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  1. Thanks a lot.  Process working successfully with simulator.
  2. Thanks for the instructions. I shall try now.
  3. I used the following source as sample. Thanks for good starting solution. C:\MELSEC\Act\Samples\Vb.NET\SampleDot  And I need your valuable suggestion for  Q03UDVCPU (Q series PLC)   simulator. Could you please give any opinion?
  4. Hello guys, I want some solution for my Mitsubishi Application. I have Visual Studio 2017 (VB.NET) and MX Component 4. I want to connect Q03UDVCPU (Q series PLC) through Ethernet connection. For Read (M0 Flag value and <if M0 is On> then read Barcode information also from PLC.) and write (M1, M10). How can create this transmission program. please kindly guide me. Thanking you.