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  1. setting BOOL [64] in Studio 5000

    also note that OTE instruction ALWAYS writes to memory location - regardless if condition in front of it is true or false. therefore setting LIM before OTE will do nothing to prevent out of bound errors...! since 64 is binary power multiple, you may consider using mask to constrain (modify) index value
  2. my thoughts exactly... but if there is a concern or different opinion, i am always interested to hear about it. 
  3. that is why i asked for clarification...  but even if the SC was connected to GND, both VFDs would have their SC referenced to same potential and if this is an issue - it has absolutely nothing to do with wiring to this particular analog output card. presence or absence of the analog card would make no difference.  
  4. you stated that there can be a problem, don't you think it would be fair that you elaborate and substantiate that claim? i read the manuals and don't see a reason for such concern.   it is no different than using two contacts of a relay in two different circuits. relay coil and two contacts are isolated from each other (3-way isolated).   this is the same thing, only the signals are analog instead of digital: * yellow region is isolation. * left of it is circuitry that connects to PLC. * right side are four channels (analog outputs) that are isolated from each other. i have shown two of them wired  
  5. how exactly? each output channel is isolated individually. can you show circuit and possible current path that would be concern?
  6. why would that be? as already mentioned, that analog output card is isolated.
  7. never connect two power sources  directly to each other or sparks may fly. (analog output is a source too). so ... just do NOT use FS terminal... (that is +10V source).   you MUST use SC terminal as this is your reference potential.   Note: FS terminal would only be needed if potentiometer is connected (passive component). potentiometer provides voltage output on wiper (connected to FV) that is a fraction of supply voltage. in this case that supply would be FS-SC and fraction can be adjusted 0-100% by turning potentiometer knob.     but since you do have an analog output card, do as mentioned before (output itself already has needed voltage - it is a source)   since this is an analog circuit, it need to be shielded. Shield must be connected in one place only, either to GND or to SC. (tape other end). if connections are short, shielding may not be needed but i would always use it, specially on voltage signal.  
  8. i don;t see a problem. output is isolated, ranges match, output can handle loads 2k+ (VFD input is 10k) etc.     
  9. DeviceNet

    E78 tells that node (5) is configured in a scanlist but it is not responding... did you check terminations and presence of 24V on the bus? is the wiring correct? are ALL devices on same DeviceNet network set to use same speed?  
  10. Schenk process

    that tells me nothing. do you have specific details? useful info would include link to a datasheet, connection diagram, photo of your connections etc.
  11. Schenk process

    you may want to provide more details such as link to manual of specific product. what interfaces are available? analog, fieldbus, ...?
  12. KR175 SPOT Manual View File Manual for KR175 Spot Submitter panic mode Submitted 06/07/18 Category Robots and Servos
  13. KR175 SPOT Manual

    Version 1.0.0


    Manual for KR175 Spot
  14. Profibus GSD WELLE__X.200

    why don't you follow profibus cable from PLC to that slave? then read model name/article number and maker from the device? then you can search for manufacturer of the slave and contact them for GSD file...
  15. How to make analog signal more stable?

    sure if it means that much to you, but this small fluctuations are normal and averaging will just distort the signal (slow it down). filtering can be done in software and hardware. look up low pass filter in this forum. btw you still did not answer our questions....