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  1. How can I simulate CP1L-E & NB HMI?

    No, it is not.  The NB software cannot simulate with CX-Programmer.
  2. NJ function blocks like PIDAT reentrant?

    PIDAT is a function block.  Each time that you create a new instance of a FB, a chunk of memory is carved out that is specific to that instance of the FB.  It is necessary to create a separate instance of the PIDAT FB for each of your loops.  Function blocks (as a general statement) require a unique instance each time that you add a function block in order for the function block to work properly.  Functions on the other hand reuse the same memory over and over and do not have instance names.   In the toolbox in Sysmac Studio, Functions are indicated by a small icon with an 'F' in it and Function blocks say 'FB'.
  3. Indirect addressing in FB CJ2

    Yes, I tried to provide the simplest (although perhaps less capable) solution.  If he does not need to access memory by address specifically (as many Omron FBs require to access memory for specific modules or functions), then this is much simpler.  
  4. Enumerations in Recipes

    Here is an example of some simple recipe code, of course this can be much more elegant than this: Recipe Sample.smc2
  5. Enumerations in Recipes

      You can do this, perhaps not with the canned recipe tool, but by building your own recipe handling code. I typically build my own recipe code anyway as it is much more flexible.
  6. Omron's syswin software

    He could post those old Syswin files here and someone could convert it to CX-Programmer for him.  Assuming that they are not C**K type processors anyway.
  7. Indirect addressing in FB CJ2

    I second this comment.  Use an array inside the FB with a variable as the index.  
  8. OMRON NJ Modbus TCP Slave ID

    You can open a new project and manually create an empty FB.  Then copy the contents of the Omron FB and paste it into the manually created FB.  Then edit.
  9. Cable to program NV

    @alfi_yasin @polo @toy_bo I repaired the post above and re-attached the pinout that was originally there. The site went through an upgrade a while back and some items were not connected to the forum post properly.
  10. Connecting to a OMRON PLC

    They sell a cable for the peripheral port and I have never seen a diagram for it.
  11. Connecting to a OMRON PLC

    It is possible to make a cable.  See the drawing 3 posts up. Use the newest version of CX-Programmer that you have.
  12. CJ1M to CompactLogix over ethernet

    You could add a CJ1W-EIP21 (Ethernet/IP module) to the PLC to communicate to the GuardLogix over EIP.  The guide that you have would be similar for using the EIP21 module.
  13. PT internal memory use

    Which PT?

    Turn the power to the PLC off.  Wait a few seconds.  Turn it back on.
  15. modbus easymaster node not found flag ?

    You don't get a read error (W0.02 in your example) when you lose communications?  Use a N.O. W0.02 contact to move zero values into your addresses.