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  1. How to combine 2 different WORD to create a single FLOAT

    Here's an example. Can anyone have a more elegant solution?  
  2. How to combine 2 different WORD to create a single FLOAT

  3. NC (Normally Closed) contact not working on mitsubshi HMI

    Is this what you want?
  4. NC (Normally Closed) contact not working on mitsubshi HMI

    Throw off please projects, too lazy to type yourself.
  5. need help! cant connect to PLC through HMI (MItsubishi)

    I don't have a GT2107, but these projects should work. - FX5U.gx3 - GT2107.gx3.GTX
  6. need help! cant connect to PLC through HMI (MItsubishi)  GS2107 differs from Gt2107 with stripped-down functionality. Everything else is the same. When writing a project to the panel, select USB instead of Ethernet
  7. need help! cant connect to PLC through HMI (MItsubishi)

    Explore the tutorials.    
  8. GT2107-WTSD not showing in GT Designer3

    Probably an old version of the program ??
  9. GT Designer

    Take out the light bulb first. Then on top of it a transparent button. But in the plc or in the panel scripts, you need to reset the switch counter. Because the button will count until it overflows in a circle. Or hang up the M register on the button. And in the PLC program, add or subtract the number of lamp output to the screen. I don’t know any other options.
  10. Gxworks installtion error cde

    In any unclear situation, reinstall Windows   ;) The length of the path to the executable file must not exceed (I don't remember how many) the number of characters. Copy the installation archive (folder) to the root of the C drive
  11. Q03UDE IP address won't change???

    Try clearing / formatting the CPU memory. And upload a clean project. With default settings. If it does not help, wait for a response from more experienced users.
  12. Everything will be fine. When you use the ModBus TCP protocol, the device is identified by the IP address and this identifier is not used in ModBus TCP and requires 255 by default. It is needed if you have a ModBus TCP <-> ModBus RTU convector. The convector receives a ModBus packet via IP and then sends it to the RS-485 network using addressing to the device using this ID.
  13. Also the first time I had a problem with the address of the registers. This postscript is hard to spot.
  14. Slave ID adress 255. The parameters that I changed after resetting to the factory settings and the result of the ModBus TCP exchange. FR-A840 parametr (ModBus TCP - Only Read).frc2
  15. After changing the settings, you need to reboot the power. Looks like it looks right. But I don't remember exactly (it was long ago). It seems that the parameters are also important: 79, 340, 550, 551. p.s. Another common recommendation is to reset to factory settings before starting the setup. Because someone before you could have changed something.