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  2. Desperation

    Let me get some sleep and I will do it for you.
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  4. Connecting CPM1 to KEPServerEX5

    C200H PLC does not support FINS Serial.  Use Host Link Driver.
  5. NA HMI Listbox

    Fritz:              There is a variable property for the Listbox, what do you specify? I think I compiled but with an error stated the setitems  is not an element  something. I will give it a try ,.   What is the listbox Memeber for selected item   ListBox0.SelectedItem.Value---> won't work   by the way VS2017 allow Campact FrameWork?
  6. Connecting CPM1 to KEPServerEX5

     I tried the Host link driver with the C200 PLC  but it not worked, Can you give specfific instructions? I use FINS Serial 

    i done clear PLC memory and push print and check data again in D10 output still 00 but A394 is 16 and i think A394 is true because total data is 16,  
  8. Omron PLC to 43" LED Moniter

    Hello Everyone, I want to show some data memory values in big display 43" inch LED Monitor, I'm going to use Omron CP1E PLC so please suggest me which software will be compatible, Cheap and best   Thanks in advance  Udhay   

    @riandanualdy Maybe you should clear PLC memory and connect with weight module then push print button and check data again.
  10. NA HMI Listbox

    Fritz:              There is a variable property for the Listbox, what do you specify? I think I compiled but with an error stated the setitems  is not an element  something. I will give it a try ,.
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  12. NA HMI Listbox

    No, actually not. You can use VB.NET code in editor (Compact Framework 3.5) but visual components provided by Omron are not original .NET components. Those are Omron's own extremely limited versions. You can examine them with ILSpy from Omron libraries or use System.Reflection on runtime.
  13. CQM1H-51 with touch screan NT20s-ST121

    Yes, that is a problem.  They need to be different.  The control area controls the screen.  You can make it change screens and other functions using the control area.  The notify area is status returning from the screen.  
  14. NA HMI Listbox

    I have used following code to update listbox contents: Dim logs As System.Collections.Generic.List(Of Object) = Nothing logs = New System.Collections.Generic.List(Of Object) logs.Add("one") logs.Add("two") logs.Add("three") lstLogViewer.SetItems(logs.ToArray()) But also your code should work if you modify it as following: Sub ListBox_Update Dim array(100) As Object Dim x As Integer For x = 0 To 99 array(x) = ListItems(x) Next x listbox0.SetItems(array) End Sub NB! Your "ListItems" must be array of strings ! Basically: parameter passed to SetItems method must be array of objects, but those "objects" must be strings.
  15. faulted processor

    I ran a block consistency check and it found references to DB49, DB10640, FB49, and FB640 that don't exist in the project. I didn't try to track those down since they are probably unrelated to this issue but you might want to look for them. I also generated a cross-reference and found one place, in FB600, where the x-ref found a reference to "DB?". It looks like it's using pointers, but that's something I've never done in the Siemens world, so I can't decipher that easily. FB600 is called 4 times, once each with instance DBs 1002, 1000, 1006, and 1004. This could get difficult to track down, especially not being online with the machine. For the calls to FB600, the DB numbers are passed in as constants, but either the source or destination word for each CALL is a variable that comes from the calculations preceding each CALL instructions. It's possible that there could be an issue with that calculation causing the block moves inside FB600 to reach out to non-existent locations. Is it ok to stop the PLC during its operation? If so, you could delete OB121 from the PLC and let it fault. You should be able to go right to the problem from there, with the PLC in STOP mode so nothing is changing. I would be careful, though, to make sure the machine won't do bad things if the PLC faults mid-cycle. As an alternative, you can try to add some diagnostic code to OB121 such that it copies its interface area to a global DB that you create and can then monitor. I remember trying that once with mixed results. I also remember the variable names inside OB121 being far more useful than the ones I see in your program. The project has two Simatic stations in it, each with what looks like the same PLC and IM stations but one also has a G120 drive and a DP/DP coupler. Are there 2 PLCs in the machine, or is one of the stations in the project a backup of the other with some edits done?
  16. faulted processor

