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Hello everybody,

I have a problem with CJ1W-DRM21 module with an error E0. the NS led is off and the MS led is green. the power supply on the devicenet network is ok.

Could it be a problem of The DRS1-T Terminal Block ?


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check the wiring including terminations. also, check the baud rate. what is the expected role of this unit? it can be bus master/slave or both. bus must have a master("scanner") and one or more slaves ("devices"). some slaves can autodetect baud rate. this is convenient when it works but unfortunately sometimes they also get it wrong and that is a bad situation to be in as there is next to nothing one can do to solve it. unlike other bus types, DeviceNet uses additional pair of conductors that need to be powered by 24VDC. somehow this is also a pretty common issue as many fail to realize that they are responsible to bring this power to the bus. some fail to ground the bus shield or they ground it in more than one place (this allows for ground loops and interference) or they strip way too much of the shield so that shielding is ineffective.


if your  CJ1W-DRM21 is working as a master (scanner), you need to load correct configuration into it ("scan list" is usually created in PC software after importing suitable EDS files for each of the slaves)

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