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  1. Capture snapshot of I/O data for simulation

    Go online and try to transfer it
  2. Capture snapshot of I/O data for simulation

    You can also save the information. In memory tab, Go to File----> select save to file--> click OK---> select the location to save--> click save. The file will be automatically saved as (.mem) file. To open the same file Go to Memory---> File--->select Open File in drop down menu, select the saved file & click Open
  3. Input Interrupts in CP1L-M40CDR

    Thanks Michael
  4. Input Interrupts in CP1L-M40CDR

    @Michael Walsh Can you try to fix the above link for interrupt program ( CP1L_INPUT_INT.cxp )
  5. @MartyB Good effort, Thanks....As a starter for indirect addressing i was searching some kind of example .Thanks once again One more thing, Is all the 5 loops completed in one scan or any delay ? How you captured different loop data? I am new in these kind of things.
  6. Unable to conect to PLC

    If everything is Ok, then change USB cable and check it. Sometimes if the cable is too old or any other cabling issue then this problem may occur Also try by changing the USB port in the laptop
  7. PLC - VFD communication

    In my view which i figure out, the Serial com error bit A392.12 used to store the last condition, so by PLC power cycle the error bit gets off.
  8. PLC - VFD communication

    Dear Folks Hope everything is good. One thing surprised me a lot while communicating CP1E-NA PLC & fuji VFD. I was able to successfully communicate PLC & VFD through rs485 and it was working good for read/write command, the problem was 1. Showing communication error in PLC program (A392.12 flag always on), but there wasn't any problem/issue in sending & receiving data bytes 2. Error response byte in D1352 register in PLC shows as normal (00 Hex)  (no com response error). 3. Com error bit A392.12 & execution normal flag A641.01 were ON together while running the application (more surprising for me) I can't able to figure out the issue for com error bit in PLC which shows ON with running send/receive data. Would it be considered as successful communication even if application is running as per the requirement or still we have to found out the bug and sort out the issue?   Thanks
  9. Simple PID explanation

    @Michael Walsh Thanks for the further clarification... Based on your example, If the room temp (PV) is 0 deg then the temp sensor will start from 5V & PLC analog count would start from 4000 (5V/10mA for 0 to 10V/20mA range) and the count will decrease  for the -ve temp till PLC analog counts 0 (for 0 to 10V or mA range). Is it right? -4 = 0V/0 or 4mA = 0  0 = 5V/10mA= 4000 4 = 10V/20mA = 8000 PID instruction will only accept positive values as SP whether the temp is -ve or +ve and calculates the error based on PV. Kindly calrify me if i misunderstood anything  wrong. Thanks
  10. Simple PID explanation

    @Michael Walsh can you elaborate further on you above post to eliminate any confusion ? Whether we have to use NEG instruction with PIDAT input word (PV) for getting negative values ? How we will add offset for pre-defined values. Suppose if we required -20 for the set point, then we value we have to store in the DM for Set point ? How the value would increase to negative (below 65535)  if the ERROR becomes 0 ? Thanks

    Thanks Mr. Wasan for the detailed info...

    @Wasan For modbus RS 485, the PLC settings for CP1E we have to use modbus RTU easy master & for CP1L we have to use serial gateway. Is it right? There are different data register settings CP1E -( D1300 to 1349 so on) & CP1L (D13200 to 13299 so on). Apart from these settings for both PLC, is there any other specific setting we have to set in CP1L & CP1H PLC's for successful modbus configuration ?
  13. Omron Modbus-RS485 communication with Yaskawa VFD

    CP1L PLC data mapping is different then CP1E, Change the DM addresses if you mentioned the same as CP1E
  14. Omron Modbus-RS485 communication with Yaskawa VFD

    I am not familiar with Yaskawa VFD.... Check proper Modbus wiring and enable specific Modbus function in VFD, also PLC & VFD configuration settings should match correctly. Atlast transfer the program & cycle the power after proper settings.
  15. Omron Modbus-RS485 communication with Yaskawa VFD

    Follow this link in youtube http://youtu.be/D8ul5TyvlT4