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  1. @radouan For start to use SoMachine Basic you should use this e-learning. https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/download/document/SoMachine+Basic+V1.3+eLearning/
  2. @Inc If you use Citect SCADA you can direct access to %M or %MW with it address such as %MW0. If you use others SCADA you can use Modbus TCP driver to connect them. Both of these methods not necessary to writing code.
  3. @radouan Do you have ever use any PLC? Please send us screenshot or setting of your problem.
  4. MODBUS-RTU slave

    @SEMOG You should check these function block on OMRON website as link below that can use CJ2M to be Modbus RTU slave. https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=1245
  5. Delta PLC UP ZP connection

    @aashishplc For Delta DVP-12SA2 Transistor output can only be NPN that in figure 1 and I think they could not convert to PNP as figure 2.
  6. @vijayvpv You don't need to setup on PLC because when you input string on Wientek HMI data will be set on PLC that you can check it by using device batch monitor in ASCII format as shown below.
  7. Combination Input

    For your condition you could create program by use each condition to communicate in serial sequence like image below. when you serial contact together it likes you use "AND" in programming language.
  8. @vijayvpv For monitor float value in FX3G you should use Device batch to monitor value , How to monitor is depand on which software do you use. For GX Developer go to Online -> Monitor -> Device Batch then select device and choose Real number (single precision) For GX Works2 go to Online -> Monitor -> Device/Buffer Memory Batch then select device and choose [32 1.23]
  9. @Convoy Maybe you should install CX-One in another computer or virtual machine such as VMWare then open project on that.
  10. Combination Input

    Do you mean 1 switch give you 2 signal that on to A and off to B and you use it for combination with 4 switch?
  11. GX Developer analog output help

    @Jkleeds You should check at Digital to Analog Module manual. There are information about setting, wiring and program example in it. For example please check at page 114 - 116. https://dl.mitsubishielectric.com/dl/fa/document/manual/plc/sh080054/sh080054u.pdf
  12. FX3GA-60MT Modbus RS485 as Slave

    @Shaf Ali Weintek HMI has Mitsubishi CPU Direct Driver. You don't need to use other protocol to communicate with HMI. Please check this link below at page 735 - 738 https://dl.weintek.com/public/PLC_Connect_Guide/eng/PLC_connection_guide.pdf
  13. @Russ McKenna Yes, You should not use duplicate coils for my program I have to use memory bit to buffer data for input/output example I need to use X0 to On Y0 normal program are -|X0|--------(Y0) If you need to create other program to control Y0 you need to parallel sequence before Y0 such as -|X0|-------(Y0) -X1|---| Then I have use Memory bit to solve this -|X0|--------(M10) -|M0|---| -|X1|--------(M11) -|M1|---| -|M0|--------(Y0) -|M1|---| That you can use any condition to control Y0 by use output at M data then parallel at output sequence and you can use M0 M1 for HMI control too.
  14. Control duty of PWM with PID

    @Mike_O You should use TPO Instructions for change word output from PID to PWM Output.
  15. HMI Password Reset

    @Avinash H I think it is Delta HMI. You should try factory default password 12345678.