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  1. Thanks Mr Rodney & Mr Crossbow for replying I checked the port and  They both ( software & device manager) use the same port (in my case port 3 ) And now the error is " communications timeout.check the port number, network address,baud rate,and the attached cable" when I select "search all baud rates" But if I didn't I get the same error " you must use the (RS232/usb)"
  2. The driver of the cable is usb serial CH340 "in device manager" And it's been installed from a cd came with the cable
  3. Thank you for replying The cable I'm using suppose to be used with s7 - 200 series as written "usb2.0 to RS485 for S7-200PLC series"
  4. I have Chinese machine which has 226CN cpu I'm trying to communicate with it to upload the current program and maybe modify it. But I can't communicate with it  I'm using Chinese cable rs 232 to usb and windows xp. When I use it I get "you must use rs232/usb PPI multi master" massage  Is there a problem with the cable or the software? I tried to change language of the software to Chinese ( as a solution I found on the internet)but it doesn't help What should I do?        
  5. A0j2 cpu software" Korean version"

    Thanks mr crossbow for your reply. Gx developer doesn't have A0J2 it has only A0J2h I need software has A0J2 type
  6. Hello Mrplc's members I have a Korean version " goldsec Moj2" of Mitsubishi plc A0j2 I need to know the right software for it And how to get it I tried GX Developer but it didn't work because it have only A0J2h type And I tried melsec medoc (version 1.64) but it didn't have A series CPUs
  7. melsec medoc error

    Thank you Mr Gambit Gx developer work great  When I select plc type FXU Thanks again for your time  
  8. melsec medoc error

  9. melsec medoc error

    Thank you Mr Gambit. I tried GX Developer but it doesn't have  My unit type, it has all FX series except mine I have FX 16MT &A0J2
  10. melsec medoc error

    Thank you Mr Rodney, my plc output is 25pin port and I have an old PC has 9pin female and other 9pin male ports  so I bought a 25 to 9 pin female cable I used it to communicate the plc but I get the same error  Attached photo of plc port & the cable I'm using. Sorry If I didn't understand you well  
  11. melsec medoc error

    Hi Mr.PLC Members, I have Mitsubishi FX16MT unit, I'm trying to transfer programs to it using melsec medoc version 1.64b but I can't  I'm receiving error "no reply from PLC system",I'm using 25 pin to 9 pin cable and I tried also to connect it with usb to serial cable but the same error appeared  my setup: PLC system        FX Bit rate                 300 word length          7 parity                    Even stopbits                 2 "windows XP" Attached are photo of my unit with my cables and the error of the program  
  12. Help Program C40P Using Computer

    Thanks gtsuport.
  13. Help Program C40P Using Computer

    Hi All, I am looking for a way to program the unit using the programming console, but there are two of them: Horizontal: 3G2A6-PRO15-E Portable: C200H-PRO27-E What is the difference between the two programming devices? Attached is a part of the C200H-PRO27-E portable manual. A note from the manual indicates that "The programming console connot be used to create programs with more than one cyclic task. Use the CX-Programmer if more than one cyclic task is required.", what does one cyclic task mean? Does it mean that it needs a start button/switch to keep re-executing the program? Can I program an entire program using the programming console 3G2A6-PRO15-E? Or will I face the same limitation?
  14. Help Program C40P Using Computer

    I am looking for a way to program the unit, but not yet sure what is the best way to do this.
  15. Help Program C40P Using Computer

    Hi Michael, Thank you for your reply. I am asking about a direct way to connect and program the C40P using a computer as I don't have the needed hardware (the programming unit or the cables). I didn't find an answer to this question in the form.