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  1. Data Block storage in simulation mode

    Thanks moggie for the clarification. was bit confused with start value & monitor value. So it seems like any changes in the program PT values would be directly concerned with monitor value.
  2. Data Block storage in simulation mode

    Re-initialized means whether i have to click on "load start values as initial value"? After clicking on it, the value which is in DB will get transfer to the monitor value. But we have to click it every time to load the start value if we have to edit the value if required. It seems like this is the only way to change the value. Is there any other way without clicking on load start value? Thanks  
  3. Data Block storage in simulation mode

    Yes, i pressed monitor all button in DB section..... it's not showing the start value in the simulation mode. Actually i need to know how the simulation can be updated as start value? whether it needs the real hardware to store and update it from the counter DB? Thanks
  4. Data Block storage in simulation mode

    It's not showing any changes in value even triggering stop & start plc simulation again n again. The value would only change from monitor section. It seems like the simulation doesn't show any effect for data block set values. Thanks  
  5. Data Block storage in simulation mode

    Hi... Folks In DB, I have entered PV as 10, but in simulation, it's showing previous value 2 in monitor section.  Why it can't able to update as 10? Whether i have to use a real hardware to achieve as required? See the screenshot in simulation mode as uploaded Thanks  
  6. Hello Folks I received an error whenever i start programming for SCL in both program section Main OB & FB, can't able to type 'IF' keyword initially and my software gets freeze and received an error message that i have to close the software deliberately. It seems like SCL isn't possible in my software. Can i get any solution for it ? I am using TIA portal V16 Thanks
  7. Multiple branches in a single network

    Thanks guys for the good response... I never thought of adding P_On
  8. Hello Folks Is it possible to add multiple branches in a single network or rung independent of one another in CX- Programmer? It's showing error, but this is possible in Siemens TIA portal & Delta ISP software.   Thanks
  9. Math Floating Point numbers without Registers

    Thanks for the further info Mr. Suresh...
  10. Math Floating Point numbers without Registers

    Thanks Mr. Chelton, that was my silly mistake which i wasn 't aware of....  This seems little bit complex, takes quite more time to understand & re-program for new omron programmer
  11. Math Floating Point numbers without Registers

    Thanks Mr. Suresh for the info.... But it seems little bit different than sysmac studio which we can directly enter the floating no. by typing REAL#50.00 and so on.... in the function & FB.  
  12. Hi Folks..... In Maths instructions (divisor, multiplier word.....so on),  Is there any way to directly enter the Floating point no. without any register unlike Integers? Have to avoid entering any error value in the float register if PLC switch OFF for more than required time without battery. Thanks
  13. CX- Integrator and Network Configurator

    Thanks Michael for response..... One more thing regarding CX- ConfiguratorFDT which is used for Profibus configuration. Related to networking, Is CX- Configurator has any combination of both Cx-integrator & Network configurator which seems by the name of the software? Thanks
  14. Hi..... Can anyone tell the exact difference between the CX-Integrator and Network Configurator, if possible with an example? Can we use it alternatively for any application? Thanks
  15. C200HE Backup

    It's not possible for PLC which is Running the process, PLC would stop while transferring the program from PLC. We have to use backup tool if stopping the PLC would create any issue in the process. Clarify if there is any other option without Stopping the running process. Pardon me if i am wrong.