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  1. Q68ADG - Abnormal Analog Input

    Hi guys, So I found that CH2 on Q68ADG is abnormal. Whenever I short the termination, the digital value goes max to 4096. Input is set to 4-20mA with normal resolution. I tried to simulate 4mA-20mA but still same result. Does this mean the CH2 is damaged? Equipment at site is normal and give 5mA signal. Thanks!
  2. GXWorks2 - FX3U Special Module

    Hi guys. So I try to read FX3U PLC using GXWorks2. There are 2 unit of Analog Input module installed but I cannot read the module from GXWorks2. I am trying to find input mode setting in the program to define the AI range but cannot find any. D2002 is the AI channel. I back-traced from GOT address. Any advise? Thanks!      
  3. Read Thru MelsecNet/H Q-Series

    I updated the version of GXWorks2, now its all OK! Thanks again mate.
  4. Read Thru MelsecNet/H Q-Series

    Thanks! Got it! Thank you very much! But just to confirm, when I read thru melsecnet, I cannott read intelligent module, is that normal case? If read direct read from USB, I can read the intelligent module.
  5. Read Thru MelsecNet/H Q-Series

    Thanks! Some question tho;   "Sure, Open one of the slave projects. Create a new  connection destination and call ot ViaMaster or something like that. Now you should get the transfer setup. First make the same settings as you have for your master coms (usb... ethernet... ). press the connection test button. It should say that is found the master PLC." For this, I required to connect to master or slave? Or required to open any slave projects and connected to master? I am using USB to read the PLC.   "Click on tne picture and enter the network number you have setup for your Melsecnet and the station number of the slave which you want to communicate with. press the connection test button. It should now be connected to your slave " I am struggling to find network no for the melsec net and station no for the slave PLC. Is there anywhere I can check from Master PLC parameter setting?   Thanks again! 
  6. Read Thru MelsecNet/H Q-Series

    Could advise on how to do? By read/write I didnt mean for read/write the IO but the program/parameter, ie to modify slave 1 PLC from master PLC. Thanks!
  7. Read Thru MelsecNet/H Q-Series

    Hi guys. So I got 3 PLC connected to 1 Master PLC. The connection is melsecnetH using fiber optic. I was wondering, is it possible to read/write to slave PLC thru master PLC?  I am using GXWorks2 and all PLC is Q-series. Thanks.
  8. Lacthed Memory Turned Off?

    Already did cross reference. The coil is not written by any bits. Any idea?
  9. Lacthed Memory Turned Off?

    Hi guys. I'm experiencing a latched memory turned off even all of the contact is still on and trigger the coil. Anyone familiar with this? Thanks!
  10. Device monitor in GX-Works 2

    Does monitor mode showing value?