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  1. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    In fact, the problem was nothing more than the previous one, because after changing the words from unsigned to signed (they were already this way before) the program started working again.
  2. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    I solved the problem, thanks a lot
  3. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    I did the test but the values are negative. The values became negative after the correction of the FB call. I don't know how this is possible
  4. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    Thank you very much. I have solved something, but not everything because the subtraction is still wrong. Do you have any other advice please?
  5. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    I'm trying to explain myself better, I'm using a function called "D-" in an FB, the first value of the subtraction should be 500 larger than the second one, because these numbers are the results of two operations in a Program and they always increase depending on the number of times they enter certain ifs. The variables I am using are labels, specifically the first number is an input variable, the second number is an IN/OUT variable and the result is an internal variable.
  6. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    Hi AndreasW, I am using the "D-" instruction and the results are wrong. I have not found the "DSUB" instruction on GX Works 3, where can I find it? The second value must be less than 500. To get closer to solving the problem by doing this test, should I put "Carry" in parallel with subtraction? How can I select DWord within the monitoring window? Many thanks in andvance
  7. Subtraction with GX Works 3

    Hi guys, I have a problem in a FB of GX Works 3, I am trying to do a subtraction of two variables that have Double Words Signed as type. These two variables increment, the second variable is lower than the first, but the result is always high and this is strange. So there is an error I have not understood, who can help me?  
  8. Hi experts, i have a problem, i did the upload of my software with GT Desinger 3 on the GOT, but i don't see the PLC variables because my other  software did with GX Works3 isn't linked with the uploading. Is there a way to connect both softwares to the uploading withouth a PLC?
  9. Numerical input keyboard position

    Why can't i click on it? Can't put the numerical input keyboard in the middle of  the base screen/ the window screen?
  10. Hi everyone, is there a way to put the numerical input keyboard in a specific position when i click on the numerical input? Thanks a lot.
  11. Good morning experts, how can i move a rectangle/JPEG from back layer to front layer? Because if i copy and paste the rectangle from back layer to front layer, the rectangle is invisible
  12. Alarm display (System) with GT Desiger3

    Good morning Thiago, thank you very much. No, I have enabled "Use System Alarm" on "System Alarm Observation", I am in the situation of the image attached to this message. Let me explain the problem better. I would like to use the System Alarm Display for only the current alarms and the Alarm Display (System) for the historical, but when I am in run time, I see the same alarms in both the System Alarm Display and the Alarm Display (System) as in the attached image. For example, in the Alarm Display (System) shouldn't I see all of the system alarm history? And the last thing, what does mean this alarm? "G00-307 Monitor Devices are not set"  
  13. Alarm display (System) with GT Desiger3

    Thank you very much Thiago, you have been very very kind. Thank you very much indeed! I just have one question, I have a GT25**-V type (640x480), so would that mean that even though I have the "System Alarm Display" object in my program, when I load it on my GOT, my current system alarms will not be displayed?
  14. Hi Experts,  In GT Designer 3 would there be a progressive number of the active window screen? For example, if I am in the window screen 5, the program retrieves in a variable the value 5. Many thanks in advance.