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  2. Reset in ControlLogix Processor

    Sir we are having L5572 series AB CPU which displays T-01 C60 Major fault Non recoverable.....We are not able to clear fault because not possible to communiate using Ethernet.... Can you please suggest remedy
  3. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

  4. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    Sir Daniel,  I think the program was still there but cannot be open. highlighted with red line is the recently open program which properly working before. And when I open the .gps type of file it display that "failed to read the project file"
  5. 404 when trying to download updates

    What Browser are you using?  I have had trouble accessing their downloads while using internet explorer V9.   Have you tried firefox or chrome?
  6. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    This is the version
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  8. Positioning with FX5U and FX5-40SSC

    OK it Works, it was a Bit by Initializing :) How can i set a 3rd Position like a "Parkposition" in my List? Its only a Position, which my Axis drives after Start to there and if its done with the Oscillation between Start and Endposition (List Pos. 11 and 12) it drives again to my Parkposition.
  9. Positioning with FX5U and FX5-40SSC

    Should be an issue with your enable. Why not change to a some bt which isn't in your program. and try if that works. (i_bEN:= Schweissen_ein OR Taster_Schweissen_Ein AND P_Achse_Referenziert  ) If it doesn't do you get an error at the second attempt ?
  10. Positioning with FX5U and FX5-40SSC

    Thanks Gambit, I started to use the FB s from Mitsubishi, I'm not so Familar with the MC FB, I found out how i can send my Axis to the Position, my problem is, i cant do it again. I have to restart the PLC to drive it once time to this position. DMOV( TRUE , INT_TO_DINT(Sollgeschwindigkeit_TP_P_Achse) , U1\G7104 );        //Startposition Geschwindigkeit DMOV( TRUE , INT_TO_DINT(Sollgeschwindigkeit_TP_P_Achse) , U1\G7114 );        //Endposition Geschwindigkeit DMOV( TRUE , INT_TO_DINT(Sollgeschwindigkeit_TP_P_Achse) , U1\G7084 );        //Parkposition Geschwindigkeit DMOV( TRUE , REAL_TO_DINT(Parkposition_TP_P_Achse /1.3103) , U1\G7086 ); DMOV( TRUE , REAL_TO_DINT(Startposition_TP_P_Achse/1.3103) , U1\G7106 ); DMOV( TRUE , REAL_TO_DINT(Endposition_TP_P_Achse/1.3103) , U1\G7116 ); M_FX5SSC_StartPositioning_Ax2(i_bEN:= Schweissen_ein OR Taster_Schweissen_Ein AND P_Achse_Referenziert ,i_stModule:= FX5SSC_1 ,i_uAxis:= 2 ,i_uStartNo:= 11 ,o_bOK=> StartPosition_OK );  Achse2_InPosition:=U1\G2517.F; Achse2_InArbeit:=U1\G31501.1;
  11. CCLINK program problem

    No problem. You have it working now ?

    i was lucky enough to be given a copy of the conversion tool for this from a mitsubishi rep. it converts certain E series projects to a GOT1000 project. you can then convert this to a GOT2000 project. it is very hit and miss though and takes a lot of fiddling about to get it to work properly. depending on the size of the project, its sometimes easier to just start again.
  13. pinout cable HMI GT16-C20R4-9S

    hello,,, does anyone know the signal pin on the GT16-C20R4-9S cable? I have this cable and I want to make the cable connection to the PLC A series port which is use 25pin connector. But I dont know GT16-C20R4-9S pin out?  
  14. CCLINK program problem

    Thx you mr. @gambit
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  16. Can anyone tell me if there's a rule in NFPA79 consistent with UL508A 60.1. Basically 60.1 states that a main disconnect is not required in an industrial control panel IF the size and type of protection are and clearly stated and that a disconnect is required by the installer, noted on the electrical drawings.

    Hi Sudhi, I've did a conversion from an E- 1032 textterminal to GOT 2508VTB.. once with a conversion tool from Mitsubishi but that worked out that only the alarmlist was converted. However the E1101 ia a touchscreen so it might work better. I've sent my file to the Mitsubishi contact in Holland and I got a zip file with the converted file back (free of charge) Just try it and see what happens. Worst case scenario you have to rewrite the complete application. Good luck, Theo V.
  18. Hi guys, I have opened a program and everything was marked was " ? " so i changed the language from English to Chinese. Now, i dont see any ? marks but all i see is Chinese characters. Is there a way to change language feature in the step 7 Micro/win program? I will appreciate If someone tells me how to do it in steps, Thank you    

    Right, but a converter to GOT, that never existed that I know of.

    There was a converter tool for e series below 1000 to above 1000. It was pretty dire though. Every screen had to be adjusted to fit correctly.
  21. Anybus x Gateway assembly instances

    I googled "1794-aent generic module" and found this: It appears to have some of the parameters you're looking for, but they may not be useful to you. Realize that the configuration you're trying to do will be very dependent on which modules are attached to the -AENT and this may not work at all. Are you trying to control a Flex I/O chassis with a PLC that doesn't support it? If so, it may be a better investment of time/effort to use different I/O that the PLC supports or change to a PLC that supports that I/O chassis.
  22. Anybus x Gateway assembly instances

      Thanks, but what i'm looking for is the Allen Bradley 1794-AENT assembly instances. I'm looking for its data, data rate and connection points.
  23. simotion MMC img file

    Hello I have a SIMOTION MEMORY CARD 16MB for C230-2. Order No: 6AU1700-0AA01-0AA0 That formatted with windows. I need image file from Simotion MMC 16MB for write to This MMC with s7 img writer. Someone can help me. Thanks. 
  24. simotion MMC img file

    Hello I have a SIMOTION MEMORY CARD 16MB for C230-2. Order No: 6AU1700-0AA01-0AA0 That formatted with windows. I need image file from Simotion MMC 16MB for write to This MMC with s7 img writer. Someone can help me. Thanks.
  25. LOGO! 8 TIA portal WinCC

    I know Logo has changed many times, I used up to version 4, but back then there was no SCADA that could talk to it.  Those are not PLCs, they are programmable relays.  They were not originally designed for communication, just for simple logic and timers and counters.  Used one to run my pool pump, and used some for customers for basic sequencing.  I know they have grown up a bit, but I am not aware of any SCADA that can talk to them. Might want to check the Siemens website for Logo and see what they say.
  26. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    Version 8 doesn't tell us enough.  What is the full version number?  There's been over 115 releases of version 8. The project may be from a newer version.  It may have files missing.  It may be tagged read only in Windows.  There's a hundred different things that it could be. Please provide more detail on the version and PLC type.

    Never saw a converter tool for the E series while I worked there...
  28. FX-EEPROM-16

    Do not ever remove the memory card while the PLC is powered up. When the unit powers up, if the memory card is present, it is used, and any download or upload will be to the memory card.  The memory card program will run. If the unit powers up without a memory card, it uses its internal program, and any download or upload is to the internal memory. It's EEPROM, so it should be able to be rewritten if the protect switch is off.
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