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  1. Hello. I will be very grateful for your help! There is a MELSEC-L controller (GX Works2), it is necessary to implement PID controllers. Question: Is it possible to work with 33 or more PID controllers at the same time? Why I have this question: 1) There is a : MELSEC-Q/L/QnA Programming Manual (PID Control Instructions) On page №16, there is a table that says "Number of PID control loops: 32 loops (maximum)". 2) In the : MELSEC-Q/L Programming Manual (Common Instruction) On page №737, there is a description of the "PID" function block, where there is no limit on the number of uses. I saw a note about the CPU serial number. 3) On the Mitsubishi website there is a library : I can't figure out if there's a limit to how many PID controllers can work at the same time in a program. What is the difference between PID controllers (from the points above)? p.s. I liked the pid regulator from point №2 the most.
  2.  Hey guys I'm trying to get a older (windows 7) laptop full of A-B software up and running for my company. Like may companies, we have been reorganized and the person who bought the software under another company name no longer "owns" this company computer. Long story short, I'm having an RSLinx fault "RSLinx communication server has stopped working". I do not have the original discs or software key number information.   I can pull up the PLC software, hook up to a PLC using the DF1 comms, auto configure and detect the PLCs/panelviews in linx, so everthing, so the ports and cables seem ok to that point. But when I try to go online, or upload I get this fault. Is this an easy fix?   Will I need to reload linx 2.59 (no longer available), or could I download the free RSLinx Lite and communicate through that? I tried to download newer RSLinx classic through my Rockwell account, but Rockwell asks for information I do not have, like original purchasers name and/or Key numbers. I typed in the original company name, but there is a mismatch with Rockwell, who know what info they may have used?  I'd hate to toss all of this software away (RSLogix500, RSLogix5, Studio 5000, Factory View, Panelbuilder, ect... ) because RSlinx has some problem. My company no longer supports this old laptop, and rockwell is reluctant to help. This is really used as a programmer tool, not really a useable business laptop anymore.  I also dont know the legal or copyright issues, or if Rockwell considers my company a continuation of the original owner?? I'm in engineering, not the legal dept. I certainly dont want to stir the pot if I don't have to. LOL
  3. Melsec Medoc K2N

    Hi, I have a client with an old K2N CPU configuration. Is there a communication module that I can use, so that I can upload the excisting program to my PC with my old version of melsec medoc, over RS232? We need the program to upgrade the PLC to a new type. But they don't have a program or a listing of the program.
  4. Hi and thanks for youre time  I am a newbie trying to connect to a 1769-L30ERMS using an Ethernet cable. I am using Studio 5000 and RSLinx Classic lite for programming and communication. However Studio 5000 and RSLinx Classic lite are installed on av virtual machine using VMware.  So my problem is two fold. Connect the VM so that it reads from the real computers ethernet port Find and communicate with the PLC from the VM There are guides on how these problems are addressed seperatly. For example and however I have not been able to get them to work together. So I was wondering if you, the sages of PLC programming might have some tips or trix that I could test or perhaps even a guide for how to do? Mvh Eric
  5. HydMech control issues

    I have a HydMech H14A Automatic bandsaw that I am currently experiencing an odd issue with. When in Auto the saw operates fine, but when in manual the rear vise open function is not working. I have a signal from HMI to the input at the PLC, but no signal coming from the corresponding output. The status light for the output (Y012) never lights up when in manual, but, again, the saw functions flawlessly in Auto. Have changed HMI, PLC, ribbon cables for input/outputs and comm cable. When viewing program to asses issue, i have to unplug the comm cable in order to plug in my computer, meaning that even though I can see logic, I cannot see it during operation. 2 things. 1- on the off chance that someone has experienced  this same problem, what did you find? 2- is there a way to view program while it is actively running code? Hardware= Mitsubishi Melsec FX3UC-32MT/DSS, Software= MELSOFT series GX Works2
  6. PLC Reset?

    Hi guys, I always wondering, what is reset when reset button is click? Does the setting from address D from HMI will be lost? Does internal memory of PLC is reset? Anything thats not reset? Or just reset sequence? Thanks.
  7. I am trying to online edit a program in a MELSEC QCPU, using GX Works2, but I keep getting this error "A file which does not exist in the PLC was specified" <ES:010a4022> Few weeks ago I had just online edited the same program in the same PLC with the same steps with no problem. There had been no changes to the PLC after that. Just all a sudden when I try to edit yesterday I get this error. Not an expert in Mitsubishi, just started learning the basics. Connection to PLC is by USB cable. Steps I followed to connect to PLC:    -Online > Read from PLC    -Select PLC Series: QCPU (Q mode)    -Select PLC side I/F Serial Setting: Serial USB    -Select all target program to Read, then Execute I am editing the file that I had just read from PLC Steps I followed to online edit:    -Online > Monitor > Monitor (Write mode)    -Execute the function below when mode is changed: Checked all    -Edit the program (basically just deleted one -||- contact and drew back the line)    -Compile > Online Program Change Then Bam! error get! "A file which does not exist in the PLC was specified" <ES:010a4022> I had tried Verify with PLC, but all results match. Is there something I am missing? Help much appreciated!
  8. Backup Legacy PLC

