLC by choosing Work online in the same menu. Then go to Tools, Start Routing Table as shown:   Choose FINS Local and then choose OK as shown: Right click on the unit number that you want to set.  For instance, if the unit number dials on the Ethernet card say unit #2, right click on the 2 module and choose Insert CPU SIOU as shown below: I believe that it should tell you that it found a module.  Choose OK.  Then tell it that you are labeling that local network as network 1 as shown below: The image will then look like this: All this means is that the network connected to unit #2 is now known as Network 1.  Then, when issuing FINS commands,  or connecting the PLC to an HMI, you can just refer to it by its Network and Node number.  Then go to the Options pulldown menu and choose Transfer to PLC as shown:   (I am not online, so it is greyed out). Also, make sure that the node number dials on the front of the Ethernet card match the last octet of the IP Address.   
  5. Can't comm Plc and hmi

    In your HMI, make these settings (First disabling SerialA): Then it is necessary to set up the Ethernet network as network 1 in the routing table in the PLC.  Using CX-Integrator, it is possible to define the network as network 1 in the PLC and point network 1 to the unit number of the Ethernet module.
  6. CJ2M-CPU32, Inventer MX2, SCU31 modbus rtu communication

    Did you download the protocol macro files to the SCU31?
  7. Omron rotary Encoder- GX series

    Looking back at this post, it sounds as if the encoder is tied to the shaft of the spool.  Therefore, you cannot really work in mm directly as the spool diameter will either be getting larger or smaller each time that the encoder turns.  Usually in this type of configuration, you would have to know the starting diameter somehow and then each 360 degrees that come off the roll, the diameter needs to be adjusted by the thickness of the material x2.  So, I would recommend setting your units up in either degrees or rotations. 
  8. Dear Sir,

    I have a machine on which Omron PLC CP1H Cpu XA installed.
    I upload its program via CX programmer and then download to other same part and serial number PLC   
    but it shows Program is Binary and PLC is in BCD mode.
    I also compile uploaded program it show so 110 errors and 74 warning..

    Please assist us to resolve the above said matter.

    I will be thankful for your assistance.

    Thanks & regards,

    Raza Hussain

  9. Encoder Input to control Servo RPM

    250 rpm = 4.17 revs/sec, so the maximum encoder resolution that could be used when counting 4x per pulse (quadrature) is 3000 ppr.  3000 x 4 =12000 counts / rev.  4.166666 * 12000 = 50000 Hz. 
  10. Function blocks

    Here is a scaling function block that uses structured text.  I wrote this one a while back:   http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/996-analog-scaling-function-block/
  11. driving 7 segement using plc

    It takes 4 digital outputs.  Then just move an integer into the digit of that output word.  So, if you want it to say 7 for example, then you would move an integer 7 into the digit of the output word that contains those 4 output bits (look at MOVD instruction).  Then, you might have something like this (if bits 12-15 were the 4 bits to the 7 segment display): Value in output word 7000 (Hex) bits 12-15 would then be 0111 which would output the correct value to the display.
  12. CX-One AUTO UPDATE topic

    My software does something similar, but my issue is related to Network Configurator.  It seemed to start happening when I added an EtherNet/IP EDS file.  I copied and modified one and then added it to Network Configurator.  This is the second time that this has happened to me.  The last time that it happened, the next autoupdate fixed the issue.  I could not figure out another way to do it.  For now, I just keep hitting cancel when it pops up.  If anyone has any ideas, I am willing to try them.
  13. CX-Programmer improvement requests

    I do not know of a way to do this in ST.  You will have to manage that yourself.  Something like this:
  14. i am using cp1e omron plc and cx one programmer. i use to do work online simulator with out connection to plc. but yesterday onward i can't do work online simulator. if i open work online simulator it provide a message like " FAILED TO DOWNLOAD SYMBOLS TO THE SPECIFIED AREA." what that means can anyone help me.

  15. ASCII Code 8 Byte In Twido

    You might have better luck posting in the Schneider forum.  This is the Omron forum.  Link to that forum:  http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/forum/20-modicon-telemecanique-schneider-electric/