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  1. Analog output fail A1S

    Not really familiar with VFD but is whole module fail or just a point? Anything abnormal from 5 of those VFD?  I think isolator is also a solution, your system been running fine for 10 years then not even with new module. Probably something on your VFD. Btw, I always wonder, what is the resistance reading indicate when we measure on intput/output terminal? 
  2. Contact Voltage?

    Digital Output. Is there any where I can study detail on this? I just confused how the whole, output can send 0V.  Btw, I also wondering, how do I know the VDC value should I get at DO point when the signal is ON/OFF? As for DI already clear, need to check which one is connected to S/S.
  3. Contact Voltage?

    Same for DO?
  4. Contact Voltage?

    Hi, sorry takes sometime to reply. Yes, our PLC was FX3U. So meaning the one connected to S/S will be common right? Is 24V is + and 0v is -? Btw, I found the output also act the same way, when DO is ON, it give 0V and 24V when OFF. Is it also based on S/S wiring? One thing I cannot understand, the DO give 0V when DO is ON but when we check contact at contactor (output receiver), it received 24V.
  5. Siemens TIA Portal 16 Graph Language

    You can download S7 Graph from Siemens website.  Edit: Where do you procure the current trial software for SIMATIC S7-GRAPH V5.6? - ID: 109748125 - Industry Support Siemens
  6. Loop Check for Digital Output

    Hi guys, Currently I use MCR to disable program and create a M direct to Y, and online change for each Y It a bit slow for online change to completed. So, I wonder how to do loopcheck for let say 64 points DO? I try to make MOV M100 Y0 K4 but not success. Target to make M directly trigger a Y. Thanks!
  7. QY41P Dry Contact

    Thanks. I thought the common can be separated as we have spare from A20 to A05. End up install interposing relay.
  8. QY41P Dry Contact

    Hi guys. So I have a QY41P, currently signal is wet contact with 24VDC. I would like to use same module but with dry contact 0V, is it possible? I see there are 2 common termination provide but not sure how it was separate, from manual looks like it shared for all output. Thanks!    
  9. FX1N

    What is your input pulse interval? Normal condition, the input will always pulsing? If abnormal input no pulse? During actual test, does Y0 trigger?
  10. Contact Voltage?

    Hi guys. During trobuleshooting one of our machines, I found that some DI modules give 24VDC when contact is OFF and 0VDC when contact is ON. Is there anywhere I can configure and change that setting? Thanks.
  11. Communication timeout Error - GOT2000

    Did you able to read the GOT or do communication test?
  12. Control Melsec-FX-5U over internet in realtime

    Basically, you want a remote access to your PLC through internet? Try go search for MCWorks and MXConfigurator.  
  13. MOV H400 K4M60? Hexadecimal

    Thanks! How about H400?  Binary is  010000000000 , does it mean it was for M70?
  14. MOV H400 K4M60? Hexadecimal

    Hi guys, I come across a program with instruction MOV H10 K4M60 But I cannot understand how this will turn on M64? Tried to convert from H10 to binary (00010000). Also there is MOV H400 K4M60 and I'm not sure which bit is trigger. I believe it was M65 but the binary is 010000000000. Thanks!  
  15. I believe you need to check all PLC/HMI, see if any of them if connected/referring to network #3. If I'm not mistaken, you could check at CC Link configuration, maybe for IO mapping. Btw, which model of PLC?