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  1. If you haven't done this already... Apply to jobs even if you don't meet all the requirements. A lot of times the job requirements are "nice to have" not "need to have". All things being equal, an employer will take someone with the two years experience over someone without. But if they can't find candidates who meet the full set of requirements and if you impress them enough during the interview process, they may give you a chance anyway. I don't know what the situation is in the UK, but here in the US it's very tough to find qualified controls engineers, which is a good opportunity for people like yourself.
  2. Is the logic for the encoder in the main continuous scan task of the PLC? If so move it to a periodic task with a small execution time. If the logic is small enough, make this 1ms. What are the windows you're trying to capture?
  3. GX Work2 Comments in Arrays

    That works too. I decided to just create a new global label file just for alarms and generated the list in Excel and copied it in.
  4. GX Work2 Comments in Arrays

    I was just searching for this feature, though I'm using GX Works 3. Not sure if there's been any change, but so far I can't find it. Here's why I want to do this. I created a global array of bits for alarms, and was hoping to add a comment to each bit in the array to describe what that particular alarm is for. I supposed I can create individual alarm bits and then just make sure they're in a contiguous memory area, but I thought this would be easier.
  5. Fx3U range compare

    I usually use not equal to 0. You might be all right because you're using 5 nibbles, but if you use 4 (INT) or 8 (DINT), then the most significant bit acts like a sign bit, which means if it's on the value of the grouped bits will be negative.
  6. SLC 100

    +1 on the PCIS software. I've used it in both a Win3.1 virtual machine and in a WinXP virtual machine. If you can get your hands on an older laptop with WinXP and a serial port, that'll be easier than messing with an emulator or virtual machine. Note you will need the serial cable adapter for it. Edit: You will still have to hand-convert the code. It won't automatically convert to RSLogix 500.
  7. Mitsubishi GX Developer eRROR

    At some point in the past you must have gone into Online Monitor/Write mode to make online changes. This sets an option to write changes to the PLC after compiling. Go to Tools/Options and look for that setting.
  8. A800 as Standalone Motion Axis

    Huh, for some reason emails from MrPLC started going into my spam folder, and I just found this. The programs in the motion card are pretty basic. Jog forward and reverse. Homing with some variation based on direction and location of the home sensor. Absolute positioning to fixed positions. One of the drives switches to torque mode for a period of time to seat a mold in place
  9. Has anyone used the A800 with encoder card as a standalone motion axis? I'm looking at upgrading some Danfoss drives with SyncPos motion cards for a customer. I can go full bore and replace the drives and motors with servos, or I could attempt to just replace the drives and leave the original motors and encoders for about half the cost.
  10. FX3S-30MR/DS

    What version of GX Developer are you using? You have to be at a recent enough version for the FX3S. I recommend upgrading to GX Works 2.
  11. Mitsubishi FX3U Trasfer memory cassette to plc

    As far as I know, those are the only three options.
  12. FX3U simple positioning

    Unless you're talking a really slow pulse train, you will either need to get a transistor base unit, or an FX3U-1PG special function module. Only the first three outputs of a transistor base unit will work with the high-speed commands like PLSY, DRVI, and DRVA. The FX3U-1PG uses standard FROM/TO commands to set up and execute the motion. Using the built-in commands with the base unit is much easier, so I would highly recommend replacing the base unit.
  13. Take a look at the help file. When you select the type and temp units on the configuration tab of the module properties, it scales to the published range of the thermocouple, and the value you get is the temperature. The 0-7000 you see is grayed out and doesn't apply unless you choose "custom range" instead of Celsius or Farenheit. So if you have the thermocouple in ice water, you should see 32F or 0C depending on the units. If you don't, then there is a problem with the thermocouple, the card, or the wiring. Either that or you have a different type than you think.
  14. Yes, configure your card as Joe E states, then you'll get the actual temp reading in your input data. Then you can just use comparison intructions (LES, GRT, LEQ, GEQ) for off-on control of your heaters.