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  1. @Geir Maybe this link help you. https://marketplace.odva.org/products/596-stb-nic-2212
  2. GOT 2000 with Symbol LI4278

    @vaibhavsl Maybe check at this manual on page 312 - 319. Problem may be from terminator(CR or ENTER) or wiring diagram. https://electrobit.ee/web/file_bank/Manuals/operaatorpaneelid/mitsubishi/GOT2000/GOT2000-connection-manual-ENG.pdf
  3. Somachine ethernet port

    Depending on which protocol is supported by which PLC, this is a list of ports usually used: - 502 (Modbus TCP)  - 8080  - 1105 and 1217 (SoMachine protocol)  - 21 (FTP)  - 161 (SNMP)  Reference: https://www.se.com/ww/en/faqs/FA282892/
  4. FX32 software and cable

    @TerryArrow For FX CPU manual follow by these link http://www.inverter-plc.com/plc/FX_PLC/mitsubishi%20FX_HardwareManual.pdf http://dl.mitsubishielectric.com/dl/fa/document/manual/plc_fx/jy992d48301/jy992d48301j.pdf For software maybe use MEDOC for programming.
  5. OPC

    @MZohaib92 You need to be use SCADA or PC Programming with S7 Connection such as Noe-RED to control and monitor them.
  6. Q series - MQTT

    @cpthautinh Yes, you need to have another hardware to run Node-RED (PC, Raspberry Pi4, IOT2050, KUNBUS) then create program on them to communicate to PLC by Ethernet and send data to MQTT Broker.
  7. View and control from PC to HMI via RS-485.

    @IvanBratanov For RS-485 or other serial interface cannot be remote viewer on HMI but you have another method by create graphic screen on free SCADA Software (Rapid SCADA, AdvancedHMI) for these device by passthrough data from PLC by convert to Modbus RTU for HMI tags.
  8. Q series - MQTT

    @cpthautinh Maybe you can use embedded controller or PC that run Node-RED because they have node with MC Protocol and MQTT Publish/Subscribe and software are open-source. There are many example about Node-RED with MQTT.
  9. hi can you help  on cj1w-scu31-v1 its nut connecting out plc we use protocol macros old unit is defective we replace new card but not connecting can you please help us some idea.


  10. Delta Dvp14ss11t2 Connection Problem

    @AHLJ Are there any device connect with PLC? If yes, may be touchscreen HMI or computer software  that send command to output. If not then maybe old program in this PLC that output when turn on this PLC.
  11. Connect a CJ1M-ETN21 as slave Modbus TCP

    @APerez for use OMRON PLC to Modbus Client then as reference manual you should On at MTCP_ETN_Connect at "EN" pin to enable and Set pin "Connect" to ON for request communication if you use example program that include with function block this pin output with contact "Connected" then use pin this contact to enable other Modbus FCXX function block at EN pin for example Fn03 to read data register you should on "Cmd_Read" to read data for other describe below Register_Address : Start address register Register_Qty : set how many word to read RespData_DM : which DM to receive data from Modbus Cmd_Read : On for read Modbus data SalveID : define Modbus ID device   Then you shoukd check Function Block manual they describe that how to setting them. MTCP_ETN_Client_E.pdf
  12. Help please

    You should check alarm log that which alarm occurs.
  13. Delta Dvp14ss11t2 Connection Problem

    @AHLJ You should show your program or screenshot to us for determine problem.
  14. Advanced HMI to CX-Programmer

    @Maqsood For Advanced HMI have OMRON Host Link serial driver you need to create your virtual comport (such as COM4) then set communication parameter then create project as this link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_FZ61Ep6u0
  15. CJ2M F3 error

    @ddavidadams there are some similar post that may help you. https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/25148-cj2m-ethernet-ip-error-f3/