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  1. Servo JOG mode vs Speed Control mode

    Dear Mr. JRoss, I'll be very happy, if you please share PLC program instruction (with data register for speed set) for speed control mode in FX mitsubishi. My application is to change the speed from HMI when needed & servo will rotate continuously, FYI, i did program for position control mode both inc and abs. Thanks in advance :) Regards, Joynal, Automation Engineer, Bangladesh.
  2. Servo JOG mode vs Speed Control mode

    It's possible to change jog speed anytime from HMI but my confusion is about will servo motor be rotating continuously untill i give stop command in jog mode? In fx series, maximum output pulse is 100k !! Another question, is it possible to change speed from HMI for speed control mode? as far i know, speed value can be changed only by setting drive parameter. Waiting for your valuable response :)
  3. Servo JOG mode vs Speed Control mode

    Dear Mr. JRoss, I've an application to run a servo continuously & it'll not be stopped until i give stop command. Is it technically ok, if i use Jog operation? Is there any limitation of jog operation? I'm using mitsubishi FX PLC & MR-J3 drive. Expecting earlier response, thanks in advance :)
  4. Comparison between CJ1W-ETN21 and CJ1W-EIP21

    Thank you and brk_h for providing me proper solution. Actually, i want to display data from the PLC on a Web page and brk_h said about the process in comments.One more query about mounting location of ETN21. ETN21 can be attached as the same way I/O modules attached with CJ1M-CPU23 PLC?
  5. Comparison between CJ1W-ETN21 and CJ1W-EIP21

    I need to know the easiest way to access PLC remotely via web browser. From the conversation i get, 1. Both EIP21and ETN21 support FINS commands, Email, Socket services, but from conversation 'EIP21 doesn't support socket services', is it right or not? 2. EIP21 can act as an Originator (master) to other EtherNet/IP Target (slave) devices. 3. May be, EIP21 with updated hardware design compared to ETN21. 4. May be, ETN21 is safer than EIP21, but why safer? 5. ETN21 is better for PC-PLC communication and EIP21 is better for PLC-Ethernet/ip enabled device communication, isn't it possible to use EIP21 for PC-PLC communication?. waiting for proper suggestions.
  6. EIP21 or ETN21 with a CP1H?

    Using ETN21, how can i access PLC (CJ1M-CPU23) remotely from PC via web browser? For the same purpose EIP21 can be used or not?
  7. I'm a new member of this forum. How can i access both PLC (CJ1M-CPU23) and HMI (Weintek MT8104iH) remotely via web browser? For OMRON PLC, i'm confused to select which one (CJ1W-ETN21 or CJ1W-EIP21) is better and why? Waiting for a better solution.