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  1. thumb wheel switch

    Its widely used even today when for example large quantity of 7-seg numbers have to be driven by limitd number of PLC outputs. Each number is illuminated for a fraction of second with its value, then the next etc. When the last digit is illuminated it starts back with the first one. Because of the high switching speed all the digits seem to be illuminated at the same time for the eye.

    What is this Delta AS2 PLC? Never heard of it. Do you mean AS200? Perhaps the first network is Modbus?! If so then both networks communicate in different languages. The modbus master is the Delta HMI. Moreover there is no way for the modbus slave (the Delta PLC) to send data to the Siemens PLC through the same modbus network because as slave it should only respond to the Delta HMI master. So you have to use another COM port of the Delta PLC for the communication with the Siemens (i.e. to create another network). Furthermore you should use some kind of a gateway to translate data to the Profibus. I don’t work with Siemens and I’m not familiar with Profibus, but I think that there are a lot of obstacles. You should do hardware changes anyway. There is something else. First you are talking about Profibus, then about Profinet. As long as I know Profinet is Ethernet-based and Profibus is serial communication. Furthermore I’ve never heard about Delta HMI with a Profinet interface.  
  3. thumb wheel switch

    First you have to find out the thumbwheel switch output’s coding system (binary, decimal, hexadecimal). Then you have to find the output’s polarity (common anode or common cathode) in order to connect it proper to the PLC’s inputs. Each digit of the thumbwheel switch has 4 outputs. So you have to use inputs X0-X3 of the PLC for the first digit, X4-X7 for the second digit etc. For the first digit (if the thumbwheel switch has binary outputs) you may use MOV instruction in format with Kn value to modify the input values: LD M1000 MOV K1X0 D0   The instructions above will continuously convert the states of the X0-X3 inputs and store the result in D0. So D0 will contain the first digit of the thumbwheel switch (if the first digit of the switch is 1, the value in D0 will be 1 as well).   The situation for the other digits will be similarly.
  4. Communication error 7 (Incorrect address)

    In order to have a working HMI<->PLC serial communication you should have: 1) 2 Modbus nodes supporting same communication interfaces, formats and baudrates 2) correct interface cable (Delta is selling communication cables). I personally make the cables myself, but I have a lot of experience with Delta. 3) correct settings of both nodes (If HMI is set to RS-232, ASCII mode, 7, E, 1, 9600BPS for example, the PLC has to be set the same way) 4) different communication addresses (if HMI is 1, PLC should be for example 2) 5) correct screen object target register address set in the HMI   To do that you should set correct both devices. In DOPsoft still when choosing the HMI model the Project wizard is opened where you can choose which port at which interface and communication format to set. The communication addresses of both devices could be set there too. If you're working with WPLsoft, there is an option to set both COM ports of the PLC with the Communication program wizard. I don't use ISPsoft, but as long as I know the COMMGR is used there for the communication settings.   Every HMI screen object target register address (write or read) should point to proper register address from the memory of the PLC. For example if you want to turn on PLC Y0 output from the HMI you should use Set to on button which target address should point to the Y0 thru the communication link.   Setting a working serial communication between DOP-107BV and DVP-SS2 is the most easiest thing when all conditions above are met. I'm using the DVP RS-232 port only for program upload/download/monitor/online edit actions. The RS-485 of the PLC is much suitable for HMI<->PLC communications.
  5. How to make a recipe Delta PLC?

    Hello, I'm using Delta DVP in my projects but never heard about recipes there. Recipes are available in Delta DOP HMIs, but not in DVP. Perhaps there are some in AS series but I don't use AS.
  6. DopSoft-Delta hmi- screen changing without button

    You might first check the screen change method you've selected in DOPsoft. If you choosed a control block register for the screens to be changed by, then the problem is in the PLC's program.  
  7. [Solved] Inovance IT5070T HMI - unable to upload project.

    I contacted the manufacturer. It seems that the program is banned from uploading at all. That's why it doesn't want a password.
  8. Hello! I'm unable to upload project file from an Inovance IT5070T HMI: The software used is Inovance InoTouch. Connection is USB. When I try to upload the upload the project file from the device the result is this: Certainly there is a project file in the HMI. Why does the software say that file does not exist? Thank you!
  9. Panasonic FPG-C32T2H - E45

    Take look at this manual. I'm not familiar with  Panasonic, but E45 is described here.
  10. Delta ISPsoft on MS300 drive : documentation

    It's not quite clear what are you trying to do. To install ISPsoft? To learn ISPsoft? To program the VFD's parameters? To connect VFD to PLC?
  11. DOPSoft - how to change screen without buttons?

    If I understood correctly you want 144 screens each one corresponding to each block. 144 blocks - 144 screens. If that is what you want, no way. You can create 40 screens max on each Delta DOPsoft project.
  12. DOPSoft - how to change screen without buttons?

    I already told him about the control block screen PLC register. He has a Siemens S7 PLC connected to the panel. So he has to decide which PLC register to determine about the screen number change. There is one more way to change the screens without buttons but it involves the macros and he is a novice. So the control block is the most proper way to do it.
  13. DOPSoft - how to change screen without buttons?

    To help you first explain what do you call "block" and what is this Q output? Delta IA does not have such terms.   Do you have a PLC connected to the HMI? What kind is it? Give more information so I'm able to help you...
  14. Delta ispsoft

    File may be corrupt or damaged during transfer.
  15. How to connect to Delta DVP32ES2

    You deffinitely need Delta USBACAB230 cable. It is a USB-to-RS232 converter and will fit to the COM1 port of the PLC (the mini-DIN8 round port on the front panel of the PLC).