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  1. Hello everyone, I am trying to program a PWM output on Machine expert 2.0. After compiling, I am getting this error: C0138: No matching FB_init method found for instantiation of PWM_M241 Does anyone know how to resolve this? Thanks  
  2. Controlling 8 Steppers

    For regular inputs, is it by switching the output on and off. The motor will run pretty slow, around 200rpm. Will the speed depend on the time the controller takes to cycle though the program? I will try to look at the I/O modules with built in driver.  
  3. Hello everyone, I am still kind of new to PLC and this is my first time starting a project and having to choose the components. So the project requires around 40 inputs and 50 outputs. 8 of these outputs are for stepper motors. The motors run at the same time. The PLCs I have seen at most can  control 3 steppers. Expansion module for high speed outputs ends up costing much. So what I would like to know is if there is a better way to do this and the most inexpensive way to carry this out. Thanks for the help in advance.