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  1. How to replace the LK 401 module with the LK 202 ?

    to communicate between 2 PLCs

  2. hi, jay Anthony! please help to write data to cp1h Omron plc using excel VBA  I am trying many methods using dde but fail ....??

  3. Hello Jay,

    I need some guidance. I want to use an NB7W-TW00B PT as a modbus slave on a network. I have gone throught the Host Connection Manual and there is a page on using the PT as a slave. It shows an option for setting the Device ID No (There is even a qulaifying statement saying "Only valid if NB is in Slave Mode"). However, when I open my NB Designer and go to PT properties. I do not get the option to set the PT Slave ID No. How can i get around this.



  4. https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/950-fins-activex-ethernet-control/
  5. @(symbol)

    Yes.  If the@ symbol is in front of a function (@SUB(31)), then it will only execute for one scan.
  6. Unable to connect CS1G

    These are the errors that will turn the ERR indicator solid.  
  7. Unable to connect CS1G

    Turn Pin 4 on  
  8. [Demo Software] - CVSS DOS Software for CV SFC PLCs

    CVSS manuals.zip
  9. NT31C Upload Problem

    Did you put the screen in Transmit mode?
  10. Ladder Overflowing the Window

    Try this "Expands to widest rung."
  11. Counters

    Since CNTR is a reversible counter it is also a ring counter and 0 is a valid count point.  Have you considered INC and DEC as a substitute?
  12. Network Number Problem

    I think you are right about the serial port, Bob.  Serial A needs to be set for Bar Code Reader.
  13. Show output instructions horizontally

    Show output instructions  horizontally cannot be changed while online.  Change offline.
  14. Help translating Function block diagram to ladder logic

    Post your text of function block and we'll have a look at it. 
  15. Unknown kind of contact

    The double bar to the lefty indicates a differentiated or one shot contact.  If you look you will find in the program a DIFU instruction with the same address.