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  1. Device point error between Parameter and PLC

    Hey guys, Thanks all for responding to the topic. I say it again I'm a real real beginner, so quite lost. Since friday, my boss (sculptor working with motors for moving parts of the sculptures - that's why we begin and struggle with PLC programming) managed to solve the problem : he simply formated the memory card. It was a new one, never used.
  2. Device point error between Parameter and PLC

    Hi Collins, Thank you for your quick response ! I tried the way you recommand : it shows the same error message as before. I also tried both "Write the program memory to ROM" and "Write to PLC (Flash ROM)" via ONLINE --> WRITE TO PLC (Flash ROM). I still executed "Write to PLC (Flash ROM)" with "Param + Prog" checked in File Selection. Both of the WRITE TO PLC (Flash ROM) executions led to this message : "This function can't execute to selected drive. Check this function and try again. <ES:010a41ff>". I have to say I'm really a beginner. So I don't know what's the point with this <ES:010a41ff> ...  
  3. Device point error between Parameter and PLC

    Hello all, I am a beginner with PLCs programming. I have an issue on GX Developer programming software from Melsoft trying to program my Mitsubishi Q-series PLC. CPU is Q03UDCPU. When the program is written and I try to upload it to the PLC, with the write to PLC window, I check -Program -- MAIN and -Prameter -- PLC/Network/Remote, click EXECUTE and a message appears : "Device point that is set in parameter is not match the device point in PLC". I can't fix it. In Parameter - PLC Parameter - Q parameter setting (window) - I/O assignment tab : I have (see image). Whe I use CHECK button it says there is no error. The X41 input device is plugged on slot 1/00. I am making this folowing the instructions a PDF I found on the Mitsubishi electric's wesite : Q-series basic course (for GX Developer). Thanks for the help, A. S.