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  1. Network question from PM

    nodes need to be in same subnet in order to communicate (that includes getting response from PING) subnet is defined by subnet mask. essentially it splits IP address into two fields: LAN address and NODE address   for nodes to be part of same subnet: 1. Subnet Mask must be valid (and your is) 2. SubnetMask must be the same on all nodes (and yours is) 3. LAN address must be the same (and yours is) 4. NODE address must be unique (and your is) so this should work in both cases.   mask in binary form looks like 11111111.11111111.11111000.00000000 another way to represent this is /21 because 21 bits on the left are set (all "1" must be on the left, all "0" must be on the right)  in binary looks like: 11000000.10101000.00000011.00110111 while  the 21 bits on the left are the LAN address 11000000.10101000.00000000.00000000 remaining bits are NODE address is  00000000.00000000.00000011.00110111 in case of one gets same LAN address and unique node address. this should work unless there is something else going on (GW configuration, routing or address overlap with other interfaces, one of the nodes does not support fully subnets and expects mask /24, etc.) i would say set both nodes GW to and try again. and check for suspects using IPCONFIG/ALL and ROUTE PRINT.  
  2. Automated Manufacturing Systems; PLCs - Lab Guide View File original post removed by accident while trying to modify broken link. sorry. here is the manual again. hugh jack - lab manual EGR 450.pdf Submitter panic mode Submitted 01/21/20 Category Hugh Jack, Ph.D., PLC Books
  3. Version 2004


    original post removed by accident while trying to modify broken link. sorry. here is the manual again. hugh jack - lab manual EGR 450.pdf
  4. Constants in array

    If concern is that someone may inadvertently modify value, dont use array. Create function that has index as parameter and returns value. Index could be an onteger, enumeration, string or whatever you like.
  5. profinet to mitsubishi A-series?

    first you need to get the closer look at each PLC and determine what options are available. Does your S7 PLC have ProfiBus port too or only ProfiNet? If it does support ProfiBus, A1SJ71PB92D is a good option. But note that hardware alone may not be enough, as i recall there is a separate (paid) option called ProfiBusDP configurator or something like that. This may be something to check since you are on a budget.   
  6. profinet to mitsubishi A-series?

    buy new non-discounted parts.
  7. IT Data Collection

    IT deals with Ethernet so this is what your PLCs need to talk. But are the PLCs networked or individual? Do they have Ethernet port or at least free slot? How much data we are talking about? Usually this is just few bytes every now and then but who knows...  
  8. you can always use mask to set, reset or toggle specific bits.   or... according to your timing diagram:    
  9. PLC Not fast enough?

    what are the specs or requirements? always start with definition of the problem.   speed can reduce chance of problem (use custom hardware, not stock PLC). but even then chance of a tie exists. you can never eliminate it so you need to HANDLE it. in other words, i don't know what your logic looks like but even if the acquisition portion is slow (due slow scan or input filters), you still need to evaluate it and make a decision and then display result. if the result is not unique, do not display garbage... rather don't display anything and light a TIE lamp for example... or on a segmented display show some special pattern such as "-" if using PLC (even slow one) one can do something like this: i am using AB style logic but same should be usable on any platform: EQ = check if values are equal NEQ = check if not equal SUB = subtract (c=a-b) AND = bitwise AND MOV = move/copy value BUTTONS = group of inputs (contestants buttons) such as I:1 (could be wired to 16 buttons I:1/0 ... I:1/15) STATUS, STATUS_NEG, RESULT = group of bits such as N7:0 or B3:0 DISPLAY is group of outputs driving display, such as O:2 (could drive 16 lamps O:2/0 ... O:2/15)   instruction SUB and AND are used to find if there was a unique bit set in STATUS    
  10. Generating UDT Templates from Excel

    i use such approach all time regardless of programming software used. it requires understanding few things including how the result should look like, then breaking it down, put the parts in cells. generate whatever you need, then recombine using concatenate (if doing everything in Excel alone) or final touch like search and replace may be done in text editor like  Notepad++ or whatever you use. computers are not very good at reading minds. they prefer data that is already in EXACT format. key is to give them something in that EXACT format and they will not complain. also "difficult" is a relative term. that is where practice comes in. knowing your toolset can make you look like a wizard. the opposite is also true.      
  11. so you are in Florida?
  12. Communicate HMI proface to HP printer

    you need to be more specific
  13. Mitsubishi PLC devicent configuration

    feel free to ask questions but please be considerate. do not abuse time of busy professionals or flood forum with trivial things that are easily checked. if reading help is needed, this may not be the best place to start. besides that is the best way to learn something new. why not give it a try and if something is not clear, then bring it up, with reference to specific document and page.
  14. Mitsubishi PLC devicent configuration

    can you not read the datasheet yourself?
  15. PLC Not fast enough?

    why bother, it's still orders of magnitude too slow... looking at something that may get you to milliseconds when you should be aiming for nano seconds is waste of time. noreover, your logic is not good. regardless of acquisition and processing speed, it should not display corrupt result... ever