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  1. Hello. I will be very grateful for your help! There is a MELSEC-L controller (GX Works2), it is necessary to implement PID controllers. Question: Is it possible to work with 33 or more PID controllers at the same time? Why I have this question: 1) There is a : MELSEC-Q/L/QnA Programming Manual (PID Control Instructions) On page №16, there is a table that says "Number of PID control loops: 32 loops (maximum)". 2) In the : MELSEC-Q/L Programming Manual (Common Instruction) On page №737, there is a description of the "PID" function block, where there is no limit on the number of uses. I saw a note about the CPU serial number. 3) On the Mitsubishi website there is a library : I can't figure out if there's a limit to how many PID controllers can work at the same time in a program. What is the difference between PID controllers (from the points above)? p.s. I liked the pid regulator from point №2 the most.
  2. GX IEC Developer

    Please share, I have a key. I do not know from which specific version (key). But I think that it will fit the latest version of the program.
  3. GX IEC Developer

    I can't find the IEC Developer licensed installer anywhere. I checked the global, European and Japanese Mitsubishi sites. Why isn't he there? Can someone suggest where to find it?
  4. MELSEC-L PID Control

    The problem is that everywhere in the manuals there was no PID function that does everything with one function. They are complex and fragmented. I was only able to find a description of it here:
  5. MELSEC-L PID Control

    Thanks Can't find it in search. By this name I constantly stumble upon another instruction, as in the e-Manual Viewer.
  6. MELSEC-L PID Control

    The only place where it is told about the PID controller, but there is no "PID" function block. Or am I blind (( Or MELSEC-L does not support such a function??
  7. MELSEC-L PID Control

    Hello. I have worked with PID controller in IQ-R and IQ-F series. It took to apply in MELSEC-L. I found the same function block, but I can't find the documentation for it anywhere. In the "e-Manual Viewer" it finds a combination of PIDRUN, PIDINT and the like, but there is no description for the "PID" function block. Help find a description.
  8. FX3 read project a warning

    That is, before reading the project, create an empty project ? And only then read? Immediately after opening the program (without creating a new project), I clicked to read the project.
  9. FX3 read project a warning

  10. Mitsubishi FX5 read/write from PC with nodejs

    Unfortunately I am not familiar with Node Js. Reading from writing differs only by the function code inside the ModBus message. I always look at this cheat sheet when working with ModBus.
  11. FX3 read project a warning

    A working controller FX3 on factory. It was necessary to subtract the project (using GX Works2) to save it in case of a PLC breakdown. Never faced such warnings before. What could it be because of? How to make sure that the read project can be used in the event of a PLC breakdown?
  12. Mitsubishi FX5 read/write from PC with nodejs

    FX5U have ModBus TCP (slave/Master). Maybe it will be easier on it? For ModBus TCP (slave) it is not necessary to write a program inside the PLC. In the "Enable" settings and you're done.
  13. iQ-R PLC cant retain variables

    Become familiar with the following concepts:  - Latch (1) - Latch (2)  
  14. Need more CapsLock.
  15. How to combine 2 different WORD to create a single FLOAT

    Here's an example. Can anyone have a more elegant solution?