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Hi all.

I would like to get in contact with whoever can help me in my particular problem. I hold an HNC level in robot and plc programming but for different reasons I'm still trying to get on the industry but is being a hard task. It's been a while that I'm trying to get into some companies by agencies and they are always asking for something that I can't provide like two years experience. Basically I'm writing here trying to find someone that can help me in anyway. Currently I live in Shrewsbury and it will be complicated to get relocated but nothing is impossible if things are interesting for both sides.

Thanks to all even for read it and just consider the possibility to help me on any way. 


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If you haven't done this already... Apply to jobs even if you don't meet all the requirements. A lot of times the job requirements are "nice to have" not "need to have". All things being equal, an employer will take someone with the two years experience over someone without. But if they can't find candidates who meet the full set of requirements and if you impress them enough during the interview process, they may give you a chance anyway.

I don't know what the situation is in the UK, but here in the US it's very tough to find qualified controls engineers, which is a good opportunity for people like yourself.

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