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  1. PLC to PLC

    You should use "Socket Communication" to communicate with two Q03UDE PLC on manua below start from page 62 or check on Mitsubishi website maybe they have function block for use with this.    https://www.allied-automation.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/MITSUBISHI_QnUCPU-User%E2%80%99s-Manual-Communication-via-Built-in-Ethernet-Port.pdf
  2. Got 2000 GT2715-xtb

    Maybe use script on GOT Panel to enable GS register by M bit from PLC. I'm not sure that GOT panel have data transfer function, if it had you can use M or D to move data to GS register.
  3. Weekly Timer

    On Q Series use SD210 - SD213 for system datetime but I think use "DATERD" Instruction is easier. For reference use this manual below at page 589. https://www.allied-automation.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/MITSUBISHI_QL-Simple-Mode-Programming-Manual-Common-Instructions1.pdf
  4. How to convert ascii to real number or bcd

    @Wan Afifi Assume that your result in D100 (0100) and D101 (0000) maybe you multiply D100 by 10000 then sum with D101 to be (100 * 10000) + 0000 = 1000000
  5. @SRC On Omron PLC RS-232C GND pin is on pin no. 9 and please check that tx and rx pin is not switch.
  6. GOT-Barcode reader

    @KhurramMehmud If it can connect you could select D destination on PLC that connect with HMI to store data from barcode scanner when read by assign start address and how long for collect data.
  7. GOT-Barcode reader

    @KhurramMehmud I have check on GOT1000 manual it can only connect with RS-232 port or you need to use Extend I/F board as shown on page 292 - 297 at this manual below. https://dl.mitsubishielectric.com/dl/fa/document/manual/got/sh080871eng/sh080871engw.pdf
  8. GOT-Barcode reader

    @KhurramMehmud Which port on GOT2000 do you use and which communication type of your barcode reader? Could you show us how your barcode setting on GOT2000?
  9. modbus communication

    @NgocQuy If you connect GOT1000 with QJ71C24N you can use Mitsubishi serial driver on HMI for configuration and cable wiring diagram please check on GOt1000 Connect Manual (Mitsubishi Products) at link below on page 263 - 280. https://dl.mitsubishielectric.com/dl/fa/document/manual/got/sh080868eng/sh080868engag.pdf But if you need to use PLC to be Modbus Slave with other Modbus Device you should use QJ71MB91 instead of QJ71C24N.
  10. Convert CJ1M RS232 Serial Port to Ethernet

    @denise01 If you have configure Brainbox to virtual com port next step is to check wiring of RS-232 cable that connect with your PLC maybe try yo swap tx and rx pins. 
  11. @Tri Vo Maybe you should install MX Component to communicate with GX Simulator to other software.
  12. QJ71C24N-R4

    @Abs On QJ71C24N have "PreDefined Protocol" that supportModbus RTU communication then you can connect on CH2 but E5CC already have MC Protocol to connect with Mitsubishi PLC on page 167 - 178 of this manual below. https://assets.omron.eu/downloads/manual/en/v4/h175_e5_c_communications_manual_en.pdf

    @Sz if do you mean floating point type it could. It is depend on which CPU model do you use. For FX Series DEMUL for x, DEDIV for / For Q Series E* for x, E/ for / for floating point constant start with E example  D100 / 12.5  Collect to D120    ->       [DEDIV D100 E12.5 D120] (For FX)  or    [E/ D100 E12.5 D120] (For Q)
  14. @acorn You could check this manual at page 102 - 103. I shown that it is on every 1 seconds and 1 minutes but its on 500 ms then off 500 ms for %S6. https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_enDocType=User+guide&p_File_Name=EIO0000002135.08.pdf&p_Doc_Ref=EIO0000002135
  15. How to keep most recent array at top of list?

    For 20 characters is mean use D 10 words? Assume that in D0 - D9 then could you split data on to 10 tables such as D0 -> table D1000 - D2599 D1 -> table D2600 - D5199 . . D9 -> table D15400 - D16999 then use LIFO to call back data to be in 20 character length words (such as D100 - D109)