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  1. CX-Designer improvement requests

    It is also available on your CX-One Disk (if you have CX-One).  It can be found here:
  2. NS10 system program update?

    I do not see anywhere that you stated that....perhaps I am overlooking it.
  3. NS10 system program update?

    Yes, and CX-Designer even comes with a handy dandy instruction pdf on how to do it, found here:
  4. MODBUS Question

    Ah, well that is different.  Lets see if someone can help you...
  5. New to CX-Programmer

    And you should not need a jumper from 0VDC to A2.... Also, you should not be measuring analog voltage between A2 and A3 if that is what you were doing (you stated nothing besides 0.5 V).  You should be measuring current.  You could have been measuring voltage between A1 and A2 though....
  6. New to CX-Programmer

    Well, changing the unit number changes which addresses point to the module.  Therefore, if you were using the addresses in the example above and did not have your unit number set to 1, then it would never work. 
  7. New to CX-Programmer

    I can see why, it seems a bit confusing.... If I am reading it correctly... You would connect the Blk (1) wire to A2 on the analog output card (and they are suggesting that it is tied to 0VDC on the power supply, which should not be an issue as they are tied together inside the analog output card see internal circuitry drawing below). Then connect the Red(2) to +24VDC on your power supply. Lastly connect Wht (3) to A3 on the analog output card.
  8. Autowidth adjustment

    I answered this question in your other post here:     Please only ask a question 1 time in the forum.  Thanks,.
  9. New to CX-Programmer

    For what are you using a resistor?  If you want 1-5VDC, use pins A1 and A2 if you want to use 4-20mA, use A2 and A3 (much like is shown with outputs 3 and 4 in the last drawing).
  10. CP1L communication - Autowidth Adjustment

    If the PLC is sending commands, you can use Host link  There is a very new conversation on this found here: and one with some more details here:   This is a good one too: Use the search tool to search for C-Mode Host Link
  11. New to CX-Programmer

    As shown above, connect the 0VDC from the power supply to B9 and the 24VDC to A9.  Like this drawing shows:
  12. New to CX-Programmer

    @PenneyInstruments The post above really is all that there is to it.  So, if you set the unit number on the analog output card to 1, you can use the exact code above and you should get an output.  Check for voltage between A1 and A2 as shown in the image below(1-5VDC).  Current should mirror the value but using A2 and A3.  Also make sure to connect 24 VDC at B9 and A9 as shown in yellow: DA041.bmp
  13. New to CX-Programmer

    Have you measured your analog output with any of your testing to see if it is getting out of the PLC?
  14. CJ2M-CPU32 and CJ1W-TC002 help

    There are examples of the program in appendix B of the manual: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/990-w396-e1-03-cj1-tcxxx-plc-temp-control-module/
  15. New to CX-Programmer

    @PenneyInstrumentsI fixed the post above and reattached the pictures.  They were there still, but disconnected from the post since a website upgrade a few years ago.