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  1. FactoryTalk Alarm Messages

    It turns out that I forgot to add the messages in the Local Messages folder  .   I guess I need more sleep.   
  2. FactoryTalk Alarm Messages

    Thank you Joe. I tried resetting the VM ( I am running FT on a VM) and rebooted my host machine but still same problem. 
  3. Hello Everyone, I have the .mer files for an HMI application that was developed in FactoryTalk V8.0. I have V10.0 installed, I restored the .mer file and did some development ( added screens , objects and alarm messages). Then I created a V8.0 application file. Everything is ok except for the Alarm Messages. I changed an existing message but when i trigger that alarm I get the old one ( the message before I modified it)  Any ideas??  Like always, thank you 
  4. EIP Commuincation

    @NevergoldMel I guess it's due to not having a deep understanding of produce/consume tags. There are a lot of PLCs on the market and it's hard to keep up with all of them. Can i have my snickers now? 
  5. EIP Commuincation

    @IO_RackThank you for the instructions
  6. EIP Commuincation

    Thank you so much. This helps a lot.  Have a great day :) 
  7. EIP Commuincation

    Yes, Omron uses Ethernet/IP as defined by ODVA.  So, now communicating with the Omron is as simple as adding an ethernet module? Will this configuration work if the Ethernet module is connected to a switch?  Thanks
  8. EIP Commuincation

    Thank you Joe for your reply. I believe it's an Omron PLC.  There's an EN2T module on the CLX side. What's an AOP?   
  9. Hello PLC gurus, I have a really noob question to ask. I am new to ethernetIp programming.  I have a 1756-L61 that is supposed to communicate with another device over EIP.  The Ethernet object assembly is set like this  Input assembly instance: 100. Size 1  Output assembly instance: 254, configuration instance:1, Size 0  Read data: 2 word Write data: 2 word    Does anyone know how I can set up the producer/ consumer tags to read and write to the data block over eip??    I thank all of you in advance     
  10. Servo Motor Connection

    Hello, I am using the R88M-1M40030T-BS2 ( 200V 3ph) servo motor. I am looking for a diagram that explains the connections on the top of motor ( for power supply).. there are more than 3 pins and i am not sure why. Can anyone help me understand the pins on the motor for the 3ph supply?  Thank you 
  11. Interacting TTL Encoder

    Thank you @Daniel_TSG. This is really helpful 
  12. Interacting TTL Encoder

    Thank you so much Garry, I really appreciate the time and effort you took to answer my question Cheers!   
  13. Interacting TTL Encoder

    EDIT: Title should be Interfacing TTL Encoder 
  14. Hello,  I have a NX1P2 controller that would control a DC motor, currently it's open loop. I can control the speed and the direction. I'd like to add an encoder to it. The motor I have is from MidWest motion S27 series and they told me I can use their encoder but the problem is it output TTL My question is, how do I read this encoder output in the PLC since it's TTL?  Second, is there a high speed counter in Sysmac Studio for the PLC I have?  Thank you everyone in advance   
  15. NX-105 Received Data

    Hello,  PLC: NX1P  Comm module: NX-CIF105   I am running a serial (RS485) network to control several motors. As a trigger for to read the serial port I am using the ( Ch1 Receive Data Exist) bit, which is an internal bit that's ideally should be energized when there's data in the Receive buffer. However, this bit isn't reliable at all. I am reaching out today to figure out if there's another way to trigger the receive command ( preferably without a delay)    thank you all  Cheers!