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  1. Hi all , I need to communicate Qseries plc with Fx series using modbus where Q series is the master and Fx will be slave, 1. I need to send data from Fx to q series plc , already set the communication parameter to Fx cpu and slave address I want to know how to set head address and how to call the device head number in q series plc  2.How to send data to the device head number in FX plc 3. How to connect wiring I already have devices connected as slaves in Q series which are working fine  when I try to add this Fx cpu the communication between other devices affects sometimes they dont read data or read some data I dont get what is happening   Thank you
  2. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    no this model is a serial communication model and the switch settings for plc and HMI are same, used rs485 cable connection  and I dont know why I need to set device assignment for HMI. Is there any specific  procedure for HMI and PLC (any HMI not only this ) through modbus communicaiton ?
  3. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    I dont have a ethernet card thinking of buying a used one meanwhile i would like to communicate my weintek HMI to this model CPU using Modbus QJ71MB91 can someone Provide me the process to communicate    Thank you  
  4. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    No it is not working I have seen a post that says if we remove the CPU battery and power it down for a day then it will go it is factory state even tried this method but no Luck  just asking is there any firmware update or procedure do a full factory reset for this CPU  I dont have spare CPU better go for service I think 
  5. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    yes I have done hard reset and powered down plc and turned it on   
  6. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    HI @chelton  Check these photos of Ethernet Diagnostic when I connect through Direct ethernet port of Q PLC  Thank you
  7. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    Let me show  I tried with HUB for both of my perivous PLC's its working normally check these images . when I find my CPU it shows all my PLC       The each connection Test are done by COnnection Via Hub  mitshubshi service responded for this they came online and checked for the issue but even they cannot solve it , they insist onsite visit but they cost more, We are unable to claim warrenty as we bought all three PLC in 2020 each project took a year, so I came here if someone can solve it for me  I checked with all the HUB / switch device we have but unable to communicate  I will wait for another week if anybody has any solution let me know ,otherwise  i will go for the service  Thank you  
  8. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    hi @WattUp   I changed the ethernet cable from my working PLC and connected to it (my laptop support crossover)  ,then I tried to Ping there is no response is there any firmware or any factory reset for this series , I also tried Formating the total memory of PLC and uploded the parameters to recheck the issue still no response    The plc happens to communicated only in direct ethernet port
  9. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    HI @Goran Vuckovic I Want it to connect through HUb as it is used for both for socket And HMI communication but if cable is fault why it happens to connect through direct Q port   ?  
  10. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

     HI @chelton  I use d link hub switch , yes there are devices which I mentioned the other two plc, which are same model are connected to the same hub which can be communicated normally. my cables are staright through .
  11. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    hi @WattUp No I havent connected to Wifi I check the both way ping when PLC ethernet directly connected to my PC  and when its connected to the HUB there is no response  I even clarified is the cable has fault I swtiched the cabel to new one but there is no response it only works on direct communication method 
  12. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    Hi I have added gateway and subnet mask to the plc and tried to ping IP there is no response  see below images for your refrence    i dont get the issue why this happens Thanks
  13. Q03UDE- CPU Built in Ethernet error

    HI @pturmel Yes i have tried using subnet mask and tried to ping the IP but there is no response from PLC  
  14. Hi all , I have been using MELSEC - Q series plc for the past two project i dont find any issue with that but for the third project  used same PLC same model but there is issue which I found unable to resolve  The issue is when i try to communicate PLC using LAN cable by direct ethernet connection it works normally but by communicating using HUB network I cannot communicate, I checked all the parameters setting, I dont know what is the issue even contacted mitshubshi service to troubleshoot but they are not responding  So here i am for your guidence to solve this issue   see the images below to analyse this issue This connection is direct ethernet connection which works normally    The parameters are set and writed to PLC The IP is set to my PC for communication  When i try to find the cpu in the network it shows the cpu IP  After that I checked for connection Test it show error I have also attached the Network route which i used to communicate  Network Drawing.pdf I hope someone will help me to solve this issue Thank you , madhan ravichandran
  15. modbus communication

    Hi @Gambit yes i found the issue I changed the read input registers to holding register and the wiring error which cause the transmission failure thank you for your reply, now i can read the scale value