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  1. HydMech control issues

    Appear to have found the problem. jumper from 0vdc to x007, stab in terminal wasnt seated properly in the breakout board. was able to narrow down from offline untagged program using a little brain juice. Thanks for your help!
  2. HydMech control issues

    hey there, it seems to be an H14A SV. looks to be proprietary to HydMech as i doesnt have any other mfg on the unit
  3. HydMech control issues

    I have a HydMech H14A Automatic bandsaw that I am currently experiencing an odd issue with. When in Auto the saw operates fine, but when in manual the rear vise open function is not working. I have a signal from HMI to the input at the PLC, but no signal coming from the corresponding output. The status light for the output (Y012) never lights up when in manual, but, again, the saw functions flawlessly in Auto. Have changed HMI, PLC, ribbon cables for input/outputs and comm cable. When viewing program to asses issue, i have to unplug the comm cable in order to plug in my computer, meaning that even though I can see logic, I cannot see it during operation. 2 things. 1- on the off chance that someone has experienced  this same problem, what did you find? 2- is there a way to view program while it is actively running code? Hardware= Mitsubishi Melsec FX3UC-32MT/DSS, Software= MELSOFT series GX Works2