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  1. I am spec'in a new job and wondered what you guys thought about the Pane View 5000 series with the new integrated software into Studio 5000? Or should I just stick with the trusty-old Panel View Plus 7 and my ME Studio software. Anyone have any good success or problems with the 5000 Panel Views?
  2. Automatic sub

    Which attachment was it? I might be able to fix it?

    I think I fixed the link above for you guys... If you see anything else like this, I'll try to fix them as you find them.
  4. SCU 41 Modbus v7 Inverter

    Did that work?
  5. Comunicação

    Welcome to MrPLC. English would be best here. If you can type in English.
  6. Panel View Time and Date Stamp Display in an Array

    It's looking like I am gunna have to do it this way, along with concatenating the DINTS into a DINT to STRING for a "time-date" stamp. I always hope for the best and make sure I didn't miss something that might have been added like a new feature or firmware update that I overlooked.
  7. Checking to see what might be some methods to capture a time and date stamp into an array element, then display that on a panel view? Right now I have a 100 element array, I want to treat this 100 element array like a log file. I have EPOCH time setup in this program, so I can capture the EPOCH into the log. Is there an EPOCH to Time/Date display or function in a Panel View trick somewhere maybe? Any other ideas for how you guys have handled that one?
  8. Panel View Performance Indirect Addressing TAGs?

    Bob, Yes so see here this Panel View TAG: {[PLC]ML_DataBase.Display[0].RemainService} I want an indirect address where the ZERO is. {[PLC]ML_DataBase.Display[myvar].RemainService} I was just checking to see if I missed any updates or not that would allow this.
  9. Does anyone know if Allen Bradley has added Indirect Addressing to PanelView Tags yet? I didn't hear anything in a while, but I thought I would ask in case I missed any new releases. 
  10. Hello again. I forgot to ask if you are the one that had a DC Sensor Hookup Tester that had a diagram for NPN and PnP sensors. Would you please send me the link if it was from you. I would like to make my own tester. The manufacurer ones are too expensive. Thank you. 



  11. Hello.  I appreciate finding this website and all the info. 

    I am new with the Click PLC and would like to know if you have a couple really basic programs that I could download to use and learn from Automation Direct. Thank you. 


  12. Open .RSP file

    I think his has been resolved. PDF Uploaded.
  13. Open .RSP file

    Same for me. I will report this to PDF Supply.
  14. Hi Chris, I was just looking in the AB forum and saw a bunch of posts that don't look like they belong there (and all from the same user)...they are pretty new, in the last 15 minutes, just wanted to let someone know right away!


    Thank you!!


  15. Allen Bradley Ethernet/IP Mapping Size Limit?

    Well I dunno, thought I would post what I have so far in case anyone else runs into this. It seems you can only do large transfers through a MSG instruction, is what I have arrived at. I don’t know if that works for me for a SLAVE device connection to get the tags out I need or not. I would need to purchase these items to test it out to see if this can be setup, I have no clue if this works, but atleast I got an answer from RA what hardware and versions I need to attempt it and get someone else started too incase you encounter this as well.  Good Luck! As per attached snapshot of error , it seems that you are trying to increase data size for Generic ethernet module.  For Generic Ethernet module,  Error : Failed to modify properties Invalid Output size The number of output configured output tags is too large   The limit is 124 tags of the type DINT The limit is 248 tags of the type INT The limit is 496 tags of the type SINT   Error : Failed to modify properties Invalid Input size The number of input tags configured for the profile is too large   The limit is 125 tags of the type DINT The limit is 250 tags of the type INT The limit is 500 tags of the type SINT   Large CIP generic messages (messages up 3980 bytes) are available with some requirements. Large messages are typically used with socket programming to send and receive more then 480 bytes of data at a time. The Large Connection checkbox is enabled only when the Connected box is checked and CIP Generic is selected as the message type on the Configuration tab.   To use Large messages with a ControlLogix controller and a 1756-EN2T(R) module, the following are required:   ·  1756-EN2T(R) and 1756-EN3TR modules at revision 5.x and higher for socket support ·  Logix Designer application, version 21.00.00 or later and RSLogix 5000 software, version 20.00.00 or later ·  The Large Connection and Connected checkboxes must be checked in the message instruction(s) Selecting the CIP Generic message type enables the Large Connection option on the Communication tab. Use large CIP Generic connections when a message is greater than 480 bytes. 500 bytes is typical, but there are headers at the front of the message. Large CIP connections are for messages up to 3980 bytes.   • The Large Connection box is enabled only when the Connected box is checked and CIP Generic is selected as the message type on the Configuration tab. • The Large Connection option is available only in Logix Designer application, version 21.00.00 or later and RSLogix 5000 software, version 20.00.00 or later.  You can refer this from (Chapter 4)     I tossed a project together to grab the screen shots to go along with this: