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  1. PL7 TSX Micro

    Morning, This is not usual to have some many plcs, particulary small ones likes TSX37 and hmis connected together in Modbus. Are you sure by the way that it's Modbus and not Unitelway wich is the Telemecanique protocol usually used to connect Schneider Hmi to plc ? Anyway, Modbus or Unitelway it sound like "wires troubles". You have to check all the cables and connections first. Then you must verify that there's no conflict of adresses in the hmis and plcs. Some views of the configurations could be usefull to go further. You said you have changed an hmi but how, as it seems you don't have the version needed to open old projects ? JC
  2. Morning, Thank you for researching. That confirm what I thought, it was certainly very difficult to work with this panel JC
  3. Hello, I knew I’d tickle the patriotic fibre by speaking of Siemens in a Rockwell forum It's normal but your vision is skewed cause I guess you work with them all the time. I work with AB/Rockwell mostly to backup programs or help the maintenance guys to find the a machine fault. Sometimes I install a new plc when customer specifically ask for Rockwell stuff. It happens once every 10 years... The rest of the time I work at 80% with Schneider and Siemens. If I had to convert the PLC-5 I should buy a licence for ControLogix (€€€) ControlLogix configuration (€€€) and if I want a support I will have to pay in addition a techconnect contract (€€€). So ok there's a conversion tool but if I add all the extras costs I could spend a lot (by lot I mean tons) of hours of engineering and I will be cheaper anyway with Siemens at the end. I prefer to sell programming hours cause it goes in my pocket (my boss's pocket to be exact) and not in Rockwell's pocket. But it's pure spéculation cause this plc won't be replaced, mostly because it's reliable (good point for AB) whereas it's not the same story for the panel and its cathodic tube. Have a nice weekend JC  
  4. Hi, Well, in a perfect world plc and hmi should be replaced by brand new Siemens hardware cause it's more common in Europe especially in cardboard industry but we aint living in a perfect world and I have to deal with prehistoric AB stuffs JC
  5. Morning, The reference is 1784-T30C indeed but there's nothing about it on Rockwell website, it's like it has never existed 30 years ago I've installed a Xycom 2000 panel that look like a lot the AB one and there was a DOS software but it seems its different with the T30C. I found messages on another forum from a guy that had worked with thoses panels and he talk of hyperterminal to get and send configuration to the panel. That sound really primitive, even for a 90's product... I think I'm going to start from scratch by finding tags that are displayed but it will be fastidious as I don't have the source code of the plc. JC
  6. Hello, One of my customer has a cardbox machine controlled by a PLC-5. On a DH+ port of this plc there's a T30C panel. This panel is totally obsolete and he asked me to replace it. I'm not an expert of PLC-5 plc but I know how to connect it and get the program. But for the panel I'm in the fog. I found nothing about it on Rockwell website and almost no informations on the web. It seems this panel was made by Xycom for AB but I can't find a manual about it. If someone here know those panels and could tell me what software to use, how to upload  from the panel or any useful informations it will be cool. Thanks. JC
  7. Hi, Anybus is cheaper but Hilscher is german JC
  8. Weintek HMI no response from CP2EN

    Morning, If some values are updated and in the same time you get a "no plc response" message that means one or several tags on the displayed screen can't be read in the plc. It could be a wrong adress, outside range, bad type etc. So you have to carrefully check all your tags. JC
  9. Morning, To my knowledge you have the very last latest version of PL7 Pro. So I think your problem is probably not linked to the PL7 version. Maybe it's rather an Unitelway driver issue but I can't be affirmative. JC
  10. license... step 7 basic...

    Morning, A TIA V18 basic licence is about 350/400 euros here in France. I don't understand how it could be 4000 USD or Euros in Denmark. JC
  11. HMI panel / display for Siemens LOGO! 8 ethernet

    Morning, Weintek panels can communicate with Ethernet Siemens Logo.  They're cheaper than Siemens hmis even if KTP ones are not so expensive than that and work with Logo too. JC
  12. Morning, You should install XTEL V6.1 SP1 that doesn't need anymore the protections keys. This version is available on the subscribers Schneider Website. If you can not find this version send me a pm. JC
  13. Siemens et200pro fc

    Morning, Here are the options to upload and dowload parameters to the drive. In your case the easiest seems the use of an MMC card. JC
  14. For sure S7-Graph is not good at all, Siemens has never implemented this graphic language properly in their plcs. Anyway I don't see exactely how your program is done but it seems it's a mix between graphic SFC, ladder and ST. If you can send me your XTEL project I could have a look on it and give you my opinion in PM. It's free and as I'm not a Schneider guy, it will be objective JC