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  1. Advanced HMI to CX-Programmer

    @Maqsood For Advanced HMI have OMRON Host Link serial driver you need to create your virtual comport (such as COM4) then set communication parameter then create project as this link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_FZ61Ep6u0
  2. CJ2M F3 error

    @ddavidadams there are some similar post that may help you. https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/25148-cj2m-ethernet-ip-error-f3/
  3. Connect a CJ1M-ETN21 as slave Modbus TCP

    @APerez for reference by attached files for use Modbus TCP Server Function Block you need to only on Start_Server contact at EN pin odf function block. But for this function block it cannot support to read coil or input register Then when your Modbus Client send request command to PLC it will respond as this table below.   MTCP_ETN_Server_E.pdf
  4. Help please

    @Nkiragga If you use Serial to USB cable you need to select communicate with COM Port of your cable.
  5. Hi @slimjet84, You should check Proface Device Connection manual in help it show you show to setup PLC and HMI with cable diagram (3B on picture below). For your case should if you select "FX Series CPU Direct" you don't need to setting at PLC Communication setting as describe in image below.
  6. H, @alplus You should send mail by connect PLC with other computer for use with Gmail SMTP as describe at link below. https://schneider-electric.app.box.com/s/9wo0aor8jmu5dwuzisv5fjl04f5svfk9
  7. QJ71C24N RS422 half-duplex connection

    @KhaiLun You have create protocol incorrect should be have start with 0x02 for FCS not to input "FCS" but need to calculate depend on your manual and terminaror should be 0x2A0D
  8. modbus communication

    @maarek2 You should change time out in Pre-defined Protocol for recieve from 0 (infinite wait) to any number to change command to next communication whne time out.
  9. Problems installin gx developer in win 10 and win 7

    @Edmund Campbell I think your GX Developer version that you have support only windows 32 bit version then it could be installed on windows 10. You should install GX Works 2 that include with GX Developer in installation file then update your GX Developer on lastest version follow by this site (need to register). https://eu3a.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en/service/download
  10. Omron Cp1e plc modbusRTU connection

    For more information please check at this forum. https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/35367-how-to-connect-omron-cp1e-with-modbus-rtu/
  11. Omron Cp1e plc modbusRTU connection

    Please check this manual below about Modbus RTU Easy Master at section 14-4 page 245 - 253 https://assets.omron.eu/downloads/manual/en/e480_cp1e_users_manual_en.pd
  12. CP1L via ModbusTCP to Vacon100/Danfoss

    @Wojtiqs You should be set each inverter to be Modbus TCP first. For CP1L programming you should check at OMRON website that have Modbus Function block to use with PLC as link shown below. https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=1245
  13. FX3U Modbus RTU with FX-485-BD

    @iraj2090 You need to create Modbus data communication manucally by use RS command for your own (need to calculate check sum) because FX3U-485BD does not support Modbus protocol but if you have FX3U-485ADP-MB you can use ADPRW command to communication with Modbus device.
  14. @PGKPRO On Schneider FAQ they told that you can use M340 to communicate with Ethernet/IP via BMXNOC0401 module. https://www.se.com/ww/en/faqs/FA194528/ And this vdo maybe help you how to config with Ethernet/IP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNBX0UuhEoE
  15. Modbus with CJ1W SCU31-V1

    @locleabc98 You should check OMRON Modbus Function Block at this link below. https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=1245 Then you should config D700 to use Modbus Communiaction at this link below at page 201. https://dl.mitsubishielectric.com/dl/fa/document/manual/inv/ib0600366eng/ib0600366engg.pdf