    Hmmm....I had a few minutes, so I opened up your archive. You don't have a DB260 or DB262 at all. Does your online/offline compare show any discrepancies? Like blocks that are online only?
  17. faulted processor

    I'm not a super-expert on Siemens, but I have worked with them. It looks like you have 2 errors that have shown up in your buffer, twice each, that would involve OB121. Both are talking about access to a global DB, address 260 for one and 262 for the other. The others look like communications faults to various stations may not be related to this. Does your project include a DB260 or DB262? If so, find all of the places where they, or their sub-elements, are called or referenced and verify that the addresses are all valid. If any of the references to a DB use pointers or indirection, trace the calculations of the indirection to verify they're right and limit check them to appropriate values. In the cross-reference, look also at any entries that show as "DB?". That indicates some ambiguity in the individual calls. I've seen a couple of examples of that being done that I can go into in more detail at another time.
  18. faulted processor

    Yes I've seen OB121 on the processor when I'm online, the machine still doesn't run.  I'm just wondering if the processor or any modules were damaged in shipping.  Seimen's help isn't very helpful since the only two causes that are listed are a defective module or no signal module is assigned to address I really want to know what " Global DB, word access, Access address:    262 " is referring to, what does access address 262 even mean?  I was having some communication issues before, but that was resolved every module is showing ok when I'm online except the processor.   
  19. faulted processor

    While connected and online with the PLC, open the online blocks folder (select the Blocks folder of the project and click on the "online" button in the toolbar). Make sure OB121 is present in the processor, not just in the project. You can also select the blocks folder in the project tree and do an online/offline compare. It will tell you if OB121 is missing online. Note: OB121 does not fix the actual root problem. You need to find the actual issue and correct it. All the presence of OB121 will do is allow the PLC to keep running, which may NOT be the best and safest outcome in your situation.
  20. faulted processor

    Ok, but OB121 is already in the program.
  21. Is that a problem if I make both of it control and notify word are D0000
  22. how to set up timer in st

    Good point.... @BITS N BYTES
  23. how to set up timer in st

    What is the model number of the PLC you are using? CJ2M, CP1L, CP1E............................ Structured Text timers or Counters can ONLY be used with CS/CJ series CPU units version 4.0 or later, or with CJ2-Series CPU units.
  24. NA HMI Listbox

    This part is easy. I thought since Omron advertised about VB.Net,  Then surely first thing come to my mind...listbox and Dropbox or even Textbox should behave as such in Visual Studio? if you read the link that I post, some one posted and said he/she had been able to load it from code. Or am i read wrongly?
  25. Sercos not connecting to Ultra3000

    Thanks for the welcome Daniel! Today I decided to start from scratch again and make a new project and re-add all the modules. I did everything you suggested, went through each step and menu slowly and everything checked out. But, amazingly I got it working! I'm not 100% sure what I did to make it work but I THINK I know.  Mind I'm dealing with version 11 with this Controllogix so a lot of the lay outs of menus and property windows aren't quite 100% the same. So when I follow tutorials I find online, things don't always match up as they would with a version 20+. With this version, under the axis properties, Drive and Motor are two separate tabs. I set the motor catalog number but I think my problem was I wasn't setting the drive catalog number on the Drive tab. I must have done it  quickly the first time around but didn't remember doing it the next day.  Fickle parameters! It always amazes me how you can spend an entire day and not figure something else, come in the next and boom, get it working.  Now that I have it up and going, time to teach myself some motion programming! Thanks for the reply and help!
  26. Need Manual for CS1W-CTS21 SSI Interface

    He has the CS1 version.... I think.
  27. how to set up timer in st

    I am not having any issues.  If you post your code here(.cxp file), I can look at it to see if I can tell what is wrong.
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