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  1. q03udvcpu gp 4501t linked words

    Solved. Gp 4000 has display control linked to plc in display unit> system area where dxxx is specified.
  2. Is there a list of words, particularly d0000- dxxxx, used by got hmi that is not apparently found in gx works program but cannot be used since it will affect the hmi, like turn off hmi screen. For example i cannot find d14 in program but it is being used in hmi but not in buttons, rather configuration. Plc and hmi Connected via ethernet, udp protocol
  3. q03 write to boot file sd

    you mean write to SD card yes?I have tried program memory already.I think this should do it.thanks gambit
  4. q03 write to boot file sd

    I tried to write to plc checking only plc parameters then execute but when plc power is reset, the parameters are changed to original. how do you write in SD card of q03udvcpu? I am downloading via ethernet
  5. prosoft gateway CCLINK

    edited my post..some gateways have max connections or have timeout problems that i am worried about since this is going to be communicating most of the production so they cant have constant timeout problems
  6. Help with CC - Link IE Field

    describe "link IE field appears to be ok" or screen shot if possible. what is the configuration in the IO parameters?
  7. prosoft gateway CCLINK

    Has anyone used EtherNet/IP to CC-Link Local & Intelligent Station Gateway of prosoft? is there a timeout issue even with a small network of 2 Q CPU and 1 controllogix connected via etherned? I need to read and write data to and from 2 Q CPU and Clx so I am considering this as an option.   editted: not lag but more of timeout issue if there is simultaneous read write from both melsec and clx with 3 DINT words. 
  8. MES interface IT

    @kaare_t im just curious as to why they have a US version as they supposedly support mitsubishi AB communication which is the end goal. The database transfer is just secondary goal. I am still  waiting for the mitsu rep for my inquiry.
  9. MES interface IT

    did they send you a reference/user manual for the MES96US? it is not available/searchable online yet.
  10. MES interface IT

    I have yet to buy the MES interface or CCPU-V..well, based on the offerings. QJ71MES96US is my go-to for RA (contrologix) - mitsubishi communication. Since CCPU-V is not there, I assume it can do all listed functions and more since you can program with C language.
  11. MES interface IT

    if 17MES96  has the same function that i am looking for which is to write to a database(but even better if send a message to allen bradley but highly doubt) then I would just get this one.
  12. MES interface IT

    Can I use just QJ71MES96 without the Q12DCCPU-V in MES interface? I am not sure if Q12DCCPU is still needed when monitoring only 1 PLC(Q03DVCPU) and sending data to a database.
  13. latch clear operation

    how can I clear without using latchclear? because I just want to unlatch one L  bit
  14. latch clear operation

    is this just RST?
  15. overwrite linked word

    but isnt it read/write meaning its a two communication between the station as long as no one is writing on the other side it is fine