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  1. TIA portal s7-1212c incorrect software version

    ok thank you very much.. I got it working.. I just had to do a new hardware dovnload and then the errors disappeared.. and yesterday I managed to update my 5.1 to update package 8 and there was firmware 4.3 for The 1212c model also thinks it has removed some errors.. Bottom line.. now it works.
  2. HMI panel / display for Siemens LOGO! 8 ethernet

    Hi everyone.. thanks for your input. I have given up and taken a different angle of attack.. I have invested in a s7-1212C plc. there I got connected. so that's where I continue. if someone comes up with a brilliant solution for the LOGO module, I think more people will be happy. but right now it's beyond my abilities.
  3. Ok I'll try a different angle of attack. I have acquired an S7-1212c unit. It is just too new for my TIA portal, which is V 15.1 The new PLC I have has firmwear 4.5 the TIA portal I have only supports 4.3, I get some errors regarding synconization etc. and it's like there are some tins that don't work. how do I update the TIA portal to the correct firmware I've tried updating the HSP files but it doesn't change anything
  4. HMI panel / display for Siemens LOGO! 8 ethernet

    yes.. they sent me the 2 things the movie and the pdf file
  5. HMI panel / display for Siemens LOGO! 8 ethernet

    Ok..  i bought a rs pro hmi panel.. but i can't get it to work.. can you help with some link to a youtube.. I have studied this video but I can't get it to work. + I also have this document.. but it doesn't really make sense... at least it doesn't work.!!
  6. hi, I'm trying to find out what kind of HMI panels can be used for a LOGO!8 ethernet plc. are panels from simens that can be used... they are a bit expensive