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  1. MR-J2S- Servo Driver to PLC

    You are right. I haven't used MR Configurator in years. It only shows the software version... my bad! MRC2 for JE/J3/J4... series shows the serial number but the good old J2 series is not in the list.  
  2. MR-J2S- Servo Driver to PLC

    Configuration software MR Configurator (MRZJW3-SETUP151E) should give you the serial nmber and software number of the amp. See section 14.1.2 from here: Also:    
  3. MItsubishi PLC QA to Siemens WinCC
  4. QJ71C24N-R4 communication (Autonics TK Series)

    So you have 4 temp. controllers wired to the network or just 1? The example program is for 4 controllers. Sequence program is scanning 4 slave stations. If you use only 1 it's normal to give you connection time out for the rest of slave stations...
  5. QJ71C24N-R4 communication (Autonics TK Series)

    When you enter the first line istruction it looks like this: "U0\G450". This instruction write's value 1 to Unit №0(first inteligent module next to the CPU) buffer memory adress #450    
  6. ip problem on fx3

    What's that? Fx3GE or enet module? .1.250 is the default IP when factory shipped... Are you sure you check "write parameters" in the write tab? Maybe you have to cycle the PLC power for the parameters to take effect...
  7. S7-300 data block addressing

    No need for thanks. This is the purpose of the forum, In most cases, it takes a little push in the right direction to get you out of panic mode. Drinks on me!
  8. Chek this Vijeo Designer tutorial. I beleve it's in 4 parts. Maybe it will answer most of your HMI<-->PLC relation questions: 
  9. MR-J4 ability question

    Yep, and the E3ZM have remote input wire for teach sequence. It come's in handy when you write your own PLC program, but it can be used as spare teach button when onboard is damaged without affecting sensor's operation.
  10. S7-300 to GOT Simple

    Confirmed.  The address offsets are correct as the image in post 1
  11. S7-300 data block addressing

    Confirmed.  The address offsets are correct as the image in post 1. I configuged the the numeric displays as numeric inputs in HMI. When i change values in the HMI all appear correctly in the DB monitored via Simatic manager. I was not able to modify the DB values in SImatic manager... just monitor. Case closed. Thanks again.
  12. MR-J4 ability question

    In that case mark sensor in dark/bright mode is not gonna work. You need color mark sensor trained for black... Last time i used this and works great: Not cheap but compact and extremlly fast </=50 microseconds delay...
  13. S7-300 to GOT Simple

    Tested and working... Siemens Ethernet OP communication driver via CP343-1 module.   DIrect access...   Data transfere... from Ch.1 - S7-300, to Ch.2 - IQ-f FX5   There's one feature. When reading Bits the bayts are swapped.   Section 14.4 from here:
  14. MR-J4 ability question

    Yep, using CR is a sudden stop and it's a mechanical hit for the servo and the machine when applied in full feed speed. It's ok only for the end of feed right before end of decceleration ramp. I would use TSTP signal for decceleration and stop. If the roll feed speed is always the same it will deccelerate and stop on the same address after mark registration. If the feed speed increase the decceleration ramp is longer and you have to adjust mark sensor position. See also section 12.2.2 Interrupt positioning function...
  15. The link you posted is asking for account.... seems like the folder is not shared for public. What is the brand and model of HMI? Does it have phisical interface/port and driver for FX5 (IQ-F series)? If it does you will need to reprogram it to match the devices of the FX5 PLC...