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    My code is in the link. This example is using SEND and RECV,  but I need to use CMND. Thanks

    Hi all,  Could someone offer me an example of FINS communications between CJ PLCs using CMND or CMND2?? I have been trying it and I am able to send or write, but I am not receiving the response properly.  Thank you!! https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/42788-no-response-cmnd2-fins/
  3. FINS for Online Edition

    Hi, Does anyone know how to do an online edition using FINS commands? Thank you!
  4. Export/Import PDL WinCC

    Hi all, Do you know a way to export/import the graphics screens (PDL) from a human understandable language (XML, CSV, JSON, etc)?? Thanks!
  5. Instruction "+F" And you can do an array and sum them using FOR. Or indirect addressing. 
  6. 3 Data Memory into 1

    NASL and ANDW??
  7. Hi all,  I am trying to modify the date and time of several PLCs from other PLC. Them are all CJ2M, and they are all in the same ethernet network (192.168.100.xx) and in the same FINS network (#1). I am doing it using the FINS command 07 02 ("CLOCK WRITE") with the CMND2 instruction. It is not working entirely: the clock time is being modified at the specified node; however, I do not get the FINS response (expected 07 02 00 00). If I modify the number of retries of the CMND2, the command is repeated all the specified retries though the clock was already written on the first try.  The D+0 and D+1 (response channels) are always #0; nevertheless, the I+1 ("Communication Completion Code" channel) allways receives #205. Acording to the manuals, this code is for "Response Timeout". I have tested it with 10 retries and with 10.0 seconds of monitoring response time, but it is working in the same way: the clock is modified fast enough, but I am not getting the FINS Response and the I+0.00 bit is ON after 100 seconds...  I have been also doing tests with the OMRON's Etherway Software, sending the same FINS command, and here I am getting the response properly. (???) I would say the FINS network was set-up correctly. All the PLC were set in network #1 with Cx-Integrator. In fact, they are currently sharing several channels using the SEND command on this network #1. I don't know what I am not doing right... Any idea?  The ladder is attached as .cxp and as .png. Thanks a lot.  Best regards.  CLOCK_WRITE.cxp
  8. Plants with many PLCs OMRON

    I would like to propose a system to control the PLC programmers' activity, improving the proccess control and the security of the sequence. Thanks
  9. I also got this Error Code. My problem was that the Memory Capacity (steps) was higher in Parameters than in the real PLC. 
  10. Hi, I am new using SIEMENS. I am programming a KTP 400 Comfort. linked to a S7-1200. I would like to ask you how to do a solution I normally used in OMRON. There, I use an "indirect label" to index the line of a TXT file I want to show in a label of a button or indicator. This is similar to the "list of text" in TIA Portal. However, in OMRON I found the way to updated automatically the TXT file in the HMI using a computer but not using the software of OMRON. So, I would like to know how to do something similar using this SIEMENS HMI. I would like to show a label whose text changes according to the value of an index. However I would like to be able to change the file where the index points (TXT, CSV, etc) but not using TIA Portal. I would program a software to send the updated file automatically under FTP, or under the protocol you suggest me. Thank you very much.
  11. Plants with many PLCs OMRON

    PM, Thanks
  12. Plants with many PLCs OMRON

    Hi colleagues, I would like to ask you about companies in whose plants have many OMRON PLCs, such as NISSAN. Thanks
  13. Update NS from PLC

    Hi,  Is it possible to update a TXT file of the HMI from the PLC? The following link is explaining how to update manually one file in the HMI using Telnet and FTP.  https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=1157 I think I would be able to program the FTP functions in the PLC to do this part. However, I have no idea how to do the Telnet part with the PLC. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  14. FINS Address using Ethernet/IP

    That was I expected, that is using UDP. But using Ethernet/IP, as I am telling, different devices with different IP addresses are detected with the same FINS address (normally, F1.0.F1 or F2.0.F2), even when they are connected simultaneously.  Thank you for your attention.