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  1. Forum problems

    Chelton..... I also can't able to login, tag, & so on..... Seems like same issues going on for every users
  2. Omron PID

    Try to use BSET initially & also try to set PID parameter registers with BSET. You program should scan BSET instructions before the PID parameter register. Hope it may help
  3. Stepper/Servo Pulse Latching

    Also i tried with the PLS2 but it gives the same result for me as PULS/SPED.   Thanks
  4. Stepper/Servo Pulse Latching

    A280.05 not getting OFF even after the issue of ORG command. Can't able to run PULS in absolute mode & not able to enter the any negative value in the register to establish the origin. It would be better if i get a sample program for linking the ORG command with absolute PULS. Thanks
  5. Stepper/Servo Pulse Latching

    Yes.... I execute the ORG command initially but it can't able to activate At Origin Flag (A280.04) & entered the same data for absolute in D110 & D107 as entered in relative mode for PULS & SPED (D100 & D105)  Is there any PLC setting Or any other instruction setting to define the Origin point? When I activates external inputs A540.08 & A540.09 (not mentioned in above attached prog) then motor would  rotate CW & CCW in continuous mode with ORG instruction and shows the status for pulse for Origin in A280.07, but unable to activate A280.04 Origin flag.   Thanks
  6. Stepper/Servo Pulse Latching

    Hi... PULS is working normally in relative mode but not in absolute mode as a positioning after trigger INI to stop the relative mode Kindly check the program & PLC Setting for origin. May be i missed some critical points or i am not aware of it. Also sometimes error indication appears in PLC after program download. Thanks Absolute test.cxp Absolute test.cxp
  7. Stepper/Servo Pulse Latching

    Hi.. Michael.... I tried setting PULS command for absolute with 1 added to pulse type, but it doesn't work for positioning instead works only for continuous mode for stepper motor. Whether is there required any further setting in the PLC setting for absolute positioning along with PULS & SPED command? Or we have to set any origin search/return instruction for it ? Thanks
  8. Stepper/Servo Pulse Latching

    Hi... I tried with SPED instruction but it seems like this instruction can only control the motor speed & control mode(continuous & independent) but i can't able to control the pulse through SPED instruction for any interruption. Pulse will start from 0 for next trigger & probably would miss the proper target if there doesn't occur any signal apart from given pulses. I want to know whether it's possible with ORG instruction for origin search & return to achieve the target for any interruption. If anyone can send the sample program for proper use of ORG then it would be good help for me.   Thanks
  9. Stepper/Servo Pulse Latching

    Hi Folks Is there any way to hold the outputting pulses & continue to complete the remaining pulses on next trigging of PULS instruction. Suppose if I have to output 2000 pulses to complete the target and accidently pulse output get interrupt on 1500 pulse, so on next trigger the motor should complete remaining 500 pulses to achieve the target. And again the motor should continue for 2000 pulses. Servo/Stepper shouldn't miss the target in any way for every rotation if any interrupt occurs in the mid of the operation. I am using CJ1M-CPU21 and CP1E-NA models PLC.   Thanks
  10. How to connect to CQM1H-CPU51

    @Mahmoud Abdelhameed Which city you staying? I can help if you resides in eastern province KSA
  11. Crack the Password of Omron PLC

    @LD_M How the re-program downloading is possible if the program password is combined with overwrite protection? May be without password crack it's not possible. I don't know if it work's with clear data memory in any other way.
  12. CP1L-E communication with ethernet / ip slave

    What is difference between both ethernet modules CP1W-EIP61 & CP1W-CIF41 ? CP1W-EIP61 is new version of ethernet module which is specifically for FINS communication? Thanks
  13. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

    Thanks Michael. Have to go a bit deeper through it. Thanks once again
  14. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

    Thanks Michael. One more thing, what is the actual method for selecting subnet mask. I observed sometimes it would be OR Is there any specific numbers to mention for subnet mask?
  15. Inter PLC Communication over FINS

    Thanks Michael for good clarification.... For my second question, if we connect multiple devises through network switch, then IP address of the first three octet of all devises will be same but there will be only changes in the last octet. Is it right? If we connect any PLC into multiple devises, then IP of the last octet would be according to the node number set on front dials. Correct me if i am wrong. Thanks