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  1. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    Try this:
  2. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    Did you cycle power to the controller after changing the End Code to 000D?  

    This is correct.     You can download the 1S library here: http://www.ia.omron.com/product/tool/sysmac-library/ You just need the email address that the software is registered under and the license number for your software. Then find this library, download and run the exe file:
  4. PUSH and FIFO

    @Rashed Ahmed Fixed the link.
  5. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    Ok, now the message that is being sent to the controller needs to have a CR at the end...  CR was an example.  I don't know what the terminator is on your device.
  6. Copy array element to member of a structure

    You mean like this: I only did 3, but you get the point.   Here is my structure: Here are my variables:
  7. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    1st, check dip switch 5 (assuming this is a CJ2 or something).  I don't know which PLC.  It should be in the OFF position. 2nd, you chose to use Set End code as your end code and then did not set one.  If you want to use CR for example, you need to put 000D in that field and download it to the PLC.  3rd, how did you wire the serial communications?  The port is not a standard pinout.   Also, I would replace the 0.00 contact with the Reception Completed flag for that port.  I don't have time to look up the address now.
  8. EtherNetIP Programming with Sysmac

    It looks like EtherNet/IP is still under development, I cannot find them on the ODVA website, they don't mention EtherNet/IP in the manuals and it does not seem to respond properly. Here is an idea, they do support EtherCAT and the ESI file (.xml format) imports properly into Sysmac Studio.  It appears that it would be worth trying.  Try EtherCAT.  
  9. EtherNetIP Programming with Sysmac

    You could also download Wireshark (Make sure it is OK with IT in the facility you are in, sometimes it is definitely not) and trace the communications between the two devices.  Note that you will need a dumb switch (not managed), or one with port mirroring for you to be able to do the trace.  If you do this, post the trace in here.
  10. EtherNetIP Programming with Sysmac

    Well, I am out of ideas.  Maybe try saving the EDS file with the minor and major revisions swapped.  Perhaps they are interpreting it backwards on their end....
  11. EtherNetIP Programming with Sysmac

    Set your generic up like this, remove the node with the Meca500 EDS file then make the connection with the generic device and see what happens.
  12. EtherNetIP Programming with Sysmac

    Try using this generic EDS file: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/1159-generic-eds-file-for-use-with-omron-plc/ There is a document with the EDS file that describes how to do it. 
  13. Generic EDS file for use with Omron PLC

    Version 1.0.0


    Generic EDS file for use with Omron controls and a document on how to use the generic file.
  14. Generic EDS file for use with Omron PLC View File Generic EDS file for use with Omron controls and a document on how to use the generic file. Submitter Michael Walsh Submitted 04/01/20 Category Omron
  15. EtherNetIP Programming with Sysmac

    Everything looks good with your data types and variable size, the problem is with the EDS file. So,  do this: As someone has already mentioned, the major or minor revision is the issue with your EDS file. Use Get Attribute Single with 01 01 04 to the robot's IP Address and then fix the EDS file and see what happens.