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  1. Wonderware DASMTEthernet Driver

    I have a client who is duplicating an existing Wonderware SCADA/MELSEC Q Series with a Wonderware 2014 R2 configuration, which they want to maintain that version.  The driver they use is the DASMTEthernet, which is no longer available from Wonderware.  I'm looking for any lead I can find to get hold of this driver, or a good solution to resolve the communications.
  2. G9SP Configurator

    I am at a client site that has a line with multiple Omron G9SP-N20S safety controllers installed and I need to make a modification to the system.  I tried to install the Omron Configurator and it asks for a serial number, and will not install without one.  Omron said that it is on the CD that ships with the unit, but the equipment manufacturer did not supply any of the CDs.  The only Omron solution is to order a replacement CD, that will take 5 days, which is 5 days too long as there is a hard stop in 2 days.  I have tried entering numbers found on the controller, with no success.  Does anyone have a better way, special contacts at Omron, to et it faster?
  3. MT Developer2 Crash on Save

    Every time I save a project in MT Developer2 (Version, Windows 7, Latest updates), it gives a Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error.  It saves the program but shuts down on the error.  I have put the error details below. Problem signature:   Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH   Application Name:    MT2.exe   Application Version:   Application Timestamp:    57172daa   Fault Module Name:    dao360.dll   Fault Module Version:    3.60.9756.0   Fault Module Timestamp:    49246e49   Exception Code:    c0000005   Exception Offset:    0006a113   OS Version:    6.1.7601.   Locale ID:    1033   Additional Information 1:    7bc6   Additional Information 2:    7bc68690c1dc34df918c040d13b0fbd8   Additional Information 3:    1262   Additional Information 4:    1262f51132883639ae1e0d499cf640b5  
  4. MELSEC Q Processor with SSCNET

    I was just handed this project with little information other than some pictures and a verbal.  It looks like the existing Q already has one Q172DEX module installed with one port being used as well as having a Q172DSCPU in the chassis with the Q13UDEHCPU.  The primary chassis is full and there is an existing remote IO just below it.
  5. MELSEC Q Processor with SSCNET

    I am looking at a conversion from an A series processor to a Q series and the existing A has a number of MELSEC MR-J2S-22KB and MR-J2S-350B servo controllers that appear to be using  SSCNET.  What do I need to control these with a Q series controller?
  6. Ladder Display Format Change

    My program has the option Tool | Options | Program Editor | Ladder | Ladder Diagram Display Format set to 11 Contacts.  Are there any repercussions to changing this on an existing program?  I would like to spread it out to the 17 Contact setting.
  7. MOV Addresses

    I am working on a Mitsubishi Q03UDE PLC and the previous controls had instructions that are unfamiliar to me as to how and why.  I have more experience with Rockwell, Siemens and Modicon, so I'm not real familiar with the Mitsubishi.  This is a ladder program with the instruction :  [MOV H3FF K3L11].  The hex constant changes at different locations and it appears this is setting/resetting Latch type coils starting at L11 (there are actually quite a number of starting addresses (K3Lxx(x)) referenced).  I have looked through (and done searches) through the manuals and cannot find a reference to this syntax.  Any help on where to find how this works and any other variation on it would be appreciated. Thanks!