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  1. Dear Panic, How are you? i hope you are doing well !.

    Please i have a problem in a machine contain  output relay card 1769- OW16 and the loads are sol. valves +24 VDC many output points are failure from the output card  of two different machines with no any problem in the loads and no short circuit as all output are protected by fuses.

    so, i think the problem in the output relay card lifetime as the outputs are turn on and off with a high frequency and no any problem in any sol. coil or any fuse.

    i suggested to change to +24 VDc output card 1769- OB16 and put Phonix contact relay on all outputs for isolating the loads from the output card.

    But i do not know if i need to add a reversed diode across the relay coil or not??  and is the phonix relay is considered an inductive load or not??

    Thank You very much

    1. panic mode

      panic mode

      1. this is wrong use of forum. don't send personal messages, post questions in forum

      2. you provided no info on load type. inductive only refers to characteristics but not size etc. to get specific answer, you need to ask specific question (in the fORUM)

      3. i don't know either. whatever this "phoenix relay" is, does not tell the type (CR, SSR etc.)

      NOTE: i decided to not issue any warning or banning you yet but if you send me again unsolicited or personal message instead of asking for help in forum - i will reconsider that position.


    2. Mohamed Hagag

      Mohamed Hagag

      I am so sorry Mr. Panic. this is the first time to use this and i want to reach very fast.

      thanks for your support