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  1. Cant connect to PLC with ethernet

    No, you do not need a switch.  Connecting to node 0 in FINS settings as you have shown above means to connect to the local CPU (through toolbus in your example above).  When connecting with Ethernet, there is no Node 0 in FINS.  That is why the node number set for FINS comms over Ethernet need to match the dial on the front of the ETN21.  If you set the dial to node 0 on the front of the unit, you will get an error (solid ERC).  Flashing ERC will still function, it just means that the last octet of the IP Address does not match the node number.
  2. Cant connect to PLC with ethernet

    I just noticed that you gave me the IP Address of the PC and I missed it.  I do not want to go back and change all my pictures though.  Just change to in the IP Address table in the first drawing and define it as node 100 (100 again is arbitrary, but it makes sense to make it the same as the last octet).  Then on the Driver tab (last drawing), make the workstation node number = 100.
  3. Cant connect to PLC with ethernet

    You can zip it and put it here if nothing else.   Well, I want to take back something that I said about the last octet not being allowed to be 0.  If you have a class B network, then the node number really is not 0.  It is hex 0A 00 (decimal 10.0) which is 2560  when converted from hex to decimal.  That must be why it will let you do it.  However, many settings for Omron FINS communications assume that the last Octet of the IP Address matches the node number and FINS node numbers can only be 1-254.  So, you will need to make some special settings.   Again, for some background on your issue, look at this link that I posted above: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/25148-cj2m-ethernet-ip-error-f3/ Lets assume for my example that these are the settings you are using: PC  IP Address: (we are going to assume FINS node 1 on the network), this is arbitrary, just make sure that it is not used by another node. Subnet PLC IP Address Node number dial on front of module = 06 (hex) which also is 6 decimal. This is an arbitrary number, just make sure that it is not used by another node. Subnet   Then, you would need to set this up in the ETN21 settings:   Make sure to download these settings to the PLC and then "restart" (button on right) the unit or cycle power to the PLC. Then, the setup for the communications on the PC side would look like this (assuming that you do not have a routing table in the PLC, that is that you have not assigned a network number to the Ethernet network, therefore it is network 0): And the driver settings:  

    Well, the issue that you have is that there are several subroutine calls (SBS instructions) that call for subroutines (SBN instructions) that do not exist.   In particular, there is no subroutine 4, 5, 7 or 9, but the code calls for those subroutines to run.  Either you are missing some of the code, or the 4 SBS instructions need to be removed.
  5. Cant connect to PLC with ethernet

    No, we will not do gmail, sorry.  We need to keep this here for everyone's benefit.     The last octet of your IP Address appears to be 0.  You are not allowed to do that (1 to 254 is allowed).  I am kind of surprised that it will even let you do that.  Also, you have configured a class B network here, so that brings into play another issue with FINS Node numbers that you can read about here: In the above example, he is using a Subnet mask which creates a similar issue to what you are seeing.  What is the IP Address of the PC and what have you dialed in as your node number on the front of your ETN21 card?
  6. Can't connect to simulator.

    Thank you for coming back and updating your post.  Helpful to others!
  7. Cant connect to PLC with ethernet

    We can help, but we need more information.  Post pictures of your ethernet settings in the PLC and the communication settings for CX-Programmer.  Or if you have uploaded the settings with a serial connection, post the CX-Programmer file.

    I meant the .cxp file (or Syswin file) so that we can try to convert it.  If it won't let you post it, just zip it, then post it..
  9. Cant connect to PLC with ethernet

    You will have to get @student_uis to put them back on that site, or better yet, post them here.

    Can you post your original code?  That refers to a subroutine.  
  11. NT20S screen stays at "Connecting to Host"

    Parity and stop bits are here:   the E means Even parity and the 2 means two stop bits.  The 7 means 7 data bits.
  12. NT20S screen stays at "Connecting to Host"

    If the cable is correct, then you need to make sure that the communication protocol, baud rate, parity and stop bits match each other on both the NT20S and the PLC.  Don't forget that there is also a dip switch on the PLC that makes the port go to its default settings.  Depending upon your settings, you may need to set the dip switch to the non-default position.
  13. Encoder Program for CW & CCW rotation

    Did you buy a battery for your CP1E-NA?  The battery is sold separately for this PLC to keep the option as low cost as possible.  The battery is only added as needed.  If you turn the power off (after 40 hours, the capacitor discharges) and need to retain any values or settings, then a battery is needed.  Here is the part number:  CP1W-BAT01  
  14. Encoder Program for CW & CCW rotation

    This is not working because you chose pulse and direction.  Choose Differential Phase Input (that is what Phase A and Phase B are) and it will work. To get it to go from 0 to 1000, choose circular mode in the settings and set 1000 as the maximum as shown below. However, be aware that this is 1001 counts (0 - 1000).  If you want 1000 counts for the rollover, choose 999 as the maximum circular count.  Make sure to download this to the controller and cycle power.
  15. How to work with encoder. "Beginner"

    @LD_M Fixed.