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  1. Keypad not showing in simulation

    Found the solution for this. Check for trigger device.in numerical input setting. Make sure the device is ON and you good to go. Normally this was setup due to make sure only one HMI can operate the SP. There are 2 HMI for this system located at different places.
  2. Hi guys. Somehow I cannot open keypad for numerical input from simulation. The HMI is using user-defined keywindow for keypad. Setting as below: Any advice on what to check? I have been messing around with the setting with no luck. Thanks!
  3. Q-Series - Decimal value in HMI?

    Thank you! WIll keep this in mind in future.  Btw, integer in PLC cannot read decimal right? They required two D register, how do I compared them in PLC with single integer from HMI. Eg, from calculation, result is 1.35. Register at D1 = 1 and D2 = 35. How do I compare with SP from D3 = 1.35?
  4. Q-Series - Decimal value in HMI?

    Thank you very much!
  5. Hi guys, So I want to divide two D value and comparing the result to setpoint and trigger alarm accordingly. Most the time, the result of the division will come out with decimal point. I am not familiar how to deal with decimal, floating, integer, etc before this.  I try to do as below, actual result is 1.666.  D8100 - 1 , D81001 - 6 How do I properly put decimal value in D and to show in HMI? Thanks!
  6. Q-Series - Operation Error 4100

    I believe there is no SD card attached. Any advise on what should I check? Some background, 1. There are around  7 PLC connected together through MelsecNET. 2. All PLC indicate this error. ERR LED lit up but not affecting sequence. 3. LED ERR will turn off after reset and come back on later, maybe after the instruction trigger.  
  7. Q-Series - Operation Error 4100

    Hi Gambit, Thanks for you reply. What do you mean by File read/write? Is it the same as normal read/write like "MOV D1 D2" or is it read/write to/from ATA card? Sorry I am not familiar with this instruction.  Btw, why there is error when read/write command is used? Thanks.
  8. Q-Series - Operation Error 4100

    Hi guys. I found error on PLC and from PLC diagnostic I found this Operation Error 4100 as per attach picture. FYI, there is no SD card mount onto this PLC. I wonder what is ATA card. This error wont affect the operation. Any advise on what to check?   This ladder is pop up when I clicked, error jump.   Thanks.
  9. FX3U Plc Error when using TON

    I never use/cant understand structured ladder. Btw, try click Error Help, PLC will tell you whats wrong. Btw, I think, with minor error, your PLC should still be run as usual.
  10. GOT/GTDesigner3 Coordinates Error?

    Thanks! I have uncheck the "check for overlapping objects" and the error is gone. I try to find the said overlap object but cannot find any. Is there any better way to do it?
  11. PLC Reset?

    Thanks! So will need to set Start-End address for the Latch 2? If none is set meaning all register will be clear upon PLC reset right? How about if the value is set (Numerical input) in HMI, will the value be reset? I have encountered some reset and some doesnt. Or the HMI have their own memoy?
  12. PLC Reset?

    How to check for battery backed relay and register?
  13. Hi guys. I was getting Coordinates error popped up everytime I tried to go the page. If click OK, everything is normal and can operate as usual. Just wondering how to eliminate and what causing this error. Thanks!  
  14. PLC Reset?

    Hi guys, I always wondering, what is reset when reset button is click? Does the setting from address D from HMI will be lost? Does internal memory of PLC is reset? Anything thats not reset? Or just reset sequence? Thanks.
  15. Q68ADG - Abnormal Analog Input

    Hi guys, So I found that CH2 on Q68ADG is abnormal. Whenever I short the termination, the digital value goes max to 4096. Input is set to 4-20mA with normal resolution. I tried to simulate 4mA-20mA but still same result. Does this mean the CH2 is damaged? Equipment at site is normal and give 5mA signal. Thanks!