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  1. user manual for keyence kl-n20a master unit

    Did anyone ever come across any documentation for this KL-N20A module? 11 years later, and it seems like no documentation exists for this. Kinda crazy coming from a company like Keyence, but it seems true. I have an older PLC system that seems to be having some I/O errors, and i believe its related to this Keyence module.  
  2. Unable to read comments

    I was wondering if its one of the two reasons: The PLC is unable to store comments The comments were written in Japanese, and my version of Developer is English. If it is true that the comments cannot be read from the PLC because they are Japanese. Is there any possible way to get the comments and translate them, and store them again? It seems this may be a big issue for me, as most of my PLCs were written in Japanese.
  3. Unable to read comments

    Hello, I seem to be having trouble reading comments from PLC in GX Developer.  The PLC is an ACPU, Everytime I try to read comments using GX Developer I get the following error. "The comment was not read correctly". I found an old project from this PLC that has comments, But im unable to read any current ones. Anyone experienced this before?
  4. GXWorks 2 Comment Translation

    Thanks a million.
  5. GXWorks 2 Comment Translation

    I wasnt aware it existed, Ive searched but havent been too successful. Is this integrated into GXWorks somehow and im missing it? Or is it a standalone? If so, where can i obtain it? Thanks for the reply
  6. GXWorks 2 Comment Translation

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you have experience translating comments. To be more specific, I have been tasked with translating all of the comments in my plant from japanese to english. We have many different series of PLCs, but they are all mitsubishi, and I will be using GXWorks 2 for 99% of them. I had the idea of writing the comments to a CSV file, Translate them there, and then just read them from CSV back into the project. I have tried numerous methods, but it seems the CSV loses format and isnt able to be read back into GXWorks. Some of these comment files have almost 10,000 comments. Do any of you have any suggestions on the best way to translate these comments over, in a more automated way than manually one-by-one.  Thanks in advance for any support you can provide!