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  1. Mitsubishi PLC

    I don't know how to use the retentive timers in this can you help me with that.? @Mr.Kaare_t
  2. Mitsubishi PLC

    Thankyou for the reply I will try and let yoy know.  
  3. Mitsubishi PLC

    Here is the program backup which I have developed. Project.gxw
  4. Mitsubishi PLC

    yes I have developed the logic but the problem is I cannot resume the output from the stopped position
  5. Mitsubishi PLC

    Dear all,    I need to develop a PLC program for cycle operation. The logic is as follows : When I/p 1 is ON o/p1 should ON, with a time delay o/p2 should ON ,like wise four outputs should ON , if stop button is pressed the output should stop at the current position ,them again if start is pressed it should resume with that output . Can anyone help me with this logic ?? I am using Q03UDE Cpu..Thankyou.