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  1. Hello Everyone, Can I use TM2 module directly on M221 PLC without TM3 module. Thank you
  2. Mochuan PLC

    Thanks. I will get in touch with them
  3. Mochuan PLC

    Does anyone have the PLC programmer software for Mochuan PLC? Thank you. I have one controller with a defective USB flash where the program was created. I would like to re-create the program
  4. Thanks Wasan I already figure it out. Just need more time to read manuals ūüėā.
  5. Good Day everyone i'm just really new in PLC programming using M221 series on Ecostructure basic. Can someone help me to make a program that will ON/OFF one digital output depending on the temperature setpoint of thermocouple input (module TM2AMI2LT). Thank you so much