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  1. I am trying to setup a Fx3G 232 BD on a Fx3GE plc and i am getting a serial communication error 2 on the plc diagnostic of Gx works 2. The 232-BD is connected to a Cardinal 185 Scale head that's attached to a load cell. I have setup the parameters and matched the data for the two but I am still getting error code 3801.  
  2. No worries, I figured it out.
  3. Using Structured text the code has 2 main sequences which are labeled  mySeq                    := 6; and  mySeq                    := 3; I am trying to add a sequence in between for example  mySeq                     := 4; The problem is, it does not recognize it after i rebuild it. Could this be due to a handshaking error between the sequences?  
  4. Ok so the code is using  EnableRel.DC[myDC] to go from one sequence to the other with RequestRel.DC[myDC] := FALSE   then later in the code when it is being used  := TRUE so essentially what I am asking is what does the Enable and Request do in the code?  
  5. yes I am working on code that I didn't create and I am trying to add a new sequence(program) to the already existing programs
  6. I am new to PLC programming and I am trying to figure out how to go from one sequence to another using Structured Text with GX works 2.  
  7. FX3GE40M, FX2N48ER-ES, FX2N8EYR, FX3G232BD

    Thank you all, It was a hardware issue
  8. FX3GE40M, FX2N48ER-ES, FX2N8EYR, FX3G232BD

    From Left to the right I have the FX3GE40M then the FX2N8EYR(8 outputs) then the FX2N48ER-ES I have assigned the additional i/o in GX works 2 but now when i power the unit on, input [x0] on the FX3GE40M is the only input that responds.
  9. I am working on a project using mitsubishi plc's. Initially started with just the FX3GE40M but needed more i/o and a rs232 connection for a Cardinal scale. In order to increase the number of i/o I am using the FX2N48ER-ES,  FX2N8EYR and the FX3G232BD is for the RS232 connection.  My question is how do i organize the proper sequence of i/o from one unit to the next using GXWORKS 2?    
  10. Q03UDVCPU

    I am new with PLC's and I am learning how to work with GX Works 2. I have two questions, 1st Question: Using a Q series PLC (Q03UDVCPU) Is it possible to convert the language of a project from ladder logic to structured text? 2nd Question: If I read a project from a PLC why is it always ladder logic? Is there any way to read out structured text?