    I am looking into how to connect/backup the existing programming on some legacy PLC's. I have been trying to find the information on this site, which is awesome!  But I feel I am getting lost in all the different software/PLC's types.  As I understand it, we have a Melsec-A or A2AScpu.  Now there is what appears to be a pin cable when you open the swivel door on the PLC that would allow you to connect it to a PC. Where I am getting lost is "do I need a specific cable for this, I know some pin cables will have the wiring line up differently per the pins"  and or "what software would work best to allow me to take a current backup of the existing programming on the PLC." Please understand I am new to PLC's.  But I am willing to learn, right now I am thinking about using some older PLC's we have that are not in use to start with so I can learn but I just feel a little overwhelmed with all the differences in both PLC versions and the software you can use.  I also think if I can lock in the backup/restore process i will always be in a position to revert back should (more than likely) I make any mistakes. Any help with pointing me a good place to start for the specific PLC I am referring to would be really appreciated.
  9. Hello Mrplc's members I have a Korean version " goldsec Moj2" of Mitsubishi plc A0j2 I need to know the right software for it And how to get it I tried GX Developer but it didn't work because it have only A0J2h type And I tried melsec medoc (version 1.64) but it didn't have A series CPUs
  10. I put together a system a couple of years ago with a L306ERM with I-O, PanelView, etc and I was sold Studio 5000 Lite to program it. It worked out ok on that project but now I have a project that I need to use a Powerflex 525 VFD and the software won't let me add the Powerflex. I've tried several different PFs and none can be added. It crashes at the Create button and puts out the wonderfully descriptive message of "Unknown Error" Email AB support. As of 4-1-21, AB doesn't take emails for Powerflex drives. Anyone know if the Lite version of Studio 5000 will work with a Powerflex 525?Thanks you for looking.
  11. melsec medoc error

    Hi Mr.PLC Members, I have Mitsubishi FX16MT unit, I'm trying to transfer programs to it using melsec medoc version 1.64b but I can't  I'm receiving error "no reply from PLC system",I'm using 25 pin to 9 pin cable and I tried also to connect it with usb to serial cable but the same error appeared  my setup: PLC system        FX Bit rate                 300 word length          7 parity                    Even stopbits                 2 "windows XP" Attached are photo of my unit with my cables and the error of the program  
  12. Unable to read comments

    Hello, I seem to be having trouble reading comments from PLC in GX Developer.  The PLC is an ACPU, Everytime I try to read comments using GX Developer I get the following error. "The comment was not read correctly". I found an old project from this PLC that has comments, But im unable to read any current ones. Anyone experienced this before?
  13. GXWorks 2 Comment Translation

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you have experience translating comments. To be more specific, I have been tasked with translating all of the comments in my plant from japanese to english. We have many different series of PLCs, but they are all mitsubishi, and I will be using GXWorks 2 for 99% of them. I had the idea of writing the comments to a CSV file, Translate them there, and then just read them from CSV back into the project. I have tried numerous methods, but it seems the CSV loses format and isnt able to be read back into GXWorks. Some of these comment files have almost 10,000 comments. Do any of you have any suggestions on the best way to translate these comments over, in a more automated way than manually one-by-one.  Thanks in advance for any support you can provide!
  14. Hi everybody; could you please help me;i would like to learn how to convert a sinwave signal with analog input of my R60ADV8 module.How many samples should i convert ? what is the maximum frequency of the input signal? and how to  recover the sinwave signal in the analog output of the R60DA4 module? i can convert dc signals from sensors  and recover them in the analog output;but i have no idea how to do with sinwave signals. Sincerlly yours
  15. Serial comm with FX1N PLC

