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  1. OLD Siemens PLC

    Hi, here is the pogram in pdf. Hope it will help. JC Econo5.3.pdf
  2. Morning, Thanks, I should be able to do the job with this tips.   JC
  3. Hi, I need to upload a program from a PLC-5 5/15 plc. This plc is fitted with a communication card that should allow to communicate in DF1. I don't know the reference of the card but my customer sent me a picture. So as i'm not familiar with Rockwell products I would like to know if I can comunicate with it whit a simple null modem cable in DF1 and if yes is there's something I should know to configure RSLinx or is it the same procedure than the processors with built in DF1 port ? Thanks JC
  4. Morning, You have lost the program for sure. There's a battery inside the RAM cartridge  memory and if it has never been replaced the program vanish each time you power off the plc. JC
  5. TSX6740

    Morning, You can use either a Westermo MA-21 RS232 / current loop converter which was the converter used by Telemecanique under the name TSXTE01 or a more recent Schneider cable called FT21CBCL030. A TSX 67-425 processor is programmed in PL7-3 but for a complete backup you have to use the transfer tool available in a V5 station.       JC
  6. Codesys

    Hi, To be exact, Unity Pro software (used for M340, M580 plcs) is not based on Codesys. EcoStruxure Machine Expert (formerly known as SoMachine) used for Modicon M241, M251 etc. is actualy based on Codesys. JC
  7. Morning, You need PL7-3 software included in XTEL software package. This software runs under OS/2. A VM can be used without any problem even with a laptop without com port. In this case you have to use an usb-serial converter as com1. To connect the plc you need and RS232-Current loop converter, idealy a Westermo MA21 converter which was the one used by telemecanique. However you can use any converters like the one in the attached picture. JC
  8. TSX 17 Failure

    Morning, The Serie 7 Telemecanique plcs was composed of TSX17, TSX27, 47, 67, 87 an 107. The connection cable needed for a 17 is a RS232 to RS485 converter. Standard converter may be used. All the others need a RS232 to current loop converters. In the software there was PL7-2 for TSX 17, 27 and some 47 and PL7-3 for others 47, TSX67, 87 and 107. PL7-2 and PL7-3 existed in DOS and OS/2 version. Under OS/2 these software were included in a pack called XTEL. Forget the DOS version it's useless. I can give you a Virtual image including XTEL and PL7-2. I can give you as well the drawing of the cable. Now if you feel you can manage with it let me know by pm. JC
  9. TSX 17 Failure

    Hi, If you realy have an eeprom cartrdige (located near the language PL7-2 cartridge) you have the program inside, so you just have to swap it into a new plc and that's all. Of course it could be interresting in addition to connect the plc to upload the program to have a backup on pc.   JC
  10. Hi, TSX is a generic name and means nothing, what is the reference of your plcs ? JC
  11. Hi, You can try here : if it doesn't work, let me know by pm, I have others versions. JC
  12. Plc7-3

    Hi, Are you talking of a TSX 47 plc from Telemecanique programmed in PL7-3 ? If so there's no software that could be used in any Windows version. You must use PL7-3 software either under DOS or OS/2. An other alternative is to use a T407 console with the PL7-3 langage cartridge but it could be difficult to find one. JC
  13. Hi, Maybe you could make a FB with a loop. Here is an example to reset an array of bool. You just need and index and a bool as the conditon of the reset. JC
  14. Hi, 1) Forget Unity, your processor is PL7-Pro only. For Unity only processors reference that ended by a 4 (ie TSX572624) can be programmed with unity. 2) XIP driver is installed when you install PL7-Pro. XIP Driver is provided as well on the cd with PL7-Pro. To configure XIP driver have a look here : Sorry it's in french, I didn't find something in english. But it's not so complicated. Anyway a quicker solution will be to find an RS485 cable to connect the TER plug, it's easier than in Ethernet with these processors. JC
  15. Error OBs

    You're right, some Schneider plcs system bits could be used to "emulate" some OB, but in this particular case it's not really interesting. With a Siemens Step7 Plc, if you address a memory area that doesn't exist, your plc will stop. If you add OB121 (that is not present by default when you create your project) it will not. It's really a totally different philosophy between Siemens and Schneider and it's not a good idea to try to do with a Schneider plc what you did with a Siemens. JC