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  1. For sure S7-Graph is not good at all, Siemens has never implemented this graphic language properly in their plcs. Anyway I don't see exactely how your program is done but it seems it's a mix between graphic SFC, ladder and ST. If you can send me your XTEL project I could have a look on it and give you my opinion in PM. It's free and as I'm not a Schneider guy, it will be objective JC
  2. Morning, Of course there's a migration tool to convert 7 series plcs programs but not directly to Control Expert. You have to convert to Pl7-Pro first and then from PL7-Pro to Control Expert. It works but it's not a miracle tool and you have to adjust a lot of things including the adressing of the I/O. In addition you get an old fashion program that does not use at all the possiblities of a modern plc.   Grafcet can be translated in another language than SFC (graphic language), with Siemens I do Grafcets in ladder with steps words. This is the method we used in the past with old Telemecanique plcs cause there was a lot of limitation. You could not modify SFC in run mode and you had limited numbers of steps. Of course if you have hundreds of Grafcet it could be a consuming time job but at least you have the hand on the program. During my carreer I have made a lot of programs conversions and I've learned that each case is different and must be studied to find the right solution. Sometimes software migration is a good solution sometimes not, despite what Schneider always say. JC
  3. Hi, You can't use Ethercat with Schneider Plcs. Today they use mainly EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP/IP. If you plan to use remote I/O that means you will have to remap all the locals I/O used in the TSX87. In fact you have missed a step. You should had convert your TSX87 to TSX Premium Plc and so you could use the Premium rack and modules as remote I/O of the M580 processor. My advice will be to swap everything to Siemens. Of course you will have to rewrite the program but it's a better long term solution. To be honnest i'm even very surprised you consider Schneider today cause each time I had to work with german companies we had the obligation to use german hardware, whatever the price or if the hardware was good or not
  4. Q Plc 2400 error

    Hi, We had the original program from the distributor but I suppose I didn't do the right things to transfer the program and parameters into the cpu. My customer kept trying and  he succeeded to transfer it and the main cpu went in run mode. I do'nt know what he exactely did and I have no idea of what happened originaly but the machine is running now, so problem is solved... JC
  5. Q Plc 2400 error

    Hi, I don't think there's a SD card, there's an empty slot in front of the cpu but it's empty. According to the european distributor of this machine, programme is stored in internal ROM and battery is used to save datas. But we're not sure if what he's saying is correct because it seems he doesen't know the machine so well. Thanks for your help. JC    
  6. Q Plc 2400 error

    Morning, I have a problem with a japanese cardbox machine fitted with Q series plcs. It's a multi cpu system with a GOT1000 HMI plugged directely on the rack. After a power down on the weekend the main cpu is in error (error led is flickering) and the diag show 2400 error on the main cpu and 7000 on the motion cpu. I'm not very familiar with Mitsubishi plcs and I don't know those Q plcs. We have bought a spare Q02H cpu and transferred the program without success, error is still present. What could be the problem ? JC
  7. TM2AMI4LT

    Hello, You can swap the module without the need to download the application. There's nothing into the module, the whole wonfiguration is in the plc. JC
  8. I simply use an old Dell laptop with a serial port and a virtual machine with XTEL SP1. I connect the plcs in local either with a RS232/RS485 converter for TSX 17 or FT21CBCL030 cable wich is a RS232/Current loop converter for TSX27, 57, 67, 87 or 107. You can use as well a Westermo MA-21 converter wich is exactely the same thing than the original Telemecanique TSX TE01. Today we don't work a lot with those plcs. Most of the time it's just to get the program to convert it on a newer plc or to restore a program after a loss caused by battery failure so there's really no need to use distant connection as Ethway. The fact is Ethway came at the very end of life of those plcs and in addtion the Ethway modules were very expensive, so it was very rarely used. So you wo'nt find a lot of informations about it even by old automation guys like me JC
  9. Morning, I saw your posts on the french automation forum. Kalhix is just a laptop (probably Panasonic thougbook) with their software for plcs. I never use it cause it's way too expensive for what it is (about 9000 euros for premium version) and there's nothing you can't do with a basic laptop. Ethway communication could be interesting to connect plcs remotely but honestly you can troubleshoot your installations without it. I have installed hundred of 7 serie plcs in the past and I rarely (to not say never) used Ethway communication. Today I use a virtual machine on a Dell laptop with serial port to use the westermo converter and it's largely sufficent. JC
  10. GT15 Hmi backup questions

    Morning, First I have to says that I'm not familiar with Mitsubishi's Hmis cause this brand is not so common im my country. So I have made a backup of a GOT1000 Hmi (GT15) with GT Designer 2. When I uploaded the project, software warned me that the version of project was 2.111 and my GT designer version is 2.90. Anyway, upload was ok eventually and I got the whole project. Is there any known issue with this difference of versions. In other words, if I download this project to a backup panel will it work properly ? In addition we have made a backup on a CF card formatted with the hmi . Can I copy those files on a server and eventually put it on another CF card for future restoration or should I necessarily use the original backup made from the panel ? Thanks for answers JC
  11. Hi, Here is a beginning of solution based on the explanation of pturmel. I1 is the coin input and I2 is the start input of the cycle. V1 is a comparison of the counter > 0. JC
  12. s7-300 ethernet connection

    Sorry but you can not use the HMI as a gateway. Go for the IBH (or similar) gateway or try to find an used CP343 at a decent price.
  13. s7-300 ethernet connection

    Morning, You could use indeed a CP343-1 Lean card wich is the basic version of the CP343 but it's still very expensive and probably not available at all at the moment. A cheapest solution is to use an Ethernet/Profibus gateway (yes another gateway ;-)) like this one : I never used it but IBH is well known for their compatible Siemens products. JC
  14. Read rs485 data

    Morning, You have to download the GSD file of your device (it's a small text file) and install it in the HW Config. JC