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  1. FX5 or Q Series Step Motor Control

    How about ClearPath "stepper killer" series... it's NEMA 23/34 compatible deecent closed loop servo at half the price of AC Servo.
  2. FX5 or Q Series Step Motor Control

    Mi advice is to drop the encoder idea! Find someone with experience to tell you if your stepper, drive and power supply are correctly sized for that linear actuator and it's purpose. Make sure to eat with the covers hardware, programming and specially positioning manual for FX5 main unit. You will find all the answers in the literature. Much cheaper Fx3G-14MT can control up to 2 independent Axis...    
  3. Fx5u Servo(jog Program)

    A bit late, but anyway... for JOG i usually use two PLSV instruction for each Axis. forward jog: -------------------[PLSV k1000 k1 m1] reverse jog: -------------------[PLSV k-1000 k1 m1] Negative speed value reverses the motor direction. Be sure to set your acc/dcc timing. With 0 acc/dcc time the motor will start and stop immediately!
  4. How to connect + Program wire encoder

    Pay attention to encoder's operation/installation manual. Look's like this is analogue current or voltage output encoder, so pin 1 (green wire) is 0-5/10V or 4-20/0-20mA. You need to add analogue input adapter (analog to digital) ot your Fx3G. With pin 4 and 5 you should teach zero value position and the rotation direction you want the encoder to output positive analogue value.  
  5. Fx2N-32MT low battery

    I'll be on site next week, but they send me photos of the PLC and the battery was teared from the wires and missing. I assume intentionally. I am facing 100% program loss.
  6. Fx2N-32MT low battery

    Thank you Gambit! :)
  7. Fx2N-32MT low battery

    So if can get the program from the manufacturer, replace the battery with new one and load the program with GX W2 should work until the battery dies again, right?
  8. Fx2N-32MT low battery

    Hello all, I was asked to visit a remote location facility with non working machine equipped with Fx2N-32MT PLC. No much info on the problem, but from what i know, the battery is gone and the program wont run. So i guess, that the program in ram is gone. Not much familiar with Fx2N series... No memory cassette installed under the front cover and no program backup of any form. What are my options here?   
  9. Fx 3s 20MT/ESS With Mrj3a Servo Drive

    When you use relative coordinate system, just put negative sign (-) in front of pulse count. The positioning instruction look's for the pulse sign int to cw/ccw the servo [DDRVI k-1000 k1000 y0 y4]
  10. (Untitled Project).pdf Try this. You need to keep D6 and 7 values for one scan only, right? place M8000 NO contact on top of your code, it will set 0 in D6 and D7 at every scan start  
  11. FX5u

    This is your encoder: Well, this is absolute encoder with ISS/BSSI interfaces and yes, it's RS-422/485 (differential line driver), but fx5U builtin rs-485 port is for serial communication and do not have standartd encoder profile protocols. Someone correct me if i'm wrong... Here's how this encoder work's: This encoder have also SIN/COSINE A/B 1024 ppr incremental outputs, but it's also differential driver outputs (5V). You can not red it with Fx5 since  the inputs need 24V +-10% signals.
  12. FX5u

    Encoder model/PN number?
  13. Data register lost when power off

    If it's a default or constant value, you can just write sequence in the beginning of your program like:   This way, when you power on the PLC or stop->run your program those values will be loaded in those data registers and you can modify D0 to D4 with HMI, if needed.
  14. Q02H Analog Signal scaling GX Works 2

    Yes, for linear scaling basic math is straightforward, but in my case with taper tension you have to spread a curve over winding roll diameter. With different materials from 1mm thickness cardboard to few microns plastic film the curve range and coordinate points number and location differs drastically. Add the variety of customer requirements and the nightmare is right there! :) This is where multi point coordinate SCL function comes in handy big time!