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  1. sinwave signal conversion with analog input

    Hi everybody, my module is rated -10v to +10v that means it can be used with any kind of signals Ac or DC and every wave form , it should only not exceed -10v and +10v. and the frequency of the signal must be lower than the conversion time of the adc module.Here an exemple on how to convert an AC sinwave signal v(alpha)=5Sin(alpha)  ; with alpha an angle in radian and the frequency of the signal 50Hz(T=20ms). the 200 values  of the converted sin wave signal willl be saved in an array in memory of the plc and then they will be sended to the digital/analog converter module so we can retrieve the sin wave signal. Hope it will be usefull for someone. sininoutradianalog.gx3
  2. help needed for reseting an sfc when emergency

    hi every body, i have found a solution to my problem.i post it here if it can help somebody. arreturgence.gx3
  3. help needed for reseting an sfc when emergency

    Hi gambit ,thank you very much for your help, i have found the following instructions: PAUSE/RSTART BL  and SET/RST BL I HAVE TRIED TO USE PAUSE BL AND RSTART BL , the pause commande work fine but the RSTART doesent work the scf wont restart. here an exemple of what i did (when i pressed a button on X1 a lampe starts blinking .when i prseesd a button on X2 the scf should stop, and when i push x2once again the sfc should restart , but it doesnt.could you please help me. sm321SFC.gx3
  4. help needed for reseting an sfc when emergency

    Hi Gambit thank you for your help, i am using IQ-R RCPU  R01 WITH GXWORKS3. using sfc with ladder methode.
  5. Hi everybody; could you please help me;i would like to reset my sfc when an emergency button is pressed(all steps should be deactivated and the intiale step activated).is there a bit system ho can do that ?  Sincerlly yours
  6. Hi everybody; could you please help me;i would like to learn how to convert a sinwave signal with analog input of my R60ADV8 module.How many samples should i convert ? what is the maximum frequency of the input signal? and how to  recover the sinwave signal in the analog output of the R60DA4 module? i can convert dc signals from sensors  and recover them in the analog output;but i have no idea how to do with sinwave signals. Sincerlly yours
  7. rc01cpu and r60da4 help needed

    thank you sir very very much for your help, it's working good. Sincerlly yours
  8. rc01cpu and r60da4 help needed

    Hi every body, could you please help me; i have a mitsubishi plc serie iq-rwith the followings modules:powersupply r61p, r01cpu , rx40c7 inputs , ry10r2 outputs , r60adv8 analoginputs and r60da4 analog outputs. i am newbe with mitsubishi plc ;i would like to learn using the analog output of the R60DA4.for exemple i would send a digital value to the ch1 and convert it a voltage that i can mesure on the output of channel1.i have tried but i didn't succeed.i am using gxwork3.i have configured channel1 as +10v -10v output, normal mode , normal output;then i made a simple program in sfc to try this conversion but i get nothing in the output of channel1. i found that the digital value should be sent to the adress D11 wich is the adress of you will find the file i made with gxworks3.could you please help me. ANALOGOUTPUTSCF.gx3