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  1. CC-Link IE Field Basic (FX5U + A800-E)

    550, 551 - Installed. 1434 - A typo in the inverter wrote correctly. 1449..1454 - I thought that I correctly set the range of IP addresses from which you can give commands. Thank you very much. Has earned !!!
  2. CC-Link IE Field Basic (FX5U + A800-E)

    Does not work. Here is the list of parameters that are involved (most of them are by default). I will be grateful if you look and tell me what's wrong. 1.pdf
  3. Hello. There is a controller FX5U-32MP in the presence, the inscription "CC-Link IE Field Basic" and the Inverter (FR-A840-00170-E2-60) near the connector, the inscription "CC-Link IE Field Basic" on the front panel. I set up both devices according to the instructions. It turns out to read the state of the inverter (state, frequency). And I can not manage from the controller. Already all the settings that could have changed. Can you scribble what is wrong? p.s. Sorry for the bad english.