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  1. CJ1W-CTS21 and CJ1W-CTS21-E

    Hi all Experts, what is the difference between the 2 SSI modules CJ1W-CTS21 and CJ1W-CTS21-E  if i want to use the CJ1W-CTS21-E , how can i add it in IO table ? its not found   
  2. CJ1W-CT021

    Hi All, i want to add an encoder module to the IO table with CJ1M-CPU23  i can't find module , I need a Help Thanks in advance
  3. Rexroth Servo Drive HCS03

    Hi All i have a trouble with  Rextroth servo drive HCS03  iwant amanual or data to know how to connect the digital, analog inputs and digital, analog outputs  also i need its software to transfer or modify the parameters  thanks in advance 
  4. CPU Selection

    coordinated motion
  5. CPU Selection

    Hi All,  i have a project containig 3 servo drives what is the suitable and sheapist CPU to safsfy that needs thanks in advance  
  6. NT11S omrom panel

    No i cant log into transmit mode the serial cables and parameters are matching   
  7. NT11S omrom panel

    the same problem of (communication error - framing error ) i tried the cables above and communication settings but it doesn't work also i updated the software and the problem is still present   
  8. NT11S omrom panel

    dear Mr Jojneedw  what what the solution ?? isit cable problem or what ??
  9. Memory Error

    i tried to attach the program file but it failed , can you send me your mail ?? really i have an end instruction   
  10. Memory Error

    there was many end instructions , also part of program is in IL language and full of wrong codes appears as question marks (??????)  i don't know clearing the memory will be useful or not ??  i'm not sure if is it hardware fault or software ??
  11. Memory Error

    yes, a lot of errors (?????) about 1128 errors
  12. Memory Error

    Hi All,  i have a problem with CQM1H , The ERR/ALM Lamp is ON and Error log shows a (Memory Error)  what can i do ? is it a hardware error? i'm intending to format the memory but the installed program is full of errors while compiling so, i'm afraid not to be able to transfer the program to CPU any of you faced that problem ?? thanks in advance   
  13. Q68ADI Analog Programming

    firstly you should activate the 4th channel you through intelligent function module then write your To From program instructions  
  14. Nj series SD Card not backing up

    HMC-SD291  2GB
  15. I have a SD Card on NJ series cpu don't accept the backup I formatted it by using PC  and can't do backup from cpu What is the causes ,? Is the formatting by computer affect the SD card ? If there is a password on cpu will it prevent me to format or intialize  the card by using sysmac studio ?