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  1. Hello Everyone, Can I use TM2 module directly on M221 PLC without TM3 module. Thank you
  2. Mochuan PLC

    Thanks. I will get in touch with them
  3. Mochuan PLC

    Does anyone have the PLC programmer software for Mochuan PLC? Thank you. I have one controller with a defective USB flash where the program was created. I would like to re-create the program
  4. Thanks Wasan I already figure it out. Just need more time to read manuals 😂.
  5. Good Day everyone i'm just really new in PLC programming using M221 series on Ecostructure basic. Can someone help me to make a program that will ON/OFF one digital output depending on the temperature setpoint of thermocouple input (module TM2AMI2LT). Thank you so much