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  1. Delta DVP PLC to Inovance Servo Drive Pulse Count Error

    I have only been working with Delta for 15 years. In my practice there were few moments when other brands were necessary to be used in a single projets but they were  extremely rare. I've never had such situation where differemt brands were necessary to be used in same project and were not compatible. At least there is something that is unifying different brands' products and those are the standards, but anyway every manufacturer uses production tricks so the user would buy only his products.     There are other ways to control a servo amplifier - analog inputs, RS-485. If using of high speed pulse trains is not applicable here you may use other way to do it.
  2. Delta DVP PLC to Inovance Servo Drive Pulse Count Error

    Time to look both PLC's outputs thru a scope if you doubt that as a reason. You don't have to buy one but аsk sоmе friend to serve you with his one.     As you can see those are only lolgical conclusions by me. I couldn't suggest something else based on what has been said so far.  
  3. Delta DVP PLC to Inovance Servo Drive Pulse Count Error

    No, I don't. My expirience with Inovance is very poor, but the only thing I'm sure about is that Inovance is uding the same positioning instructions as Delta. So if there's some incompatibilty between them there's nothing else I could offer you. I do have a scope although it's rarely used. By the way the shape of the pulses couldn't be any other than rectangular because the output transistors of the PLC could have only 2 states - open snd closed. Without any other circuitry is not possible to make another shape of the output signal (if there isn't any noise involved of cource!). Something else you can do is to check the settings of the servo. For example Delta DVP has special register for multiplication of the input pulses' frequency. Check if Inovance servo  has something as well. Check also if the problem occurs only at high frequency pulses transmission - you may check at very slow speed just to see if the problem is not because of high speed transmission phenomena.
  4. Delta DVP PLC to Inovance Servo Drive Pulse Count Error

    If you suspect problems with signal (shape or whatever else) then you have to check the signals characteristics of both PLCs by dual channel oscilloscope. The positioning instructions used by both brands are the same. 
  5. Delta DVP PLC to Inovance Servo Drive Pulse Count Error

    I'm operating with Delta PLCs and Delta Servo drives only. I've never had experience (and troubles) with Inovance servo. All instructions bothering high speed pulse trains in DVP work perfect when combined with Delta servo. Why do you have to get your life harder with Inivance? Just use Delta on both ends and everything should be fine......
  6. Delta plc Communication Issue

    Hi, it's not clear what are you trying to do. First you say Modbus RTU, then you're showing screenshots of Modbus ASCII. It's not clear what is this My end device. Is this a VFD? If yes, what kind of brand and model? What kind of software you're using - WPLsoft or ISPsoft?    I didn't get almost anything, perhaps others too..... Please clarify what are you trying to do so we can help you.
  7. View and control from PC to HMI via RS-485.

    Thank you for the encouraging answer! It was not easy for me to start building industrial control projects and it's still not easy to keep doing that. Industrial automation is not an easy area, but only who keeps going on will manage it to the end.    Once more thank you......!
  8. View and control from PC to HMI via RS-485.

    Yes, I got that.... Furthermore it appears that only Ethernet HMIs have VNC server built-in. That was stupid idea. Sorry.....   Thank you!
  9. View and control from PC to HMI via RS-485.

    Thank you for the reply! Yes, I'm aware that Scada is a possible way to use PC as HMI. Unfortunatelly I don't have any experience with Scada, it will take a lot of time to study it.  That's why I decided to find out if there is a possible way to connect PC to HMI in RS-485 network. If VNC needs Ethernet to view HMI, which uses RS-485, could I use RS-485 to Ethernet adapter to achieve my goal?
  10. Hi and good day to you! I'm creating industrial projects based on Delta Industrial Automation equipment. Projects work very good, no complains yet. Recently clients asked me if there is a possibility to connect a PC viewer somehow (VNC or something) to a HMI<->PLC RS-485 connection so they could monitor and control the HMI from the PC. I've done projects based on Ethernet PLC and HMI (Modbus TCP/IP), there is not problem to connect VNC to such network using a switch or a router. The problem is when devices don't have Ethernet interface. Is there any possibility to connect PC to such interface, using RS-485<->Ethernet adapters perhaps.....?    Thank you!
  11. Hello and good day to you! I have the following problem. There was a Delta TP04G-AS2 series text panel communicating with Inovance H1U PLC through dedicated D-SUB9-to-miniDIN8 cable, using the HMI's COM1 port, which uses RS-232 protocol only. There was a LED indicator on the front of the panel which showed that the communication is established under RS-232 protocol. I decided to replace the TP04 text panel with Delta TP70P-RM1 graphics panel. I wrote a program and sent it to the panel using dedicated USB cable (the panel has USB especially for program download/upload). And there comes the problem. The TP70P panel has the same D-SUB9 port (COM3), which unlike the TP04 uses RS-485 protocol only. It was unable for me to establish a connection between the PLC and HMI. The TP70P panel shows "Connection error: COM3:ID1" every 5 seconds. The program is properly downloaded to the HMI, appears just like it has to be, but the communiaction between the HMI and PLC still cannot be achieved. Should I change something in the PLC? Please help!
  12. Hello, I have Moeller PS4-341-MM1 PLC as a part of industrial machine. I need to replace the current program with another one. I checked other similar topics in this forum, but they contain this site: http://www.applied-automation.com as downloading source, but it does not exist anymore. As long as I know the software is named S40-GB-CD or Sucosoft S40 or something similar. Where can I get it? Thanks! Picture of the PLC.
  13. Overlapping rungs error in CX-Programmer ver.9

    I used separate rungs and the ladder is okay now. Thanks a lot!
  14. Overlapping rungs error in CX-Programmer ver.9

    This are two pics which represent the program. In fact it takes only one rung (0). I'm wondered  how could rungs overlap, it's only one!
  15. Hello, everyone, I'm trying to build simple program in CX-Programmer. When I start the Compile tool it shows me this: Compiling... [PLC/Program Name : NewPLC1/NewProgram1] [Ladder Section Name : Section1] ERROR: Rung 0 - Overlapping Rungs. [Ladder Section Name : END] What is the meaning of this error, what causes it appear and what to do so it does not manifest anymore? Thanks!