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  1. MT8121x Boot Problem

    Dear Experts i have HMI weintek MT8121x when it is powered on it shows that messages in the photo  is the project file damaged ??  how can i solve this 
  2. Beckhoff CX5020-0115 License

    ok, how much it cost ??  
  3. Beckhoff CX5020-0115 License

    thanks for your information how can i buy the suitable license ?
  4. Beckhoff CX5020-0115 License

    Hi All Experts, i'm new in Beckhoff  i want to buy an embeded PC cx5020-0115 that is coming with TwinCat3-XAR  will i need a lincense ?? or its fully activated ?? thanks in advance  
  5. R88A-MCW151-DRT-E

    Dear All  are there any vailable updates version of the motion module R88A-MCW151-DRT-E ??  i searched for it as New and in-stock but i didn't find  please help
  6. FX1N-60MT-001 PLC to MT6103ip HMI

    Dear all experts i want a cable pinout to connect the plc FX1N-60MT-001 to  MT6103ip HMI can you help me with a tested pinout ?? if i want to connect the same HMI with FX1N-232-BD kit what are the differences which i should take in considerations ??
  7. CJ1W-CTS21 and CJ1W-CTS21-E

    Hi all Experts, what is the difference between the 2 SSI modules CJ1W-CTS21 and CJ1W-CTS21-E  if i want to use the CJ1W-CTS21-E , how can i add it in IO table ? its not found   
  8. CJ1W-CT021

    Hi All, i want to add an encoder module to the IO table with CJ1M-CPU23  i can't find module , I need a Help Thanks in advance
  9. Rexroth Servo Drive HCS03

    Hi All i have a trouble with  Rextroth servo drive HCS03  iwant amanual or data to know how to connect the digital, analog inputs and digital, analog outputs  also i need its software to transfer or modify the parameters  thanks in advance 
  10. CPU Selection

    coordinated motion
  11. CPU Selection

    Hi All,  i have a project containig 3 servo drives what is the suitable and sheapist CPU to safsfy that needs thanks in advance  
  12. NT11S omrom panel

    No i cant log into transmit mode the serial cables and parameters are matching   
  13. NT11S omrom panel

    the same problem of (communication error - framing error ) i tried the cables above and communication settings but it doesn't work also i updated the software and the problem is still present   
  14. NT11S omrom panel

    dear Mr Jojneedw  what what the solution ?? isit cable problem or what ??
  15. Memory Error

    i tried to attach the program file but it failed , can you send me your mail ?? really i have an end instruction