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  1. Unknown operations

    Many thanks
  2. Unknown operations

    Thank you very much for your explanation, but I still cannot understand why D750Z0 comes out as 528. Can someone please explain it to me?
  3. Unknown operations

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with these instructions, I don't know how "D750Z0" is 528. Could you please help me? One more thing, could you give me a clear example of how the instruction "SFL" works please? Because I don't know how it works, thank you very much.
  4. Alarms Acknowledge

    Hello experts, I have a problem with Mitsubishi, specifically about alarms and their acknowledge. Basically I would like to follow Siemens logic, i.e. when I have an alarm, I acquire it and only after this step can I reset it, so every time I have an alarm and want to reset it I have to acquire it first, but this means that every time I reset it and for some reason the alarm comes back to me, its acknowoledge has to come back working.  I hope I have made myself clear.  Does anyone know if I need to set something on GT Designer3 or do I have to adapt to Mitsubishi logic and do some programming on GX Works3? Thank you very much
  5. Control high-speed counters

    Thanks a lot
  6. Control high-speed counters

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask you a question, in GX Works3 is there a function equal/similar to the Siemens function called CTRL_HSC: Control high-speed counters? Why should I use it. Thank you very much.
  7. I get it, but may i try this thing during the simulation about GT Designer and GX Works3? So, in the system information i i must not set up nothing, right? Because i thought to do in this way: I would like to do a project script in this way: if([b:GS280.b0]==0 ){ [b:D525.b0]=1; } What do you think? Thanks a lot @Wasan
  8. Hi everybody, in the system information about GT Designer 3, how can i set up that The GOT writes to the PLC to notify it that their communication is active?  
  9. Recipe information Folder's

    Hi experts, i have a problem, i can't delete the Recipe information Folders's in the utility functions. Who can help me please? Many thanks in advance.  
  10. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    In fact, the problem was nothing more than the previous one, because after changing the words from unsigned to signed (they were already this way before) the program started working again.
  11. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    I solved the problem, thanks a lot
  12. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    I did the test but the values are negative. The values became negative after the correction of the FB call. I don't know how this is possible
  13. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    Thank you very much. I have solved something, but not everything because the subtraction is still wrong. Do you have any other advice please?
  14. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    I'm trying to explain myself better, I'm using a function called "D-" in an FB, the first value of the subtraction should be 500 larger than the second one, because these numbers are the results of two operations in a Program and they always increase depending on the number of times they enter certain ifs. The variables I am using are labels, specifically the first number is an input variable, the second number is an IN/OUT variable and the result is an internal variable.