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  1. @Ken Roach wow...I have been shambled for a few years. Ever since they added DST to the firmware. Ha! This was just the first time I noticed that the clock did not change. I did not know that setting DST in the PLC did not update it automatically. Good to know! The Panel View HMI of course updated assuming because it's Windows CE now. Maybe I'll map over the clock from the HMI into the PLC might be easiest so they are in sync with each other this way. But thanks for the response. I learned something today as well.
  2. Did anyone else have any problems with your Compact Logix not switching Day Light Savings this past weekend? Just curious... The HMIs switched over no problems. I might need to map in the HMI clock maybe.  
  3. That was the problem. The Instance number did not match the HEX target assembly... that is nuts...
  4. Here is the EDS file I am working with.  No problems if I import it using EDS Wizard. It's an EDS AOP with variable size mapping. But if I try to create a Generic Connection with ASSY 100 - 32 bytes (SINT) ASSY 150 - 32 bytes (SINT) Config 1 - 0 bytes (SINT) AB won't talk to the slave, I get a Code #16(0315)     YAMAHA_EP-01(EIP2).eds
  5. Has anyone ever ran into the fact that you have a Slave EIP device, and it works ok when you use the EDS file, however if you try and configure it as a Generic Connection, it doesn't communicate to your AB PLC? What would cause something like that?
  6. They already have Transaction Manager running, so it will be an existing install so getting Ignition purchased and installed here will be tough.
  7. If I have a 1000 records with recipes that live in an SQL database, is transaction manager still the way to go to get my recipes from the SQL database into my Rockwell PLC? Or in the last 5 years, has Rockwell came out with something else easier? Even if that means moving my 1000 records from SQL to something else. The 1000 records are static information, I just need about 30 PLCs to always look at the static data as a "lookup" and the static records can be changed from a master source later on down the road. Just asking to make sure. 
  8. Yeah! That would have worked if my model was in the list, probably just could have done something like this: Wonder if AB has the newer models somewhere to import.... I just opened the windows side-by-side to check the alignment. That's better than nothing. Might have to make our own using this same idea for our model number.  
  9. I am working on helping with converting a Panel Builder 32 HMI to Factory Talk with a new Panel View 7, and the way this OLD HMI worked was all Function Keys. It's been a minute, but in the old Panel Builder 32 software, you could see a legend or a map of the Function Keys. Is there a way to "turn on" the "function key map" in Factory Talk? I can't seem to find anything. I threw some images below of what I mean. Without an overlay, it makes it tricky to align a button next to the Function Key when your not sure where it is. Anyone done any tricks to make this process of aligning your button to the physical function key easier? Is there a view Function Key Legend I am missing? The only thing I can think of is install a tempory image background into each screen that is a graphic of the outside template of the model I am working on. I think most all of the PV I've done since 2010, have been touch screen only. LOL. Every now and then you got step back in time.
  10. I kinda-of feel like everyone should be aware of this: Rockwell Automation has released Product Notice 2023-04-002 - Studio 5000 Logix Designer V31 through V35 Ladder Diagram Routines May Stop Execution After Download You are receiving this notification because you have been identified as a potential user of one or more of these products. Summary - This Product Notice informs you of a potential anomaly that exists with Studio 5000 Logix Designer®. Studio 5000 Logix Designer software versions V31.00.00 through V35.00.01 ladder diagram routines may stop execution after download to ControlLogix® 5580, GuardLogix® 5580, CompactLogix ™ 5380, 5480 and Compact GuardLogix® 5380 controllers.  The anomaly occurs following the execution of a specific series of software actions. Details of this notification, including corrective actions, can be found in Knowledgebase ID PN1620/1139086. To access the Knowledgebase article, please use the Rockwell Automation account that you used to download from the Rockwell Automation Product Compatibility and Download Center (PCDC). If you have not logged in to any Rockwell Automation sites in the last 6 months, and before viewing the article, you will need to verify that you can log into your account. If you have any difficulties logging into your Rockwell Automation account, please contact us through your regular support channels. Include a complete screenshot of your browser window that shows the error, the address (URL), and the status bar at the bottom of the browser window.
  11. I got a new one I have not seen. I have a brand new 5069-OB16 Output card installed in a Compact Logix 5380. All of the LEDs are flashing RED. It's been that way out of the box. Wiring has been verified, modules shows running, there are no faults, major or minor.  Anyone seen that before? It acts like all the outputs are overloaded but there are no errors. All of the LEDS are flashing together in sync about a .5 second duty flash.
  12. Good morning Chris, 

    We lost the program on our PLC-5 for our Autojector, in searching to try to find a replacement I came across your feed from 2002 where you said you had one.

    Do you still Have the program, if not do you have any idea where we would be able to locate one?


  13. Now if we could just do the reverse process of this, I'd be a happy camper. LOL
  14. I have version 1.25 of Studio right now. It seems to allow saving the library file. I will try and create a new Library Project and see if I can copy things into it.....