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  1. Melservo J5 by HMI control without PLC

    And the exact model of the servo drive is...?
  2.   I'm a bit rusty with WinCC, but you should be able to just add the data register as a tag in WinCC and associate it with a numeric value in the HMI program
  3. Yes, SoftGot turns any PC into an HMI, but a license (USB dongle) is required, which costs $1000+. I personally use it for new projects until the GOT terminal arrives. SoftGot allows 3 hours of work without a license. When the 3 hours are up, you can use it again after restarting the SoftGot software.
  4. Servo Amplifier conversion

    S065 is for a "special product" manufactured to customer specification. It is usually related to the protection class eg IP-65. Still, it's good to check with your local Mitstubishi dealer...
  5. Axis ON Problem

    If you post your *.gx3 sample project here we may be able to help you...
  6. MC_Power Power Up Error

    Holy **** that works! So stupid?! Thank you Gambit! Do you know how many years I've been staring at buffer memory monitoring bits... ever since the IQ-F series came out! Who are the manuals written for?!
  7. MC_Power Power Up Error

    I usually use ladder logic for PLC Ready, synchronization flag and All axis servo ON by direct specification U1\G. It always works. the only thing annoying is that you cannot see the status of coils and contacts from the buffer memory in monitoring mode. I wonder when Mitsubishi will fix this "problem". Is this still the case with the Q, L and IQ-R systems?
  9. One touch tuning Servo J4 mitsubishi

    I'm assuming it's the B series servo(optiacl SSCNET III/H)? Am I to understand that the tuning takes place in "user command method" mode? In "One touch tuning" mode, you should be able to choose between "User command method" or "Amplifier command method", but I don't see these options on your screenshot. It's probably related to the version of the software you're running... My advice is to use a stand-alone MR Configurator2 via USB and do One touch tuning with the "Amplifier command method" by setting how much the motor can be rotated in both directions without damaging anything on the machine. After that, when you write parameters in the motion module, remember to uncheck the write servo parameters, because otherwise it will return to the old settings before tuning...  
  10. One touch tuning Servo J4 mitsubishi

    Who controls the servo motor while the auto tuning procedure is performed? PLC or the servo driver itself?
  11. Positioning and speed control

    Section 5.5 from here: But a lot depends on the equipment you have available... What PLC? Is there positionnig card installed on the A840 and motor feedback (encoder)?
  12. Sinamics S120 hoding brake issue

    It turned out to be a bad brake coil, but I didn't catch it until got it off the brake. With a slight application of axial pressure on the coil ring resistance becomes OL.
  13. Sinamics S120 hoding brake issue

    Hello, everyone,   Drive: S120 with CU310-2 PN Safe brake module: 6SL3252-0BB01-0AA0 Servo motor: 1fk7032-5ak71-1vv3-z     After 5 years of trouble-free operation: Alarm 7930 - Brake control error[10] When we power up the system the drive initialisation is done and RDY and COM leds are solid green. When positioning command is applyed the RDY led starts flashing red 2Hz. With machine power off and brake coil disconnected from the safe brake relay module we apply 24V DC on the coil for short preiod of time few times to see if the brake works and it does. We can hear clear klicking sound and the motor shaft is free when applying voltage on the brake coil. After this operation the system works with no issue for 5-10 days and then again Alarm 7930 Mainly the motor wont move at all and brake holding, but some times during machine operation in state when the motor should stay still and holdin with brake it can moved by hand freely... the brake not holding. My guess is that the brake is mechanically worn and stuck in the hold position, but sometimes it also gets stuck in the open position.   Is there a spare part for the holding brake or the motor must be replaced? No info in manuals... Shall we look for the problem elsewhere? Thank you in advance and best regards.
  14. FX5U -80MT/ES not run under UPS

    See if this helps...
  15. Pneumatic cylinder stroke length

    Sounds like a job for proportional valve... :