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  1. Global DB to output string

    Hello friends, thank you very much for your push in the right direction.. I have something that works as desired.. I have to admit that I have not fully understood the address but.. but it works. So what I do comes in pictures here. So what I do comes in pictures here. Special thanks to Moggie.. The "optimized block access" that brought more communication. I know I'm asking some stupid beginner questions, but thank you for all your patience  
  2. Global DB to output string

    so that means I can only display 4 letters at a time. so I can't get a text but have to invent 4 letter abbreviations.
  3. Global DB to output string

    ooooh.. that's wrong.. that's why I don't understand what you write.. I can see what you mean now.. hmm I'm away from my PC right now but I hope that's not where the error is.. because I actually plan to use DBxDBD. and not DBxDBW
  4. Global DB to output string

    can you try to explain shift 1 or 2 bytes because i didn't even realize i had shift 1 byte. Software : pistudio
  5. Global DB to output string

    Hi.. Thank you very much it made something work.. Now I can retrieve numbers from the database. word. I came across this text.. I think it has something to do with my challenge to read string.. but heg can't quite decipher it. The DB address on the HMI panel is, when it is WORD 01, the placement becomes 0001 for example.. so I type 010001 then I get the number in DB 1 and the value in location 1. it works. "  S7-1200 String type, the default first two bytes are used to store the maximum character and valid characters, so the text data will be shifted back one word address. When interacting with the data, what way this address plc is displayed with is unknown. And because of an extra word of data causes us to display the wrong. The solution is if we use String, then the actual data address we want to operate on is actually shifted back two bytes, so as long as the address on the project is shifted back 2 bits to correspond with the actual data address. " The DB address on the HMI panel is, when it is WORD 01, the placement becomes 0001 for example.. so I type 010001 then I get the number in DB 1 and the value in location 1. it works. The question is.. in relation to the text, what does the address become with a STRING I succeeded with STRING.. in a way.. I can get an "i" into the database and I can see an i on the HMI panel. but if I write tests in the database I get rubbish on the panel Try to see the pictures.. it's like it's upside down and something is missing  
  6. Global DB to output string

    I have made a super simple test. A DB in 6 places. 5 for data and 1 for result. You can see that in the pictures. And it works. My problem is the HMI panel addressing, I don't understand the format. I've tried a number of ways but it doesn't work I have also made a picture of the HMI panel setup.. and a link that describes something that doesn't make sense to a beginner like me... I really hope this gives you an understanding of where my problem is   Thanks a lot Kim !  
  7. Global DB to output string

    I can understand that you are confused.. I am a beginner in siemens s7 programming.. so I am probably phrasing myself wrong.. 1: I don't use a Siemens hmi panel, it's an RS pro panel.. which actually works really well.. 2: how will you use the database for the panel??
  8. Global DB to output string

    Hi guys.. so it's tight again with my knowledge.. I have made a Data Block. In that data block I have entered 8 text messages. ( String ) I can get them out in a local variable... but I can't really use that for anything if I have to use the information on my HMI panel. How do I MOWE the text from the specific result address in the DB to a global memery TAG. Hope you understand.
  9. license... step 7 basic...

    hello everyone, I have solved my problem and thank you for your input... for a newbie it is a bit confusing with all the licensing arrangements for the Siemens products..
  10. license... step 7 basic...

    Thanks for your response... I am relatively new to having to invest in PLC programs from Siemens, I previously had an IT person responsible for managing it, now I am independent and got lost in all the different licenses that were available + my supplier of electrical equipment did not have the basic license in their web shop... so when I called there today I got pretty much the same explanation I got here... and yes, the basic price fits around €400... The prices I found were for pro licenses.. and I don't need that since I only work with LOGO or s7-1200 devices. so that is answer to your confusion
  11. license... step 7 basic...

    ok thanks.. but where do I buy a version for human money.. and not 4000 USD
  12. license... step 7 basic...

    thank you very much. But I don't quite understand what you write.. I use TIA portal v15.1
  13. license... step 7 basic...

    Hi.. then it happened I thought I had a basic license for step 7 but ... I don't and the 21 day test period is over.. now I have tried to find out how to buy a license but 4000USD can it be right.. I find it very confusing what to use... I don't need a lot of fancy stuff so I think a basic license should be enough... And is it possible to get a license key for the download, or do you have to wait for a USB key that comes in the mail       I have found this at RS components.. is this what I need
  14. TIA portal s7-1212c incorrect software version

    ok thank you very much.. I got it working.. I just had to do a new hardware dovnload and then the errors disappeared.. and yesterday I managed to update my 5.1 to update package 8 and there was firmware 4.3 for The 1212c model also thinks it has removed some errors.. Bottom line.. now it works.
  15. HMI panel / display for Siemens LOGO! 8 ethernet

    Hi everyone.. thanks for your input. I have given up and taken a different angle of attack.. I have invested in a s7-1212C plc. there I got connected. so that's where I continue. if someone comes up with a brilliant solution for the LOGO module, I think more people will be happy. but right now it's beyond my abilities.