    I need to communicate with a Mitsubishi PLC using Matlab. To do that, I open a serial communication with the appropiate parameters (7,e,1,9600), and write an ASCII message based on the manual I have (attached). I have tried examples as the one in the attached image. The response starts with a 6, that is, the ASCII number for ACK, so something must be working. But the rest of the response is junk (149, 149, 149...), although its length depends on the input length (if I add terminator, the response is longer, and so on). I am completely stuck. Some information that might be helpful: I am using a Serial to USB converter that I have used successfully with other PLC (which used Modbus, so everything was easier) There's a VB application (of which I don't have the code) that is able to connect to the PLC (I need to connect directly without using this intermediate app). I have decompiled it trying to get some info, but was just able to confirm the 7,e,1,9600 parameters, since the rest of the code is too mangled to analyze The attached manual was sent to me by the guy who designed the PLC and its ladder code, so I guess it is the correct one I have tried the echo mode (TT) to no avail, response is always the same I have some doubts regarding the reading of a value (see attached image). Why is there a second message from the PC? Shouldn't I just need to read the response? GX Developer tells me that the address D8120 (which is supposed to define the comm format and protocol) contains a 0, which seems weird. Any help or hint would be greatly appreciated. Thanks jy992d69901e.pdf
  16. We have an application using a Mitsubishi L02CPU-P with a built in ethernet module. At one time the TCP/IP interface became irresponsive and a hard reset was required. The device is configured for binary communication and works fine using a GOT therminal and also operates fine when queried from a GX Works application. During debugging of a custom MELSEC application the TCP/IP interface stopped responding and could no longer be located using GX Works and the GOT terminal also lost contact. The L02CPU-P continued running the control application, but could no longer be contacted. The only way to recover was using the L02CPU-P reset button. I have heard developers being restrictive using the TCP/IP interface remotely over VPN and unstable connection due to the risk of hanging the device and not being able to recover without a personal visit to the device. Any experience from L02CPU-P devices requiring hard reset to come "online" again? Or does it enter some default state due to some internal exception handling?

    Hi everybody,  Is it possible to send MELSEC commands to oneself, locally, not using the phiysical ports? I would like to use some commands described in the "Communication_Protocol_Reference_Manual_(MELSEC)" to get some self-management functions in my PLC.  For example, in OMRON this is possible using CMND instruction and setting the FINS address to 0.0.0 in the parameters of the instruction. Thank you very much. 
  18. Wonderware DASMTEthernet Driver

    I have a client who is duplicating an existing Wonderware SCADA/MELSEC Q Series with a Wonderware 2014 R2 configuration, which they want to maintain that version.  The driver they use is the DASMTEthernet, which is no longer available from Wonderware.  I'm looking for any lead I can find to get hold of this driver, or a good solution to resolve the communications.
  19. Device point error between Parameter and PLC

    Hello all, I am a beginner with PLCs programming. I have an issue on GX Developer programming software from Melsoft trying to program my Mitsubishi Q-series PLC. CPU is Q03UDCPU. When the program is written and I try to upload it to the PLC, with the write to PLC window, I check -Program -- MAIN and -Prameter -- PLC/Network/Remote, click EXECUTE and a message appears : "Device point that is set in parameter is not match the device point in PLC". I can't fix it. In Parameter - PLC Parameter - Q parameter setting (window) - I/O assignment tab : I have (see image). Whe I use CHECK button it says there is no error. The X41 input device is plugged on slot 1/00. I am making this folowing the instructions a PDF I found on the Mitsubishi electric's wesite : Q-series basic course (for GX Developer). Thanks for the help, A. S.
  20. Please assist me with the following; regarding the ME96SSHA-MB Power meter data transition with Melsec-Q series PLC; We acquire to read various values on dedicated Modbus storage address registers at the simultaneous into a Melsec-Q series PLC via Modbus (TCP or RTU)  for calculation purposes. Naturally, since the reading of these variables are to provide accurate instantaneous results, it is a requirement that these values are to be read at one scan.   However, as can be seen below, there is a gap in address register range – of which, if all of these are scanned simultaneously, yields an exception error when read. This error is only avoided by scanning these data sets separately – which is not ideal for our application – since accuracy in calculations is imperative.
  21. Please assist me with the following; regarding the ME96SSHA-MB Power meter data transition with Melsec-Q series PLC; We acquire to read various values on dedicated Modbus storage address registers at the simultaneous into a Melsec-Q series PLC via Modbus (TCP or RTU)  for calculation purposes. Naturally, since the reading of these variables are to provide accurate instantaneous results, it is a requirement that these values are to be read at one scan.   However, as can be seen below, there is a gap in address register range – of which, if all of these are scanned simultaneously, yields an exception error when read. This error is only avoided by scanning these data sets separately – which is not ideal for our application – since accuracy in calculations is imperative.
  22. Profibus Function Blocks for Q2ASCPU for Melsec ST Lite RIO inter-connection. Please assist in advising the attainment of such blocks - if any existing. Thanks
  23. MES interface IT

    Can I use just QJ71MES96 without the Q12DCCPU-V in MES interface? I am not sure if Q12DCCPU is still needed when monitoring only 1 PLC(Q03DVCPU) and sending data to a database.
  24. Is there a list of words, particularly d0000- dxxxx, used by got hmi that is not apparently found in gx works program but cannot be used since it will affect the hmi, like turn off hmi screen. For example i cannot find d14 in program but it is being used in hmi but not in buttons, rather configuration. Plc and hmi Connected via ethernet, udp protocol
  25. Hi, I'm trying to set up a TCP communication between a Q03UDECPU and a Beijer E110 panel  I've tried both TCP and UDP as "communication mode" in E-Designer. nothing seems to work.  What I'm I doing wrong Se attached files from E-designer and Gx IEC Developer