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  1. FX1S Coils Not latching

    Ron, we can build up to that. I did consider mentioning that but I thought I'd keep it simple. 
  2. FX1S Coils Not latching

    Tim,  DO NOT USE AN OUTPUT COIL MORE THAN ONCE. That's an order!    :)      
  3. FX1S Coils Not latching

    Just a heads-up that it's not bizarre how Y4 appears to work. It's all in the code. The state of Y4 will determined by the last use of Y4 in the program. The previous instance would have no effect. 
  4. Automatically Adjust for BST

    M8000? M8000 is always on when running so you should be ok. I remembered this was in the download section here, it's not my work and I haven't tried it.
  5. Automatically Adjust for BST

    This might work.I haven't tried it.
  6. Two Comfort HMI one PLC

    Ok, thanks. I've got the different IP addresses.  The connections are identical but it works. I think that has to be changed on all the tags?  What difference does the connection actual make out of interest. If I could read the packets going back and forth over ethernet would they be different?
  7. String Compare Issues

    You need to read the manual. It compare FROM the address entered UNTIL it find  00h.   O0h acts like an end of string character.