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  1. @acorn You could check this manual at page 102 - 103. I shown that it is on every 1 seconds and 1 minutes but its on 500 ms then off 500 ms for %S6. https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_enDocType=User+guide&p_File_Name=EIO0000002135.08.pdf&p_Doc_Ref=EIO0000002135
  2. How to keep most recent array at top of list?

    For 20 characters is mean use D 10 words? Assume that in D0 - D9 then could you split data on to 10 tables such as D0 -> table D1000 - D2599 D1 -> table D2600 - D5199 . . D9 -> table D15400 - D16999 then use LIFO to call back data to be in 20 character length words (such as D100 - D109)
  3. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    @M302015 It is up to how cable quality or cable length or are there noise in system. First you may try to increase timeout for wait longer response. If not may be you can reduce baudrate. You will need terminate resistor when your cable have very long length or to balance impedance on your cable.
  4. GX WORKS 2 with MX component

    @Ktemsani0 You should open simulator on GX Work 2 first then start proface screen simulator. 
  5. @kivafishy You need to have cable TCSMCNAM3M002P to communicate SoMove to your ATV drives. 
  6. Vijeo Citect #com error

    @Mehak #COM Error are occur when SCADA cannot communicate with your device. Please check communication setting and for serial port don't use same com port with other software those are running on same time.
  7. LOGO!SoftComfort | Another help with analog instructions

    @Rodrigo Balsalobre For decimal on LOGOSoft Comfort It will only show on message text on PLC or TD display for internal calculating within PLC will be calculate with only integer not for floating point.
  8. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    Hi @M302015 You need to understand data on OMRON Modbus first. Start by config communication data on D1300 - D1304 D1300 --> Slave Address of your RFID Device D1301 --> Assign Function code that you need (I guess maybe 03 or 04 please check RFID manual) D1302 --> Number of communication bytes assign 4 byte from D1303 - D1304 D1303 --> Start Register : Assign first RFID register to read D1304 --> Number of address : assign how many data to read
  9. GX Works2 Simulator not Starting

    For your post, I think problem are come from environment, you may be right click on GX Works2 then select  properties -> compatability then change to other Windows version such as win 7.
  10. @Gehngiz Which register you need to write and how about source of value to be write? Please show us your program to check what to do.
  11. @Gehngiz You need ti use function code 06 for write holding register 4x. On M221 you need to use function WRITE_VAR to write data to them but I think you should read data first to understand how function block READ_VAR working.
  12. @Gehngiz You need to read data to check communication first. For example I have to use Read_Var for reading modbus register (function code 03) by follow these step. 1. Check communication parameter from Power Supply manual. 2. Config communication paramete on PLC to match with Power Supply. 3. Config Serial Port 1 to be Modbus master. 4. Select function block Read_Var. 5. Config Function Block Read_var by describe as these Link: -> SL1 ObjType -> 3 for Read Multiple Register for 4X Firstobj -> 0 for start read register at 0 Quantity -> 54 for Hexdacimal 35 means 54 data Indexdata -> 0 for recieve data at %MW0 6. Put %S5 at pin Execute for read data every 100ms 7. Create animation table for show data that recieve from power supply. 8. add data to be display for all %MW0 to %MW54. 9. Download and monitor program. If its OK data should put to %MW0 to %MW54. For example program I have attached with this post.   M221_Read_Var_Power_Supply.smbp M221_Read_Var_Power_Supply.smbp M221_Read_Var_Power_Supply_01.smbp
  13. Thank you for reporting that obvious spam post.  It is only by regulating ourselves that we remain the great site we have become.

  14. lost connection FX3GE

    @khaledpro There are error LED on that maybe from setting. You should check error on diagnostics tool.
  15. @Geir Maybe this link help you. https://marketplace.odva.org/products/596-stb-nic-2212