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  1. Atlas Copco OpenProtocol

    no, that was years ago
  2. Division a unsigned WORD

    what do you mean by "10"? is that decimal, hexadecimal or binary value? if binary just shift right one place.  did you check instruction set for your processor?
  3. if the plc stops, there will be diagnostic info explaining what the problem is.  three could be million reasons: wrong configuration, program error / overflow, not properly wired, not properly referenced, transients, thermal problems,  defective hardware, power blips .... you may want to narrow it down a bit    
  4. y2kmfic is right, transfer data in any form you like and on AB side use COP instruction to transfer data bit by bit from one type to another.  another option is to simply do the conversion yourself. programming is all about putting code together to perform some task and 32-bit REAL numbers are not something obscure, format is well documented, check Wikipedia or whatever source you like. data manipulation is essential but very handy skill. don't be afraid to invest some time when possible to do such conversion yourself. it is a good exercise.  
  5. Turning CW and CCw after a delay

    never seen that PLC brand but your screenshots are exactly what Mitsubishi FX instruction set looks like. if you need toggle, there should be ready function ALT or FF if you need PLC to remember button press, use either latch or seal...  
  6. Obsolete A-B Bulletin 1388b-AV20 need advice

    in general servos have deadband setting called "in position". i would try to find it and check if this value is set too low.
  7. Turning CW and CCw after a delay

    i would say state which PLC this is is but don't just post code in some proprietary format. you are limiting how many people can open it and help you. you can make a screenshot or post it in PDF so everyone can chime in.       
  8. Tia Portal Programming Help PLEASE

    so now we are doing homework assignments?  
  9. Wire Color Requirements

    all switching need to be done on the live side. some overload relays have special construction so even though contact is on the neutral side, only one wire is exposed - one that goes to neutral and it is white. the "live" end of the contact when it is open is not accessible, it is internally connected to A2 of the relay or contactor. this is what allows such use, otherwise - OL contact need to be wired on the live side, before coil and then both sides of OL are red wires.    what code requires can be seen in the code book. no electrician should be without one. 
  10. yes.. if they are in same subnet. in that case gateway is not needed and can remain null ( if the nodes are in different subnets, then network settings of each node need to match their own subnet. but two subnets could use different mask etc.  communication from one subnet to another would need router.
  11. Hope this gets fixed soon

    well... maybe it does hide them for average user but as admin i see the posts and they are still clutter for me. also i think that unless they are deleted, they still show up as quick links at the front page. hehe, i always smiled at your signature. guess we shared a lot of steps gaining experience....  
  12. Hope this gets fixed soon

    right now if 10 people report one post, 10 notification emails are sent. that is a lot of notifications for one post. don't need more than one. (option for improvement #1) so in my email i setup rule to divert all MrPLC alerts to a separate box. this makes selecting and deleting easy. but on MrPLC forum, things are harder. there is no way to select bunch of messages and say delete all. and delete option may need navigating to another page. then come back to deal with next message of same spammer. this part could be a bit more efficient... (option for improvement #2)
  13. Hope this gets fixed soon

    and there need to be a better way to delete all content from some spammer. this is just brutally inefficient, one has to do several clicks and load different pages just to delete single post. i just removed 13-posts from one spammer account and it took waaaaay too many clicks....
  14. Hope this gets fixed soon

    yup, you are the target of most attacks. i do my share to check and block but who ever is doing this is apparently not giving up. don't want spammers to start wrecking havoc by reporting posts too but if the post is flagged by any long time member,  should be hidden right away to avoid repeat reports. we are stepping on our own foot with every spam post. report feature just multiplies the headache.
  15. How to program this logic in Logix5000

    there are many ways to do this but.... i am not sure you clarified problem. is it EXACTLY two set bits that need to be detected, or AT LEAST two bits set? Assuming the later, here is one ways that does not require loops: A = A AND 63 ; optional, just making sure only 6-bits are really evaluated, but mask can be pretty much anything, even with gaps. B=A AND (-A) ; find least significant bit that is set Bit10 = (A<>0) AND (A<>B) ; set Bit10 if two or more bits are set