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  1. EtherCat Configuration

    Did you do a compare and merge, then apply the network to your project, then download the project? Make sure that the proper node is connected to each port on the JC03.
  2. EtherCat Configuration

    Yes, this will work.   If you already have this connected, use the compare and merge functionality (right click on the NJ CPU in the EtherCAT Settings page).  To make your project setup look like the actual setup.  Then download the settings to the NJ.  
  3. ZCP Instruction

    I agree with Sergei, this is a good way to do it:
  4. Should I Use Function Blocks?

    @Haveri I have fixed the link, you should be able to get it now.  
  5. UDP connection

    You have a couple of issues with your setup.   1)  You point your UDP open function block at unit 0.  When I open your I/O table, I don't see a unit 0.  The built in EIP port is set to 1 and the CJ1W-EIP21 is set to unit 12. 2)  Number 1 does not really matter though because only the ETN21 module supports socket services.  I do not see an ETN21 in your I/O table.  See the chart below for details on socket services support by module:  
  6. New to OMRON

    I would look at the MOVD command.  You can break the digits out of the word and move them into their own words using it.  
  7. FIFO

    On a side note, why do you care if the data is left in the stack?  The pointers and counters will manage it all for you.   You just need to know when it is empty, right?  Or are you trying to display what is in the stack on the HMI?
  8. FIFO

    Use two parallel stacks.  Push the number onto stack A, while at the same time pushing a 0 or a 1 (or whatever numbers you want) to represent right vs left onto stack B.  Then pull them both off at the same time.  
  9. UDP connection

    You should post your code, perhaps we can tell what the issue is.     Here is a sample though: socket services FB Example.cxp
  10. Strange behaviour MD211/Cj2M

    From the MD211 manual:   v1.0 is too old.
  11. Sysmac studio variables in ST

    Create one in Sysmac Studio and copy it, then paste into Excel.  Make your tags, copy them all and paste back into Sysmac Studio.
  12. Trouble with expansion CP1W

    And the CP1H would still show CP1W Expansion modules as Work.  Only the CJ modules attached to the side would show in the I/O table.
  13. The expansion backplanes have a slot for the power supply only (No CPU slot).   There are extra connections on the expansion backplanes to connect the cable to the CPU backplane and additional expansion backplanes.  See the drawing below:
  14. Cpu position in rack ?

    The CPU can only go in one position on the backplane.  There is just one place where it will connect physically.  Likewise, the power supply will only plug into one slot.  Moving the I/O modules around will change what addresses they are using though.  
  15. Senha CQM1H

    Hello, Please contact your Omron representative in Brazil.  They may be able to help.   Olá, Por favor, entre em contato com seu representante da Omron no Brasil. Eles podem ser capazes de ajudar.