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  1. S7-200 Communication Problem

    thank you so much you are right
  2. S7-200 Communication Problem

    1- I don't havesp9 2 - the larger screenshot didn't upload due to larger size 3- i used the right com port 4- i tried all puad rates 5- i didn't try with Stop mode
  3. S7-200 Communication Problem

    Dear All, I have a communication problem with S7-200, the CPU Didn't Communicate with Laptop I used MPI and PPI Cable , the Operating System is Win10 What is the Fault ?? 1.bmp
  4. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    Mr. Crossbow thanks for your interest and your comment
  5. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    Mr. AndreasW your Conclusion is the nearest to my thoughts i have only one simple motion module the only part will be replaced is the CPU So, Its Important to read your comment before trying to write My wrong thoughts is that the module away from uploading and downloading (Don't contain a memory) and only the CPU is the place to store all data So, i will try to Write the program and parameters then see what will happen thank you
  6. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    i have a cpu containing the original project, and i have another spare cpu,  the main problem appears when we write the program to the new cpu the simple motion module error LED is flashing and the machine isn't working well So, i want to know an ideal and safe method to replace the cpu without affecting the setting of the intelligent function modules (Motion and temperature) especially during the (Write) process
  7. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    i will try this  
  8. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    yesit is the same model but i don't know where is the place to modify these default parameters  
  9. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    I'm facing a problem with L Series PLC when i replaced the CPU, I read the whole program from the old CPU But, when i write it to the new CPU, the Attached message appeared What is the Solution to Transfer all the Program correctly
  10. Output Module problem

    We have Fx1N-60MT-001 plc unit  And we need to connect an extension module FX2N-8EYT  But after connection of the module the power led on the module is ON  When trying to check the module output, it was not found Is there a configuration required ? Is there any thing Missed ? Is the software not compatible with the module (I'm using Gxworks2) ? Please help me !