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  1. Simulation of FX5 in GX Works3.

    Maybe you need to use MX Component or MX OPC Server to link with GX Simulator 3.
  2. @Maryn From this FAQ I think it could but when you use with TM3 modules need to attach after them. https://www.se.com/ww/en/faqs/FA235150/
  3. On System Information is about status/control of GOT screen then you could use SM that shown status of connection with device. You could use script as you write or use data transfer function to send data to PLC.
  4. @Simo99 Maybe You should check on GS Registers on GOT Screen I have found this on page 3050 of GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Screen Design Manual (65)Faulty Monitor Station signal (CH1 to CH4) (GS280, GS300, GS320, GS340) Then you create script or data transfer to target controller to store these status.
  5. Mitsubishi FX5U Program Conversion To FX3U

    I think they have not downgrade tools but I think almost instructions are same as FX3U. Maybe you need to print their program then rewrite in GX Works 2.
  6. Unable to read analog signal

    @vtripathi How about your wiring and which module do you connect? Please show us your program for check.
  7. @Maryn You need to read data from analog input (They are in %IWX.0 or %IWX.1 depend on which channel do you use) then use compare block to enable with output.
  8. Connect FX3G-40M to proface HMI GP-4301TM

    You could check setting on Mitsubishi CPU Direct driver manual on Device/PLC help on GP Pro-EX or check at this link below. https://www.hmisource.com/otasuke/files/manual/soft/gpproex/hosoku/mitfxcpu.pdf
  9. Hi everyone. My customer tell us to check their MDS-A-CR-75 that I have find some manual for a while but not found it. Are there anyone have manual for this. I need wiring diagram to check them.
  10. @RichardK I have never use Modbus ASCII on M221 but I think if change protocol on communication setting it should be fine to use READ_VAR maybe wait for other to clarify with these.
  11. @NoamC Maybe you compare data from previous data if it is more than last value put it in register.
  12. @NoamC There are function call "MAX_ARR" may be you should use it.
  13. @RichardK Which device model that you need to connect with Modbus TCP?
  14. Citect Scada Modent Bit Read

    Hi @hmwright I have create test project for MODNET3 bit in word.I have found that bit order on wor device is seperate into 2 block. I will describe below. 1. Create project with I/O Device to use Modnet3 (If necessary assign device address). 2. Create Variable tag with word and bit in word (For Modnet3 address start from 0 and have bit 0 - 15 that means in you need to read device that start address are 400001 you should assign in citect as 400000). 3. Compile and run project when assign word value is 147 then bit 8, 11, 14, 15 are on. 4. That because in Modbus data is arrange data from bit 16 to bit 1 5. If you need to start with bit 1 you should config parameter [MODNET]RegisterBitReverse from 0 to 1. 6. Select Setup Editor to edit Citect parameter. 7. Add Section MODNET then edit parameter as shown below then click "Add" button. 8. Go to File -> Save to save parameter. 9. Then Reload parameter and close window screen. 10. When run project again for value 147 bit 0, 1, 4 and7 will on.
  15. How to move 8 bit only in data memory D ?

    @CangkeMan You should use SMOV or AND data with H0F like this Assume that data in D0 and destination are D10 -| M0 |------[SMOV D0 K2 K2 D10 K2] or use "AND" function -| M0 |------[WAND D0 H0F D10]