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  1. FX1N comunicate with Mitsubishi inverter E700

    I  used  "No protocol  communication'"( Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII) connected  between FX1N and inverter delta VFD-L, now I  want  do this with inverter mitsubishi E700
  2. FX1N comunicate with Mitsubishi inverter E700

    FX1N-485-BD, Sir
  3. Hi Pro, I use plc mitsubishi FX1N conect inverter Mitsubishi E 700 use modbus rtu but not operating,  help me, please! my program and manual inverter E700  bellow, thanks! RTU - bien tan mitsubishi.gxw mitsubishi-fr-e7tr-board dieu khien tren bien tan.pdf
  4. Modbus RTU plc mitsubishi FX1N

    thank you very much, your program is good working, i solved my problem, have a nice day!
  5. Modbus RTU plc mitsubishi FX1N

    Thanks for your help but your program is  not working. 1. This is my manual inverter : Manual delta VFD-L https://prom-electric.ru/media/delta_vfd-l_manual_en.pdf, sorry for this 2. I think You have confusion  between  modbus ASCII mode and  modbus RTU mode of inverter  delta VFD-L,  you can see this at page 61 of manual delta VFD-L. I done with modbus ASCII mode,  it is  good working and this is my program  (see below) 3. Now I'm searching   modbus RTU mode, please help me! modbus ASCII.gxw
  6. Modbus RTU plc mitsubishi FX1N

    this is my code, i use RS  instruction but it is not operation, can you help me check it, thanks a lot modbus rtu.gxw
  7. Modbus RTU plc mitsubishi FX1N

    hi everyone, I have plc mitsubishi FX1N  and inverter  delta VFD-L. I want write frequency 50hz from plc to inverter use modbus rtu rs 485 bd. My inverter have address 1, function  code is 06h, starting data address is 2001h.Please help me code, thanks a lot.