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  1. RC servo motor sg90

    We also need to know what PLC and if applicable, which PLC modules are being used....
  2. Motor Mov instruction

    You could do a standard stop start latching circuit that only unlatches if the stop is pressed, or if the photo eye is blocked.  Using the leading edge of the latch bit, turn on the ACC command with a one shot.  Using the trailing edge, turn on the INI instruction to stop output immediately, or if a deceleration is required, trigger another acc command target frequency of 0.  There is an example of doing nearly (increases speed when second event happens instead of going to 0) the same thing in the help file (at the bottom of the help) for the ACC command in CX-Programmer.  Go to Help pulldown -> Instruction Reference -> CP1H/CP1L Series.  Then type ACC in the search field.  
  3. Motor Mov instruction

    Is the motor just an On/off output, or do you need to send pulses to it (stepper or servo motor)?  Do you have a start and stop button?
  4. FUNÇÃO AVG(195)

    Yes.  3 cycles (scans) of the PLC when the instruction is on.  NOT three triggers (Input to function turning on).  Each time you execute the instruction, it resets the pointer and starts over.  Or, if you keep the instruction on continuously, it averages each three scans of the PLC and then starts over and repeats.  

    No, it is not capable of doing this.  Please only post in one forum in the future.

    No, it is not capable of doing that.

    Did you set the RS232 port on the PLC to match the settings on the HMI?
  8. NS-10 HMI Connection to PC

    Which Port are you plugging into on the back?  Be sure to use the slave port.
  9. CJ2M-CPU34 Function Block Timing Question

    Jason, When I have had to program extensive for next loops, I wrote the code in a way that it only did a portion of the loops during a scan.  For a simplified example, lets say that I had to do 100 loops, I might run loops 1-10 one scan, then 11-20, then 21-30 ... then 91-100.  This breaks up the load on the controller and will result in less of an increase in your scan time.
  10. Reading of Encoder

    You could scale the counts to cm using this scaling function block: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/996-analog-scaling-function-block/
  11. CP1E reboot

    I have not heard of that happening.  Are you sure that it is actually "rebooting"?  
  12. Send text messages via Omron PLC

    If I am understanding what this device is (3G Wireless router), it may not be able to even send text messages.  If it can, then you would need to be able to send a generic ASCII command out the Ethernet port.  To do this with Omron, you would need to use something called Socket Services.  Unfortunately, the built in EtherNet/IP port on the CJ2M does not support Socket Services.  You would need to add a CJ1W-ETN21 module to do socket services.  This would also be a completely custom message that you would build.  There is no setting that you can make to do this:  " Where should I configure the text messages, configure the phone number, etc? "
  13. GP2401H to Omron CJ2H

    The CJ1 protocol should mostly work.  Is it a Host Link driver?  It is necessary that you set the port up to match the settings coming from the HMI.  There are also a dip switch that needs to be set correctly that specifies whether the port is using the default config or one that is set by the user. 
  14. NB designer change the screen

    Under the Project Database section of the Library Window, you can add a PLC Control as shown below: Then you can point the "Switch Screens" control event to the addresses (2 consecutive) that you want to use.  See the description of Switch Screens below:    
  15. Programming a bit shift

    @mehdi4467 The link was broken due to a site upgrade a while back.  I have fixed it.