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  1. s7-300 ethernet connection

    Sorry but you can not use the HMI as a gateway. Go for the IBH (or similar) gateway or try to find an used CP343 at a decent price.
  2. s7-300 ethernet connection

    Morning, You could use indeed a CP343-1 Lean card wich is the basic version of the CP343 but it's still very expensive and probably not available at all at the moment. A cheapest solution is to use an Ethernet/Profibus gateway (yes another gateway ;-)) like this one : I never used it but IBH is well known for their compatible Siemens products. JC
  3. Read rs485 data

    Morning, You have to download the GSD file of your device (it's a small text file) and install it in the HW Config. JC
  4. Read rs485 data

    Either you change your meter for one that can communicate as a Profibus slave or you use a Profibus/Modbus RTU gateway. You can have a look on Anybus or Hillscher products. In any way forget Modbus with Step 7, it's expensive as you need a CP and it's really complicated to program, you can trust me :) JC
  5. Read rs485 data

    Hello, Modbus and Siemens (at least with Step7) it's the wedding of the rabbit and the carp as we say in France So if your Proface has another RS485 port, it wil be easier to use the HMI to communicate with the meter. JC
  6. Morning, Second line is correct cause the test of the input is made before the launch of the event code (EVTx) so for me you don't need to do it eventually. It has to be tested anyway because as I said before I never used these events. JC
  7. I have understood what you want to do. Events could do the job but it's more limited than FAST task. By example, in configuration, you double clic on blank square "function" and you choose falling edge of the input filtered at 1ms and the event you want to use, here EVT0. I add a picture, it's in french but it's esay to see what to do. JC
  8. Morning, I have used micro and Premium PLCs for years and I never used events. For fast treatment you better use the "FAST" task. Its cycle time is 5 miliseconds or less (up to 1 ms) if necessary. You can associate inputs and/or outputs to this task. Be aware that by configuring a short fast period you affect the mast task. The shorter is the FAST period the longer will the MAST task. JC
  9. Hitachi H-702 Series MODE SIMULATION

    Morning, I had the same problem with more or less the same cpu and even with the software I could not remove the simulation mode that desactivate the outputs. Program was running but without the outputs it was just a very poor christmas tree... The constructor send us back a new processor, we put the memory cartridge into it and it was ok. We didn't understood why this cpu went in simulation mode by itself. This generation of Hitachi plcs was very weird. JC
  10. TSX PSY1610

    Hello, Do you have the software to connect the plcs ? what about the source code ? From what I see you have lost the program but it's an hot standby system and I'm not familair with this architecture. Anyway you need to connect the plcs according the hot standby manual to look what is wrong. JC
  11. Hello, According the size of your program you need a 32K or 64K flash eprom pmcia cartridge. Reference are : TSX MFP 032P (old ref) TSX MFP P128K (new ref) TSX MFP 064P (old ref) TSX MFP P224K (new ref) You need PL7-Pro to tranfer the program into the cartridge and then you don't need battery anymore. But you can noyt modify the program in run mode with this type of memory cartridge. JC Hola, Según el tamaño de su programa necesita un cartucho eprom flash 32K o 64K pmcia. Las referencias son : TSX MFP 032P (antigua ref) TSX MFP P128K (nueva ref) TSX MFP 064P (antigua ref) TSX MFP P224K (nueva ref) Necesita PL7-Pro para transferir el programa al cartucho y luego ya no necesita batería. Pero ahora puede modificar el programa en modo de ejecución con este tipo de cartucho de memoria. JC
  12. CPU Load Calculation

    Morning, I never saw an excel tool to calculate cpu load for Siemens S7-300/400 Plcs. The only thing you could do is calculate yourself by adding instructions time for each instruction of your program according to your processor. Its a titanic job that is completly useless because I doubt you will ever meet a cpu load issue, except if your program is absolutely gigantic, and gigantic is weak :) JC
  13. Morning, Replacement drive is Lexium 32 but you should be advised that it's not a straight forward conversion. Electric connections are slightly different and if you have a communication between the drive and a plc in canopen or other networks you need some modifications in the plc. JC
  14. OLD Siemens PLC

    Hi, here is the pogram in pdf. Hope it will help. JC Econo5.3.pdf
  15. Morning, Thanks, I should be able to do the job with this tips.   JC