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  1.  Hey guys I'm trying to get a older (windows 7) laptop full of A-B software up and running for my company. Like may companies, we have been reorganized and the person who bought the software under another company name no longer "owns" this company computer. Long story short, I'm having an RSLinx fault "RSLinx communication server has stopped working". I do not have the original discs or software key number information.   I can pull up the PLC software, hook up to a PLC using the DF1 comms, auto configure and detect the PLCs/panelviews in linx, so everthing, so the ports and cables seem ok to that point. But when I try to go online, or upload I get this fault. Is this an easy fix?   Will I need to reload linx 2.59 (no longer available), or could I download the free RSLinx Lite and communicate through that? I tried to download newer RSLinx classic through my Rockwell account, but Rockwell asks for information I do not have, like original purchasers name and/or Key numbers. I typed in the original company name, but there is a mismatch with Rockwell, who know what info they may have used?  I'd hate to toss all of this software away (RSLogix500, RSLogix5, Studio 5000, Factory View, Panelbuilder, ect... ) because RSlinx has some problem. My company no longer supports this old laptop, and rockwell is reluctant to help. This is really used as a programmer tool, not really a useable business laptop anymore.  I also dont know the legal or copyright issues, or if Rockwell considers my company a continuation of the original owner?? I'm in engineering, not the legal dept. I certainly dont want to stir the pot if I don't have to. LOL