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  1. Hello Gambit  Please give me some recommend   I'm going to share data between fx1N (FX1N485 BD Board ) and Q melsec ( module QJ71C24N ) about FX1N side, I'm going to wirte program by RS instruction to send and receive data QJ71C24N side,I'm going to wirte program by IN.PUT and OUT.PUT instruction to send and receive  is that ok ? And frame of RS instruction start by a character STX  and end of frame by a character ETX  Is that ok ? I hope get some your recommend  as soon as possible Thank you     
  2. Hello Gambit  I'm successful.Thank you for strong your  support 
  3. I saw  RD SD lamp on the Board FX3U 232bd  was light red but the touch screen still error   
  4. Thank for your strong support I did as both of you said - Change protocol From non-protocol ---> Dedicated protocol - Change in proface to VCC  , But It dosen't still work What must I do .In control program I have wirte Mov k0 d8120 ---->> not effective  
  5. Hi everyone   I have tried connect proface HMI model GP4301T(using com1) with FX3u throught FX3U 232 BD  I setting  and wiring cable as below ,please show me why I can't connect between them  Thanks for your support     
  6. Thanks for your recommend I succeed There is only one thing I'm confusing  Why D20 is not the same as in the example given by the manufacturer Why received dâta D20-D27 the same data have sent ? not follow the example ,you can see two picture as below     This is my code  If you have any question please free contact to me  Temperature nx4 modbus rtu code.rar          
  7. Hello every one.I tried commiucation modbus rtu by Rs Instruction throught FX 1n 485 Bd board I already setting Sv teperature completed, but when I tried read PV temperature, I can't do that This is my code ,and format of Nx4 temperature ,everyone show me the cause ,I can't do succesfully .Thanks all
  8. Modbus RTU plc mitsubishi FX1N