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  1. SysmacStudio hardware catalog update

    You fix this by updating your software.  You can do so by clicking on the link shown below (If you have registered the software).
  2. Mask Move in Sysmac Studio

    I was able to write up a solution.  This assumes that the Source, Mask and Destination are all datatype WORD.  This is what the code looks like (disregard my mixed use of Global and Local variables, it is not important): Here is the Watch Window after executing the instruction one time with the values in your initial question: I created a function that did this and put it in a library file.  Here is the file: MaskMove.slr Here is my project with both the above code and the function included: Mask Move testing.smc2   To add the library to your project, choose the Project menu, then Library, then Show References as shown below: Then click the + button and navigate to the library file: Once you have added the library to the project, the MoveMask Function will show in your Toolbox:
  3. Mask Move in Sysmac Studio

      @cheltonI thought so also at first, but after some investigation into this instruciton, I discovered that if the mask has a 0 in it, the corresponding bit in the destination is unchanged.  I am working on a solution now...  
  4. CJ1M to Movicon Interface from Message

    @Stika Oussama From the looks of it, the Movicon supports the following drivers: So, when using the serial communications, you choose FINS Serial, which I am guessing would be Host Link on the Omron PLC side of things.  You will just need to match up the port settings on both sides.  Be aware that the cable is a special cable that you can purchase from Omron, or make using this pinout: http://forums.mrplc.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14213 For EtherNet, if you do not have an EtherNet/IP module (EIP21 or built in port on CJ2H or CJ2M PLC), then you will need to use FINS Ethernet drivers on the Movicon.
  5. CJ1M to Movicon Interface from Message

    Hi, Im starting a project to interface a PLC function system and im still confuse about what protocole to choose to communicate (CJ1M CPU13) with Movicon interface by the way i have three PLCs with ETN and the others just the RS232C . The project is to interconnect 11 PLCs ( CJ1M CPU13) with a HMI in order to see the working process of the PLCs .  I could use your help solving my problem.
  6. Omron can help with this.  There is a tool that they can use, but it does not fully convert the project.  Some manual manipulation of the code is required.
  7. CP1L-M40DR-A PLC does not boot from my logic

    I am glad that you have solved your issue.  As you have discovered, there is a "memory card" on this PLC, but it is called a memory cassette.  For the benefit of someone reading this later, see picture below.  For the smaller CP1L CPUs:
  8. Help understanding old Sysmac C20

    Yes, very important.  As you are no doubt already well aware, this hardware is getting more and more difficult to find.  The upgrade process is usually quite simple (with a few exceptions, drum counter function for instance, but there is a way around that) if you have the host link adapter.  Omron can help you with the process.
  9. Datalogic scanner data retreive

    I am sorry, but I do not understand what you are asking....  
  10. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    I think @jeskudero is snooping the packet, just to learn more about EtherNet/IP (If I am reading this correctly).  Summarizing some things that have been stated above and adding a little:  When using Explicit Messaging within EtherNet/IP, vendors have the flexibility to encapsulate whatever format they choose into a packet.  For instance AB, uses something called PCCC (Programmable Controller Communication Commands) between some of their products when using EIP Explicit Messaging.  Omron has chosen to use FINS commands within the EtherNet/IP packet.  Basically the NS asks the PLC for Addresses for each of the Tags and then uses those addresses within a FINS command in an EIP Explicit Message.  As stated above, if you are trying to understand EIP, this is not the best thing to snoop.  Look at Implicit communications between two devices (a PLC to an I/O module for example) to understand better.  
  11. Data conversion help request

    The above code shows what could be done to convert one word. An array of consecutive words could be used in the same fashion to convert to an array of bytes and then that could be converted to a longer string using the same two lines of code.  Like this: This was the data in the HexValue Array:
  12. Sorry I did not clear in my previous question: In your post on Jan 10 about FB_Mail_send, I used it and work fine with SMTP Address but if I used DNS ( of this SMTP Address) it did not work? Do I need to modify anything to make it work. Thanks very much

  13. Hello, I like your Mail_send FB, I tried it and it worked fine but if I used mail host instead of  SMTP Address the it did not work. Is there any way to make it work with mail host. Thanks

  14. Datalogic scanner data retreive

    By the way, I deleted your other duplicate post.
  15. Datalogic scanner data retreive

    I cannot see the pictures for some reason.  But, basically you need to parse the string into the three pieces of data and then convert each of the three to the appropriate data type (that matches the database).   Perhaps: Product ID as STRING Work order as STRING Qty as UINT   Then use the DB commands to send the data.