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  1. Problem with Stepper Drive

    I see... Well, with this example I have nothing to add. Sorry.  
  2. Problem with Stepper Drive

    How do you change value of JogSpeed label since it's a local variable and no relation with any data register? I assume you registered label in the hmi to some data register... You have to use that data register insted of JogSpeed label in the PLSV instruction.
  3. Problem with Stepper Drive

    FX5UJ can only output Pulse and Direction unlike Fx5U CW/CCW... What is the setting of dip switch 1P/2P on the stepper driver?
  4. Problem with Stepper Drive

    Can you upload the gx3 project here? What is the setting on the stepper driver(dip wsitches 1P/2P nd H/F? What is the gear ratio? How do you change the speed setting? Writing to data register Dn with HMI or GXW3?
  5. Help with I/O wire installation for FX5UC PLC ...

    In field conditions, you can easily remove the sleeve insulation with cutting pliers, being careful not to break the "trumpet". The other option is to add some solder to the stripped wire. Both work.
  6. Motion Control Help

    Somthing is wrong. Тry to replace the labels with the actual Xn inputs where the limit wsitches are connected. Depending on whether the limit switches are NO or NC type, you will put a normally open or normally closed contact in the ladder.  
  7. Motion Control Help

    ServoiPosLimit, ServoiRevLimit... Did you make these labels? Local or Global? What are their settings?  
  8. Change PLC model in GX Works 3

    If the current ver. is with valid product ID  GXW3 installer will update it.
  9. Fx5u and Fx3-4ad Compatability issues

    I have a feeling this won't work from a hardware perspective because the FX3U-4AD's buffer memory allocation is different than the FX5 module. Then I guess the right approach is to leave only the CNV module in the configuration window without the analog module. Fix parameters. Then you need to write a program that sets the parameters of the Fx3U-4AD and reads the values from the inputs. Use the FX3 analog programming manual.
  10. Fx5u and Fx3-4ad Compatability issues

    I'm not sure this will work, but try to remove the CNV module in GXW3 module configuration window and place  Fx5-4ad(Fx3)  nex to the main CPU. Klick the fix button to set the parameters. It works in the software. Check this also:
  11. Encoder position with vfd

    With this option card you can't use the encoder with another device/PLC. If the butget allows you can switch to FR-A8AL. This card have outputs, that cab be connected to other devices and use A, B and Z pulses from the encoder. In this case is important what  is the PLC inputs mode (sinc or source). section 8 from here: Other options are to use the A800 PLC function to monitor and compare motor current position and use one or more invetrer digital ouputs for signal to the PLC: or monitor it over CC-link IE Field BAsic network if it's available with your inverter and PLC...
  12. Encoder position with vfd

    The model option card inastalled for the encoder is? Encoder outputs differential or open collector?
  13. Interrupt doesn't work

    Yep, you should use high speed counters for this. Interrupt sequence will also work, but it is totally wrong witten in your program. Read the manual for interrupts. Section 4.6 from here: This is the right way to use X0 as interrupt and increment D200
  14. Automatically Adjust for BST Never tested with ACPU but saved my day many times with Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, Rexroth, Lenze devices and some bus conveting modules like AnyBus... I setback just once with one Nordson glue pattern controller, but there was a note in the controllesr's manual that the RS-232 comms do not work with converters.
  15. Inverter nameplate

    Section 1.1 from here: