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  1. Adding an extra remote HMI to an existing Q02U PLC

    Hello , Good News, the system worked fine. Let me share my experience. The cable worked fine with me up to 60 m. I did not try a longer distance so maybe it will work for longer distances. Yes, ofcourse each screen has its own setting. An additional setting in the first screen should be adjusted to communicate with "Host PC" through its RS422 port (see pic1) in addition ofcourse to its communication ith the PLC through RS232. The second screen is simply adjusted to communicate with the PLC itself (see pic2).   However concerning your suggestion to communicate via ethernet , I am not sure if this will work because I stronlgy believe that the GS2107 ethernet port cannot be used for PLC communication, I suppose that it can be used for programming the HMI only . What supports my claim is the fact that you will not find ethernet as an option of communication with the controller ( see pic3) I want to thank you JRoss for your support, without your support I wouldn't have made it, I appreciate it. Thanks Hany
  2. Adding an extra remote HMI to an existing Q02U PLC

    Thanks JRoss. I can see that section 19.2.1 did not include the type of HMI I described . My HMI is GS21 not GT21 yet I think it will work but I can't decide which of the connection diagrams on page 19.3.2 is the one to go for. I will try both and see. I can see also that the maximum distance is 30m and this will not be suitable for me because (as I initially described in my inquiry) I have 80m distance between both HMIs.  Is there a way to extend the length?
  3. Adding an extra remote HMI to an existing Q02U PLC

    Hi JRoss, I just receive the new GS2107 and I will connect it to the 1st GS2107 via RS422 port. I am just not sure how to make the cable. I attached the cable connection which I am willing to use. I will appreciate if you can check and give me your kind feedback. Thanks  
  4. Adding an extra remote HMI to an existing Q02U PLC

    Thanks JRoss. Its surprising for me how simple it can be done !! GREAT. Assuming that the two HMI screens will be identical, is there any settings to be done in the program of the PLC ( GX developer) or the GS2107 (GT designer) Or is it just a plug and play through the RS422 port? And what if  some changes will be done to the 2nd HMI (example security, ..) will it still be a plug and play as long as it is connected to RS422 port?  Thanks in advance. I appreciate your help. 
  5. Hello,  I have a Mitsubishi Q02U PLC connected through its serial port to a GS2107 hmi located on the same control panel. I need to add an additional GS2107 exactly the same as the first one at a distance of 80 meters from the control panel. How can I communicate with this new HMI ? Is there a special module to add to my configuration? I really dont know? Please advice. Thanks